I'm adding 1 bunch of cilantro to my diet. I don't know if it'll help, but it can't hurt. I'll let you all know what happens in 10-14 days.

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why ?

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Buzz about it helping clear up psoriasis. I'm on my iPhone now, but I'll post a link tomorrow from my computer.

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I read an article about this too. Unfortunately, cilantro makes me wanna gag :( Good luck! can't wait to hear if it helps ya!

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try any green, leafy veg...they R all healthy...I use Italian flat leaf parsely in my
................................Green smoothies
For a base I use a lttle Coconut H20....comes in sml cans..often in Latin markets
Use any leafy green such as parsely, swiss chard, or any of the others
I add 1/2 red beet
and just enuf fruit of ur choice to make the taste apples R always recommended rather than red apples.
Too much fruit adds too much sugar and calories.

I also add a couple of tbsp of the .........3 healthiest seeds in the world:.................Hemp, Chia, Flax
....................Root Veg R the only ones NOT to be used in smoothie,,,ucky!... I find carrots (root Veg) also taste bad in smoothie
but it is still used by many

Do a Google search smoothie.........hundreds there
I use whatever I happen to have in frig

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I started on cilantro a week ago. I can tell that it is beginning to help my psoriasis. Mine is so bad, it will take a long time to clear up, if it does at all. I put a handful in my protein drink and add a little natural sweetener. I also add coconut oil and flax seed. It isn't too bad. It would be worth it just to get some relief.

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Cilantro, parsely, dill, basil, pretty much the same.............all equally healhty...I like flat leaf parsely better!
well, I read 2nite that ..............SWEET POTATO is the ............healthiest Veg on earth....... and we should one one a day

I found an AMAZING, QUICK, easy recipe for Sweet Potato ....................CHIPS...crispy
made in micrwave in few Minurtes. Gonna go out manana and but a ton

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So how'z your psoriasis.

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Cilantro is a detox agent. If the taste doesn't work for you, try food grade diatomaceous earth in water (many people complain of the texture - it's like drinking dirt in water!) Detox is not easy nor quick.

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I wasn't keen on cilantro and then went to Mexico and it was in salsa and pico de gallo. It tasted so different. It was fresh! The stuff here in Canada has travelled along way and is not the same at all. So now even though it's not as strong as Mexican cilantro I buy it and put it in salads, soups on steamed vegggies, in rice. I can't get enough of it. Going to try growing a pot of it this summer so it will be really fresh!! Maybe it tastes better with a corona and lime!!

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Because it is detoxifying, helps to remove heavy metals from the body and helps to soothe chronic inflammation. It needs to be consumed raw though; in salads or juiced are the best ways. Parsley does the same thing. Whatever you do, do NOT put either in a microwave. As microwaves are terrible for raising inflammation. I would give it more that 10 - 14 days because if detoxing deeply that can often take months. And from my own clearing you would certainly need to do a combination of things. Doubt the herbs will have much effect on their own. And due to the deep detox you may get worse before you get better. I had never heard of this before and learnt it from this forum. Then had it confirmed by my doctor. Check out:

Also here is a recipe I used today that I found on the web:

Cilantro - 20 stems from a large bunch
Carrots - 4 medium-sized
Apple - 1
Lemon - half peeled but with white pith left on
Ginger - 1 inch peeled

Run all ingredients through a juicer and drink immediately.

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jmharms, in a doctor's column in the Portland Oregonian someone wrote in about cilantro "curing" their psoriasis. I'm curious how it has been working for you? Update, please.

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