Cellfood Oxygen Gel works for me, and then some

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Hi All,

I'm pretty new to this forum, and as I have been very busy lately, haven't posted much. But definitely want to share my success.

I have had a mild coverage of guttate, diax in Oct. 2008. Derm prescribed topical steroid, which made my heart race so had to quit quickly, and also topical D3, which did nothing, so I started pursuing "alternative" things.

I absolutely loved an indigo (clinically proven for psoriasis) ointment I found but it totally stains clothes. I tried Champori but found it even greasier than Vaseline so didn't try it for very long and don't know if it works. "Psorzema" did nothing for me except moisturize, and not very good at that either. (I use Alveno Oatmeal for moisture: It really does stay for almost 24 hours!)

Anyway, my acupuncturist (for other health issues) suggested Cellfood Oxygen Gel, which is sold to relieve fine skin lines like crows feet. Her huz has plaque P and has used it with success.

It, in addition to my tanning activity and Vit D supplementation, has really taken down my P. I use it twice a day on new and "active" spots. If I get at them soon enough, their shelf life is radically reduced to maybe a week instead of a month.

As I said, I have mild coverage. This stuff is expensive: Lowest I found was $26 for 2 oz. (but you put it on thin). So if you have moderate to extensive coverage, it might be way too pricey, unless nothing else is working and you're desperate.

I must add that I take most of the stuff in Barney's and have been before diax with P.

Anyway, if anyone wants me to point to the web sites where I've found Cellfood Oxygen Gel at the best prices, just let me know.

It really does work for me (and I'm not affiliated with any sales efforts for this product). It's clear and dries fast. Something else to try...

Best to you.

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