cataract surgery and Koebner's

I have psoriasis and Psoriatic arthritis. I have Koebner's. I have developed cataracts and have to have the cataract removed. I have had psoriasis on my eyelids. I cannot find any information concerning Koebner's and cataract surgery. Can any one give me any information?

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Hello GL,

Most people with cataracts have no choice than to have new lenses appled to remove the cataract lenses . Or you risk loosing your sight
Eventually as the cataract clouds the total eye lense.

With P. in the picture that I too went thru the same issues last year. Even with Keobner. I can honestly say after three surgeries to correct astigmatism was not a factor for causing P. to get accelerate or to worsen. The astigmatism was the worse problem. Before surgery tell you doctors u have P. There are steroid drops & antibiotic drops to be administered in the eye for 2 weeks. Starting 2 days before surgery & 2 weeks after.

See where I'm going with this. Steroids are anti inflamatories to keep swelling and inflammation down. Which keep the P. in CHECH as well. Anti biotics very helpful for not developing infection.

Good luck.


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Thanks for the information. I had eye lid surgery last summer, asked the doc about Koebner's--he had never heard of it, said I would be fine. Was not. My eyes became inflamed and I ended having to use steroid eyedrops. I also had Keobner's on the incisions.
I believe I was also allergic to the silk thread they used and the poly thread he used on the outer stitches. People with Koebner's need to be very careful with surgery and injuries. I also have skin allergies to adhesive. I had to have a bone marrow test 3 years ago and I developed an inflammation at that site. I chipped my elbow and the muscles around the elbow became inflamed.
I have been on Humira for 3 years, before that, Enbrel for one. My doctor just took me off the Humira and I am on prednisone for 2 months and will be going on Remicaide. I will wait until this fall to have my cataract surgery.
I do have PA. Because of the different reactions I have, I am very concerned about the cataract surgery. I will make sure this doctor does know what the treatment should be before I have the surgery.
Are there any informational sites for doctors that I can refer her to?

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