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I keep getting chills, followed by goosebumps all over :P
Does this have anything to do with my psoriasis?

This might be a stupid question, I have lots of them. Look at how many new topics I've started, lol... I just want to ask all the questions that are on my mind because there might be someone else out there who has the same question.


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** Originally posted by MikeK **

Hi Rich,

Chills can sometimes be a part of a VERY serious form of psoriasis (it can be fatal) called erythrodermic psoriasis ( You'll often seen it abbreviated here as e-dermic psoriasis. I've seen your pictures. I don't think that you're e-dermic, but please be sure to mention the fact that you keep getting chills to your derm.

Feel better!


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** Originally posted by sureletsrace **


Fatal P?

Who woulda thunk.

I don't think I have that. I hope not anyways!! =P


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