Chemical sensitivities and psoriatic arthritis?

Curious to know if any of you who are diagnosed with psa also have chemical sensitivities - sensitive to fragrances, plastics, foods, etc.... If so, do you believe the psa and sensitivities are related? Is there any correlation with migranes as a result of such low chemical tolerance? Just trying to gather some data from your self-reports. :)

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Can you be more specific about what sensitivities/reactions you are experiencing? I have had two "allergic" reactions this month causing extreme facial swelling - lower half of my face, and a sandpaper like rash. Not sure what is causing it at this point. I have also had more headaches than normal but have blamed that on new medications to get rid of the swelling and rash.

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Actually, I am inquiring about this as these types of reactions relate to my sister. I have easily diagnosed psa (due to skin issues); my sister has all of my symptoms, however, also has the migraine headaches and reacts with headaches to "smells" - subtle and undetectable though they may be to a 'normal' person. She also has experiences what she calls "hives" - perhaps analogous to your facial swelling and rash.....thanks for responding and asking, Queenjc!

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I have extreme sensitivities to smells. Very few scents are tolerable to me. If I go to a store that sells perfume or cologne I get a headache and need my asthma pump. I can't even walk down the laundry care aisle in Walmart anymore. Feels like my throat will close. I've had the sensitivities since about 2005. I've been on allergy injections and meds since then. Never had allergies before so it shocked me. Since then I've been diagnosed with many things including migraines and of course PsA

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I have lots of sensitivities to foods: gluten, dairy; drugs: multiple antibiotics, tetanus, SSRIs; and things like bandaids, which leave a hive in the shape of the bandaid on my skin. I have always attributed the sensitivities to my autoimmune issues. I didn't know exactly what my issues were until I was diagnosed with PsA in May of this year, but I knew I had issues.

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Very helpful responses from the three ladies above! Anyone else have similar experiences?

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Yes, bit less since I upped my mtx to 25 mg.

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I have had chemical and strong odor sensitivities most of my life, and Im pretty much allergic to the state of Georgia... lol. I have noticed as I've gotten older .. in the past few years... the chemical/ odor sensitivities are worse, I'm 44. I was only diagnosed this past march with PsA. Strangely enough, since taking bee pollen 2X a day that my nutritionist put me on, my physical allergies are much better.

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