Chia Seeds

I just want people to know that I have had psorisas for 30 years. Usally when I stop treatment, I just deal with the redness, flakes, and splitting skin, til I go back on a treatment. I have done puva, steroids, enbrel and a few others.
I have found a drink called Kabocha with chia seeds, I started to take the chia seeds, 1 tsp a day. My psoriasis is softer, skin growth slowed way down and not as inflammed. (Doesn't hurt anymore)
The chia seeds has Omega 3, and has so much nutrients in it.
Check it out.

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Oh, and I am just putting baby oil for my dryness.

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I really want to like Chia, but I haven't been able to overcome its gelish texture it gets when added into food. :-)

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the three......... healthiest seeds BY FAR are:

Flax.. must be ground

I combine all three and add it to my daily GREEN SMOOTHIE

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I just chew up the seeds, then I don't have to deal with the gelish texture.

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add all the above seeds to ur daily Green Smoothie which ALL of us should be drinking
U will only taste the fruit of ur choice that U add to ur Vitamix (or other super blender)

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I'm sure U will find this far superior to baby oil: inflammatory/

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Julia have you seen any effect of the smoothies on your psoriasis?

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If you would ask that question to many others you may get a different aswer.
I notice very often on this site an individual credits adding olive oil,
milk thistle, etc, etc etc........... to their diet "works" after a few days of use !!!!

The power of SUGGESTION is strong and many R affected by this

But the Green Smoothies made no diference to my Ps altho I am sure they R very healthy

I have been eating Papaya every AM on empty stomach for about a month.
Bright red spots on my my (R) leg have faded to a much lighter color
My (L) leg is not much better.

When I'm indoors in A/C, the spots R lighter. As soon as I go out into the Miami heat/humidity they all become brighter red instantly.

So.......................I still am not certain of the results and if it can be credited to the Papaya.
Will report again in another month

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Yes Julia, I agree with you. The power of suggestion is strong. And also any seen changes in the psoriasis could be due to some other unknown factor(s). I also don't see much change in my P with diet or supplements.

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so glad to hear this from someone else
That is so important. When skin improves, there is most of the time,
NO WAY to know for sure what to credit the improvement with;
and so many Ps patients do that all the time, misleading so many others!

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I read on the internet that chia seeds may help lower c-reactive protein. Maybe its the omega 3 fats? Even though people here may have c-reactive protein Even though some people here may have many times higher c-reactive protein than what is usually "high", it couldn't heart for extra fiber, protein, and omega 3s.

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The power of suggestion! Are you two raving!

Yes well, I suppose you could say that about glycerine & witch hazel too, couldn't you !!! :) :)

I too consume chia seeds several times a week. But I take them for other reasons (i.e.) they are considered to be a complete protein and they also contain omega-3. They also help to fill me up and give me substantial energy.

They are great for keeping you regular.....if you know what I mean.

You can get both black and white and they both have different properties - so I use them mixed. I usually add the gel to smoothies, juices or water. But can use the to make crackers and bread, and also sprinkle on salads. Very versatile.

I think they are a great addition to anyones diet - whether you have P or not.

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I've heard of Kaboca. I think Dr. Oz had it on the other day. Everytime Dr. Oz shows something cool, I run to Whole Foods and they are all sold out like this Green Coffee bean extract the I can't find anywhere. I add Chia Seeds to cereal in the morning. They help move things on through pretty quick. I also drink Greens plus Chocolate superfood powder with almond milk. It has Chia Seeds and probiotics in it. It's really good!

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U can order ANY product...........on line

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Hi Peachlala -

I just take 2 Tbls. with water and rinse it down as quickly as possible. Not easy and certainly not tasty, but I feel the benefits are worth it.

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Actually when you think about it:

Chia seed gel is meant to be extremely excellent for detoxing.

It sort of bulks up and sweeps through your body. That is not a very good description, but if you read up on the subject further you will understand what I mean.

So in that case, if you are removing toxins from your body, it will benefit your psoriasis.

I make a gel by mixing two tablespoons in a cup of water. I add carrot juice to it and drink it down. You can’t taste it at all, it just has a texture feel to it.

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Arg... Sometimes I hate reading these things because it makes me want to go buy ANOTHER thing to add to my arsenal. I have SO many supplements and potions my cabinets are spilling over. I need to focus! Please let me know if anyone sees any difference from eating Chia seeds.. as far as Psoriasis goes that is.

I am doing a 3 month test of some supplements so if that doesn't work, I'll go get some Chia Seeds. Are these like the seeds used on those CHA CHA CHA CHIA! heads : - ) maybe I can grow my own.

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Well Chia Seed is not a supplement or is a food.

Or to be more precise a Superfood.

Psoriasis aside; it has many other health benefits and is worth taking for those benefits alone.

I would not bother trying to grow it; as you will never grow enough. I am currently buying 1KG of certified organic mixed black & white seeds for around $10.00 a kilo. It last for months only using 1 – 2 tablespoons a day.

Chia seed does not go rancid (like flax seed), and I am still using some that I brought over two years ago. So long lasting and good value for money.

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let's be realistic
U will never see a change in anything w/ a supplement.
Only those who R influenced by the "power of suggestion" will claim to see a difference
I use a few supplements and the 3 BEST, HEATHIEST seeds:

.........................CHIA, FLAX and HEMP....................I am sure they R good 4 me.............

but after yrs of taking them.............. NO VISIBLE changes

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I hear ya Julia, and I am a HUGE skeptic about almost everything... Hell, I'm an Atheist! It doesn't get much more skeptical than that! Well my skin has never in 25 years been better than it is now, but I did too many things at once to know what helped.

3 months Gluten free (stopped 3 months ago, but eat very few carbs)
4 months of Zinc and D3 (not perfect about taking every day)
2 weeks ago I added Resveratrol, super bio curcumin and Intestamine (based on some info I posted a few weeks ago)
2 weeks ago added your potion of glycerine and witch hazel.
2 weeks ago started puting coconut oil on my face (redness gone)
1 month ago... Joined a gym and have been working out 4-5 days a week.
3 months - Generally eating well, (cut sugars, diet soda's and lost weight).

That's it. I do believe that diet, exercise and yes, suppliments can and do help. I also think that spray is great, but was seeing much improvement before, so while I'm certain it has helped, I'm not sure it is entirely responsible for my improvement, but I 100 percent would tell you it's not a placebo effect. It's real. I used to have plaque covering over 85 percent of my body, and it's still there, but it's light and has actually gone away in some spots. I just wish I knew WHAT or what combination was helping. All I know is that it's so nice to not bleed, crack and cry in pain. I need to take pictures.

I have no problem with Chia Seed or anything else that helps peeps... I was just *trying* to be funny about the Chia
Pets. I will def try Chia at some point, but as you can see I am trying so many things that it makes it hard to know... Maybe lots of these things together help? Who knows. I say people should do whatever makes their body heal.

Thanks all

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