Difference between leprosy and Psoriasis ?

Dear Fellows ive heard from some one that leprosy is an oldest skin disease and Psoriasis is a type of leprosy ... i am very confused .

Please reply are they both same or different and if different which one is much worse in pain and ugliness .

Thanks .

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Actually people with psoriasis are essentially immune to leprosy. There has only been one case of someone with both and it was questionable if he had leprosy or not.

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Leprosy is caused by a bacteria,

Psoriasis is caused by the immune system

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Hi. :)

Psoriasis and leprosy (aka Hansen's Disease) are two completely separate and distinct conditions. They are not the same, they do not share the same cause, and they do not have the same medical treatments. Psoriasis is an auto-immune disorder and leprosy is caused by bacteria. Leprosy is contagious, psoriasis is not. Leprosy can be cured nowadays, psoriasis has no cure yet.

In ancient times. psoriasis was sometimes *mistaken* for leprosy.

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You can get an idea of how horrible leprosy was back in the olden days if you watch this movie: Ben Hur http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0052618/?ref_=fn_al_tt_1 I do like the ending though,which I won't reveal.If only it was that easy.The movie won 11 academy awards.

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You are so right on your answer. I live in Hawaii. I remember years ago reading where they took people and ones they thought had leprosy but it was psoriasis and had they shipped to Molokai where the leper colony is to this day. Just imagine being taken from your family and shipped to a far away place to live the rest of your life.

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Yes guys today i went to leprosy hospital myself to see what leprosy is and also met a doc there . I have seen the leprosy patients and i must say although leprosy is curable but its seems much bad than psoriasis .Also leprosy is contagious and psoriasis is nothing in front of leprosy .P is just a skin disorder but when i saw the leprosy patients OMG they are in way much miserable condition, comparing with P victims .Leprosy can be a deadly disease and is so scary , horrible ....

Dear plsnotme if u think you have leprosy , You must visit a leprosy doc as soon as possible .Please do not delay it any cost ...

I just wish God let us stay away from these diseases .

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Perhaps a bit of cross culture confusion here Chaudhry. Pretty sure that plsnotme does not really think they have leprosy for real. They were just joking that they sometimes feel like it. Due to perhaps other peoples reactions to them or their own battle at dealing with their condition. In the past I have had times when I felt like a leper too. This was because people avoided me, pointed at me or talked about me negatively because of psoriasis. Thanks to this forum and Dr Fuhrman I am now clearing. Clear on body and face; scalp still a work in progress. Whether leprosy or psoriasis one of the biggest hurdles we sufferers face in life is sadly other peoples reactions.

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Google answers ALLlllllllllllll ur questions;

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Unfortunately, many of us feel like lepers because we have been shunned and ostracized by uneducated people. i always try to look for those moments to educate people. Ask me and I will explain and answer most of your questions is my thought process.


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Well , maryfromyonkers you are right about ( cross culture confusion here ) i really thought , plsnotme is suffering from leprosy by the post .. but now i am glad it was a joke any ways ... GOD bless.

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Ok this is enough!!!!

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Luckily those of us northeners living in Fla refer to our 3rd world state as........south New York
so I'm safe

This link refers to cases in "Deep South"
http://www.usnews.com/science/articles/2011/04/28/armadillos-may-spread-lep rosy

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I worked as a Microbiologist in New Yory City for 15 urs...NO cases of leporosy
ever in the city in recent history

The organism is similiar to TB ............Mycobacterium sp

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How to avoid leprosy.................................stay away for those cute armadillos in the deep south...U know the red states!!
I worked as a Microbiologist in New Yory City for 15 urs...NO cases of leporosy ever in the city in recent history

The organism is similiar to TB ............Mycobacterium leprae

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