I've been researching online, trying to find some alternative ways to help. A few websites said crisco. Has anyone ever used it? / does it work?

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I tried it. Didn't help, very greasy, ruins clothing and anything you sit on. Better to use a quality moisturizer like CeraVe, Aquaphor or Eucerin.

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Try glycerin as it has helped many and as cheap as Crisco.I tried Crisco,olive oil,mineral oil and horrid fish cod liver oils and none helped me.I also like psoriasin,it is like vaseline with coal tar and works great if used faithfully.
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I've tried crisco, it did seem to help some with dryness, but it is messy, greasy, etc. I would not use it again.
Just started using glycerin 1 day ago.
So all I can say about glycerin, not messy unless you put too much on. Touched some on my tongue (tasted good).
And my skin doesn't feel drawn up like it did.

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yes I have used Crisco canola oil.I ran out of coconut oil and had some in the kitchen.I prefer it to smelly olive oil.I only use it on my scalp and leave in at night and wash out in morning twice. Lifts the flakes.I also use a few drops in my ears and works well if they are very dry.I just apply with cotton bud or if really bad a dropper and put two drops in there.A lot of creams have Helianthus seed oil and that is just a fancy name for sunflower oil.

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I used to fry in the sun with it, but never tried it for my P. I use Vaseline, and have just started with the cocoanut oil. It is all messy, so be prepared...

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Crisco and canola oil are commonly prescibed by plastic surgeons . they sell it as "c' cream in a pretty jar . it is crisco.they use it in hospitak
ls and call it c cream . barbara Walters fron
m the view said she uses crisco on her skin .
by the way I have a recipe for CRISCO handcream if anyone wants it .
cathy from ma

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The only Crisco I know, is a vegetable oil used in cooking, mainly to baste roast chickens and deep fry chips!

Surely you don’t mean that?

I certainly use oil on my skin – but not cooking oil.

I use food grade organic cold pressed virgin plant, nut or seed oils, which are sold in the salad isle at the supermarket or at the health food store.
These oils are not meant to be used in hot cooking, but can be used in salad dressings and for making mayonnaise and dips.

They also make good massage oils, and can be used to remove eye makeup.

I use cold pressed virgin oils for an all over body moisturiser, after a shower (i.e.) avocado, wheatgerm, apricot, coconut, sweet almond, hemp, flaxseed, etc...

(Although I stopped using wheatgerm a few years ago when I started to avoid gluten).

I found avocado, coconut and hemp, particularly good when I had P patches.

I use a particular oil for three months and then rotate. I was using sweet almond up until last month, now gone onto apricot. I am looking forward to avocado oil again, but the shop had sold out on my last visit.

The only oil I have not used is peanut oil, as it doesn’t appeal to me.

I never use petroleum based oils (mineral oil) because they irritate my skin

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My uncle was a dermatologist in Beverly Hills and in one of his books he touted using Crisco as a make-up remover. My mother uses it to remove make-up to this day and she will be 80 this year. My uncle knew I had psoriasis but he never suggested the Crisco for that! Since discovering this site, I have been using glycerin for about 2 weeks. I have had considerable reduction in my itching and flaking on my scalp, forehead, and ears. As an added benefit, my nails and and skin on my face look great. I do not have nail psoriasis but my nails are always splitting and peeling. I am rubbing it everywhere after I massage it into my might be the best thing I have tried in a long time and it is soooooo CHEAP!

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