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Dear All,

I have a question. About almost a month ago I tested positive for candida (vaginal though, just a detail). I have been given pills and since then my psoriasis has been reduced by I'd say 80%.
I am wondering how does this work and what does it mean. Does anybody out there have an idea? In view of this correlation between both things, what would be the best to do? I cannot keep on taking this pills, it is just a 1 month cure, but is there anything else using this info that I could do?

Thanks a lot in advance.
Warm regards,

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You need a chemist or doctor to answer this, whats it made of and I think it just proves psoriasis is internal.....

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Wow........interesting for sure!! Think we will all be wanting to take that stuff! I am so happy for you.

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I have always been interested in both Western and Eastern medicine, and have had conversations with herbalist about health and herbal medicine. Some of these folks have been introduced to me by acquaintances at social gatherings. So I want to make clear that our conversations were never in a clinical sense in which I was a patient.

The common thing that I have heard from the majority of the herbalist is that they feel many problems in the body are caused by an overgrowth of yeast. Candida is a fungus which is a form of yeast. More than a few herbalist told me that when they treat their patients, they usually start out giving herbs that remediate the overgrowth of yeast. They also give herbs that supposedly kill the bad bacteria in the gut. They site that issues with the gut due to our diets are the major contributing cause of disease and illness. (Not sure if I believe that or not....but that is what they say.)

What is the name of the pills you took?

Have you addressed the fact that your psoriasis has improved after taking these pills? I think it is a noteworthy conversation to have with your doctor. Also....what type of psoriasis do you have?

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Many natural practitioners believe that most diseases are caused by fungus. Most conventional doctors treat only bacterial and know nothing about fungus or how to treat it. I heard someone once say everyone has some fungus but with antibiotics, sugar, etc that fungus can grow and spread and create havoc in the gut. The American diet helps with spreading the fungus. I had an interesting experience many years ago regarding this. Had mucous 24/7 and even pulmonary people couldn't stop it. Even prednisone wouldn't help. When I started the yeast free diet all of a sudden after a short period of time it stopped---no antibiotics, no sugar and plenty of exercise and it just went away and never has come back. The problem being most of people have more
acid in the system than alkaline which puts everything out of balance. And I believe is a breeding ground for yeast. Improve
the gut flora and maybe you can resolve many things. Interesting thought

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i have tried everything..did not work.

Last week i ordered some candida medicine online.
I feel like candida is what is affecting me too.

Glad for you. Can you keep us posted on your progress please.

What you might want to do.

I have found that eating Garlic Pills help or raw garlic if you are brave. :)

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Hi guys,

Thank you all for your replies. I knew that fungus could be related but after trying all type of supplements and stuff I was thinking that it was not the case for until this happened. It is amazing how about 80% of what I had is gone and how the rest just so calm and pink is.
I have inverse and plaque psoriasis in my scalp, around my face, my neck, my elbows part of my back and my stomach and under my breast, so quite a lot.
I am not sure what to do after my pill cure is over in order to keep things stable. I can imagine that the pills kill the bad guys and the good ones hopefully took over and can keep the bad ones repressed. Any tips on this? Probiotics not that the bad ones have been killed? Is candida found in the gut as well? Because as I said I was treated for vaginal candida, although since I am taking the pills orally it can have a more general reach to all my body.

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MCGB, this Candida - psoriasis connection was reported by another forum member (and Italian woman?) a couple years back. You might want to search this forum to view some of there posts. I think she was on Nystatin for a couple of years and enjoyed remission. But then with a change of doctors her psoriasis came back due to being off the drug. Nystatin only works on the digestive tract. It won't hurt your liver like other anti-fungals (Flagyl, ..) can, so it is a "safe drug". It is also cheap. If you have a sympathetic doctor who can prescribe it to you I would stay with it.

Now as for why Candida might trigger psoriasis I can think of three ways:

1) Pathogens, most notably strep, are known to trigger psoriasis. Candida, a fungus, is a pathogen.
2) Candida can burrow into lesions, especially in the scalp. Lesions are harder to heal with fungus in them.
3) Candida are known to burrow into the mucosal lining of the gut, causing excessive permeability ("leaky gut"). Bits of foreign matter that leech through can cause an autoimmune response. If you kill off the Candida this enables the gut lining to heal (the mucosal lining is completely reformed every couple of days I believe).

In order for you to kill off Candida naturally I recommend:

1) Reduce your carbohydrate intake drastically (Candida live off sugars/starches). No starchy veggies, no grains, no dairy. Fruit should be your primary carbohydrate source. Do this for several weeks. No, it will not be fun. And you may feel ill when the Candida die-off suddenly. Bear with this.

2) Read any of the books by Dr. William Crook, the expert of systemic Candida issues. You are likely to find his books at your local library.

3) Read "Breaking The Vicious Cycle" by Elaine Gottschall (sp?). Terrific explanation on leaky gut theory and Candida's involvement. Her diet, known as Specific Carbohydrate Diet (SCD), has a following (..Google to learn more).

I used to have fungal issues too, mostly in the form of persistent jock itch and athlete's foot. My digestive tract was a mess. I then developed severe psoriasis. Dieting enabled me to eliminate the yeast overgrowth and my psoriasis is much, much better.

Best of luck to you.


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I suggest reading the yeast free diet. That helped me with my condition and I feel it can help others. Candida can spread
throughout the body attacking different areas and organs. That is opinions of many holistic. You must balance the gut flora.
There are medications for candida but also if you are not eating the way you should that may not work. Even in the yeast free diet
even fruits you should not have too much of. Macrobiotic diets are also good to look into. In our diet in today's world we eat
tons of starches--and very little veggies. Incorporate more of those in your diet and hopefully it will help your body
become more alkaline. Also if you are going to eat meat then choose grass fed and those without hormones--the same with
poultry. When I went on the yeast free diet I saw significant changes in my own body. Of course it isn't easy to eliminate
sugar---sugar is in everything and now you need to be aware of more than just sugar, msg, additives, etc that are equally just
as bad for you. It is worth trying to see if that will help your condition. The more medication you take the more the
candida can spread. When I stopped taking my asthma medication and some antibiotics I started to get better with this diet.

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For over 23 years I've had off/on candida issues from years of taking Tetracycline for oily skin (age 15 to 29), round after round of antibiotics for bladder infections, 20 years of being on the Pill and sadly eating way too much sugar/refined carbs - My syptoms have been global and varied, from recurring vaginal yeast infection issues when in my 20's and early 30's (while on the Pill) to oral thrush, dandruff (which morphed into Seborrhea causing terrible hair loss/thinning/scalp inflammation/itch), recurrent bladder infections (now well known to be related to fungal overgrowth), HORRIBLE gas, and being very susceptible to food poisoning. In recent years (past decade) I've dealt with toenail fungal infections, unexplained skin lesions (several dermatologists have told me it's NOT psoriasis and NOT ezcema, just a "garden variety dermatitis". However the skin lesions are round (typical of fungal growth) and tend to happen anywhere on the body - there is no rhyme or reason. I've of course gone through every known type of allergy testing (food/pollen/environmental/dander/chemical) and only found out that I"m allergic to 5 things but they are very interesting to note that they are CANE SUGAR, BAKERS YEAST, COFFEE, CORN and GLUTEN GRAINS. The doctor that translated this testing for me said that fungal overgrowth is a "given" with allergies to Cane Sugar and Bakers Yeast. She went on to test me via stool for parasites and urine + hair testing for heavy metals and I have now found out that I have 2 gut infections: Blastocystis Hominis and H. Pylori along with high levels of mercury and cadmium. All of these relate to why the yeast is pathogenic. Heavy metals will cause yeast overgrowth and always accompany gut infections.
So the protocol is either a "hard/fast" treatment of multi strain antibiotics (they recommend taking 2 or 3 together in high dose for anywhere fro 10 to 20 to kill the gut infections and unfortunately the 2 gut infections I have respond to DIFFERENT antibiotics so 2 different rounds of antibiotics would be required and then there is NO guarantee they'll work due to the gut infections now becoming so resistant to antibiotics since they've been so overused. So the other avenue is to over time modify diet and take natural anti-microbial/anti-parasitic herbs + supplements to beat the gut infections down. H. Pylori is a natural inhabitant of the gut terrain, but is problematic when overgrown. Blastocystis does not belong in our guts and must be eradicated but is near impossible to get rid of with antibiotics and many people report taking round and round of antibiotics only to destroy further their gut function in vain attempt to get rid of this amoeba. The heavy metals are much easier to remedy but again there are 2 ways to do so: IV challenge test and then subsequent IV's to chelate the metals out (expensive and as well also depletes your other "good" metals so you must supplement to renew them in the body. OR you can again take the more mild and longer term approach to chelate via taking opposing metals in fairly high dose (like zinc for instance) along with things like modified citrus pectin to pull out the metals which works beautifully but takes a very long time. For me I"m also dealing with hypothyroidism that has developed over the past decade (I'm 100% sure due to the candida overgrowth, heavy metal toxicity and gut infections totally dragging my adrenals/thyroid down) along with declining hormones (I"m 53 and not yet menopausal but having all the fun symptoms of high and then low estrogen and low progesterone - typical rollercoaster). I learned my lesson in March of this year, after taking the recommendation of my doctor to get a COFFEE COLONIC to "speed up the heavy metal detox" - WOW.........within 3 days of having a professional coffee colonic I was flu-like. headachy and bedridden and the next day was literally COVERED with 50+ skin lesions in all the lymphatic drainage areas (groin above pubic hair, under breasts, neck and upper legs at torso as well as all over my stomach and sides). These round lesions appeared overnight, were wet and weepy, actually had to put bandaids on them to cover the moistness and then slowly they crusted over and now some 6 months later I'm left with brown spots that are slowly fading. They never itched (lucky ay??) and were the size of an eraser head, maybe a little larger. I still get them in random places, they literally appear spontaneously and the skin feels "weak/wet" and rubs off and then they process begins again and I can only think they are from detox still happening which is to be expected I suppose. I must say that in the past decade I've noted an occasional round dry spot of skin usually on hip or leg and again very slow to heal/disappear but NOTHING like this episode, likely from again the body trying to detox - but the coffee colonic caused such horrid die off/detox, way too extreme. Some of these areas are going to permanently leave scars as the lesions went deep into the skin, almost like the scab dug into the skin. The remaining somewhat healed areas on my legs are leaving the most notable scars, some dark burgundy red, others white - many still peeling. I've seen several doctors, including a visit to Mayo clinic - not ONE doctor could identify the skin lesions, one had the gall to tell me I was scratching/picking at myself in my sleep - all wanted to inject or freeze them (did that once, never again, ruined skin where done, left white skin). Not one of them thought it could be related to gut issues/thyroid issues/heavy metals.
I now know better and here's why: Going with "what I know" to be out of balance with me (and please know that I've got the resources to get testing done, pay for doctors out of pocket when needed and order testing on my own and have done so extensively - I don't think there's a test I've missed doing and some repeatedly so). The issues that keep coming up via blood are low thyroid/raised prolactin but not overly so. With over 50 blood tests not once have I had thyroid antibodies or super elevated TSH (highest was 5.5, lowest was 2.2 - blood drawn both when medicated on Armour and when off it). Free T3 does run low at around 2.2 to 2.5 but when I take thyroid meds and get TSH down around 2.0 or "so" then the Free T3 tends to go over range and I go HYPERTHYROID fairly reliably, especially when the weather is hot. Most summers I end up going hyperT with accompanying high cortisol (tested via saliva) and experience extreme weight/hair loss/fatigue and must go 100% OFF thyroid meds during the heat of summer to abate these symptoms. I can't even take a tiny dose of any type of thyroid hormone and I've tried every kind from synthetic to natural - it's all too much during hot weather. So doctors tell me that my hypo thryoid issues are not the ROOT CAUSE but rather an effect of something deeper and after having all the potential triggers tested (all autoimmune diseases tested for multiple times, extensive hormonal testing, MRI/CAT SCANS/ULTRASOUND testing for possible tumors (multiple times at my expense and insistence) - all kinds of saliva/blood/stool tests, etc......the results seem obvious:
Heavy metal toxicity (high mercury/high cadmium/high copper) along with 2 gut infections and resulting systemic candida that will accompany either one with reliable regularity. This is why no matter how aggressive I get with candida eradication that it always comes back in a matter of days or the smallest food "cheat". I've taken literally months at a time of 1, 2 or even 3 prescription anti-fungals together (and felt WONDERFUL on them by the way) but once off them the candida creeps back. My diet is so clean it's ridiculous, I've not had sugar/fruit in over a year, no grains of any kind, no coffee or alcohol - just the typical caveman diet (see Doug Kaufman's info on the diet he uses for candida) which I'm used to and know well to stick to. Even if I eat this way and DO NOT use some type of added antifungal protocol then the candida will still be "there". So each day I either eat 1-2 cloves of garlic, take colloidial silver, drink Pau de Arco tea or any number of well known natural antifungals (I use them all) to keep the candida at bay. The colloidial silver works well but I rotate it of course. This will keep the overgrowth at bay and hopefully the biofilm down. I do get regular professional colonics (water only). With this said I've begun in the past 2 months a multi-prong natural heavy metal detox (modified citrus pectin 3x daily for instance), and avoiding any source of heavy metals (not eating large fish or any shellfish for instance). I've been working on getting rid of the parasites/gut infection for a good year now since they were diagnosed - I've taken 2 rounds of antibiotics (high dose) which did NOT work and made my candida worse as well as caused horrid hair loss during the regime - never again~! So I've tried the regular doctor recommended routes to kill the parasites/microbes to satisfy that potentially "easy cure". NOT successful. I'm not working on reducing bio-film (Interfase by Thorne) along with twice daily colloidial silver, DGL licorice and aloe vera juice/gel. This works best on the H. Pylori which is easier to get rid of than the Blastocystis. Ironically my current doctor said to "Ignore" the Blastocystis and "Live with it" since I don't have any overt symptoms of it except for skin lesions/low thryoid (she's referring to IBS which I don't have) which she blames more on the H. Pylori. She also said that if I get my gut terrain in better shape by eradication the H. Pylori and taking down the yeast population and thinning the biofilm that the Blastocystis likely will go back to non-pathogenic populations. I'm also taking a probiotic in the am and another one at bed (Sacromyces Boulardi at bed). To date my oral thrush has been the most improved EVER in 23 years of having it and the skin lesions are slowly healing with only 2-3 new ones a week and the new ones are healing within 2-3 weeks vs. hanging around for months or years. I'm also digesting much better and having 2-3 BM's/day (sorry if that's TMI but I think it's significant). Hair is still very thin/lank/brittle and falls out way too easily but if I can get more nutrients absorbed vs. robbed by the gut infections then hopefully it will improve in time too. I hope this helps someone out there - to investigate your gut health as the root cause. By the way - my thrush would always go away as well on prescription antifungals, but would roar back when they were discontinued. Now I'm having good results of the same manner with much weaker antifungals and perfect diet. It will just take time to hopefully get the 2 gut infections eradicated along with chelating out the heavy metals. LIBBY

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Dear Libby (and others),
In reading your post I am finally hearing someone with problems along the same line as my own. My problems are no where near as severe as yours, though. It is somewhat discouraging to hear how long you have been fighting these issues with only limited success.
I was initially interested in sharing in this discussion because I thought I could impart what I have learned and experienced on the candida subject. Since I was diagnosed a couple months ago with mild candida albicans (+2, with +5 being the worst), and with the detection of ameba histolytica, and borderline helicobacter pylori, I have been on a quest to try to rid myself of all of it, if possible. My most recent help has come from the website: where I have learned a great deal about not only candida overgrowth in the body, but also its connection to other things, like heavy metals, etc. I have been on a regimen of "candida diet" with anti-fungals and probiotic supplements for the last 6 weeks or so to try and make some headway against the candida. I have recently learned by urine test that I also have low-level mercury problems which will have to be dealt with. I have sent in a hair sample for analysis in the last few days. (Hard to do because I have very little hair left to work with these days), and I will soon be starting the detox program that is recommended on this website to eliminate the mercury and any other heavy metal issues that may also be detected but are as yet still unknown to me.
In the course of this past 6 weeks of treatment, I have seen NO CHANGE in the red spots that are all over my trunk and limbs. They are very similar to what you describe, but do not weep. They definitely come up very quickly, form a roundish red spot, and then peel over and over. Sometimes they fade and flatten out a little (which always gives me false hope that they are finally going away), but then they get bright red again. :0( I have never had a single one disappear, they just keep increasing in numbers--sometimes a couple at a time, and at others times by the dozens. They only itch occasionally, and then not severely like most of the psoriasis sufferers on this forum. In addition to the spots, I have large, red blotches on my face that have merged until my entire face is almost completely covered in red! Fortunately, my face is where I have begun to see some small improvement. Along with the redness on my face was a stinging and burning that was so bad I had to put ice packs on it. That has receded in the last week or so to just being around my eyes and nostrils. I know that diet is definitely a factor there, because if I even eat a vegetable high on the glycemic index, the burning and stinging increases to encompass more of my face.
Since the original poster's question was about what to do for candida, I would encourage them to read as much information as they can about it and get themselves informed. Since they cannot stay on the pills to treat it indefinitely, I would encourage them to follow candida diet guidelines and see if their symptoms improve at all. I would also encourage them to get some further testing for heavy metals in their system. addresses mercury in your system on the webpage given below. He says that if you don't remove the mercury while treating yourself for candida, you will continue to have a problem with yeast.

I anticipate a long struggle to get my system regulated and back to "normal" again, but hope that the progress I have already seen is evidence that I am on the right track. Good luck to you as you deal with candida as well.

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I have bad vaginal psoriasis that I treated with nystatin while I was pregnant, it seemed to help. I told my derm and he said nystatin has some anti inflammatory properties so he was not surprised it helped my psoriasis.

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Yes, how you describe the skin lesions is how mine behave as well, sans the itching. Some will get better only to re-erupt with red scaly skin after looking like they were healing, while others will truly heal and go away. If I pick at them AT ALL they will last for months if not years (some on my shins are 2 years old). Ironically I've noticed 4 tiny new ones just today on the back of my right calf/ankle - soooooo irritating how I seem to do "everything right" and yet these stupid things keep appearing - and here things have been going so well with them all healing up. But they are tiny compared to how they usually appear, so things are better and I have to keep that in perspective. I did eat some gluten free bread the past 2 days, so I suspect that's the cause.

I forgot to mention something significant and that's why I'm writing again: In the Spring of this year when I had the infamous coffee colonic it also triggered very aggressive perioral dermatitis. The 2 dermatologists I saw both said "use cortisone cream, oral antibiotics and topical antibiotics". They also both said it was obvious I'd had this a long time, to which I told them it had literally cropped up over 4-5 days after a coffee colonic. Dead silence again - they didn't believe me or fathom the cause.

Inaddition, neither responded to the affirmative when asked if this could be related to low thryoid or to fungal issues. I got the "deer in the headlights" look from both of them, but I absolutely knew taking antibiotics as recommended in any way was a mistake. I did try the cortisone cream for about 10 days to no avail and by that time the lesions were all over my chin angry and red and would bleed if rubbed too hard, but specifically they had the look of like they had dripped off out of each side of my mouth and one big one smack dab in the middle of my chin, there were also some areas starting under my nose and on the sides, by the side of one eye and over one eyebrow - all areas that yeast LOVE to live an the oily areas of the face. I've dealt w/seborrhea off/on for almost 15 years and knew this was not that - this was very different. So I read up on several sites and found one that recommended an OTC antifungal cream (not sure if I can mention a brand name so won't just in case) and so I used the cream day/night and fairly thickly. It took about 2 months to get a really positive response but as of the past 6 weeks or so all these areas are CLEAR except for the one over my eyebrow - it's still inflamed, red/scaly but easily 80% better - it was the biggest one and where the whole mess started so I'd picked at it some which always makes these things go WILD...........!! I do find that I can now go 2-3 days w/out using the cream but I plan to keep using it for the duration. I'd love to go see BOTH of these dermatologists who told me that I'd have to "live with the perioral dermatitis" as once it gets started it generally needs lifetime treatment. I even showed both of them my horrible coated/red/sore tongue (thrush in prime) and they said it was not related. I noted at this time also that my nose was itchy with a "tingling" on the inside, almost like a crawling sensation - this is now 100% gone but I also swabbed some of the cream on the nostril openings and swabbed the interior daily for a few weeks with diluted GSE. I would coat my eyebrows in the cream at night, as fungus loves eyebrows. I also soaked in baths of epsom salts, baking soda (3-4 full bags of it), apple cider vinegar and eycalyptus essential oil (just a few drops). I also used a diluted facial toner of GSE or apple cider vinegar - the ACV burned and I gave up on that. The antifungal cream seems to do the job well without the toners in the end. BUT............the antifungal cream have not helped the body lesions like they have the ones on the face and I have no explanation for this. I do also get off/on perianal dermatitis, which dandruff shampoo controls nicely as well as antifungal powder (plus I dry the area w/a blow dryer after bathing, under breasts too). I'm not heavy at all, I weigh 127 and am 5'5" - so it's not like I"m battling rolls of flesh, quite the opposite, I'm just very oily skinned and thus have the right "food" for fungal forms to eat. Why it got this bad after the coffee colonic I can only speculate, but it seems to have driven the candida from the gut to the skin in an explosive manner, which I"m still dealing with but it is getting better.
Thanks for the website recommendation - I've read that one extensively and an recommend it too. Getting the heavy metals under control is KEY to getting rid of yeast, but also getting any type of gut infection is imperative too. BTW, I rated a 4 out of 5 for the candida testing - so have a solid heavy case of yeast overgrowth. For me Nystatin is like water, not strong enough to deal with the infection - and using prescription antifungals works GREAT, but are short lived. The yeast comes back fast. So to surmise, I don't feel the yeast is the core issue - I think it's the heavy metals and then the gut infections. Getting those under control is my life's focus right now - as I don't have much of a life feeling sick most days and then having the nightmare of looking in the mirror at my now super thin hair and oily skin, obviously these impediments are robbing my body of nutrition no matter how good my diet and supplements - I have to get rid of THEM to feel well again. It's a distant memory but I'd like to make it a reality to feel and look good again. I do think we're on to something here. LIBBY

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You might want to google Dr. Jennifer Daniels-she believes most diseases are caused by Candida. I'm not recommending this, but one of her cures is pure turpentine taken with sugar cubes. I ordered the turpentine, but haven't used it yet because I need to clean up my diet first. On her website she has ways to check if you have Candida. For the Candida cure, you need to download, it's free, it at xa.yimg, not sure, but you'll see it on the google search. I know it sounds crazy, but the pure turpentine, not the stuff you get from the hardware store, won't harm you. I think the theory is, the Candida gets tricked into going for the sugar, and is then killed by the turpentine. I'll let you know in about a month if it works for me.

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Yes, Cayce used turpentine extensively in his healing protocols. Just not sure if it's right for me as I've got to get rid of heavy metals and parasites before yeast will have a chance to get abated, as the former two potentiate the yeast to overgrow. I'll check out her website. I do also think that yeast/fungus is at the root of most diseases, most certainly cancer. LIBBY

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I had psoriasis diagnosed as athletes foot and ringworm diagnosed as psoriasis. Have you thought about the possibility that your 80% thats cleared was actually fungus and thats why it didnt heal until you had systemic anti-fungals? Seems like doctors would be aware of this considering how often the round, dry, warm, thick, itchy, rough spots are misdiagnosed as one or the other. Bit anyone who has been to a doc more than once knows... They dont seem to pay attention. Just a thought.

I found out the random way that my "ringworm" was actually psoriasis- spent 4-5 days a month in tanning bed and it disappeared. Stopped tanning because I needed a skin biopsy and it turned out to be nothing but scared me enough to never go back. Then major shoker... No sun and the misdiagnosed "fungus" came back. I had to tell my doctor it wasnt ringworm- he did a skin scrape (to prove he was smarter) and it was negative for fungal. Shouldve seen his smug face drop.

Point here- if the 80% slowly return after the anitfungal pills are done, get your doc to scrape and test for fungus. You may be treating each thing with right treatment just on wrong areas. Worth a shot. Although, I can't seem to get mine under control without sun rays but I am so fair, have alot of moles/freckles, and been burned so badly that my doc warns I am 75% more likely to develope skin cancer
at sone point. If it wasnt for that I would say to h**! With the creams and ointments and go soak in some ray. So sick of the itch and burn.

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My lesions don't itch or burn - no sensation at all. Thus the diagnosis for "Not" psoriasis or eczema plus they don't get any better with typical treatments for those issues. I've been gluten free for some 16-18 months now and exclude other potential food triggers - diet is not the issue - no improvement from improved diet. Candida has been a long standing issue for me and I always feel so great when taking any type of antifungal (prescription or natural) and with taking 1-2 TBSP of colloidial silver and 1/2 cup of aloe vera juice for the past month plus the oral thush continue to stay clean and new lesions appearing have minimized, but not disappeared. Sun seems to have little effect, but what effect it does have is positive. I am also low thyroid, and hypothyoidism literature is replete with historical data (Broda Barnes, Mark Starr, Peatfield....etc...) all talking about strange skin issues cropping up when hypo and improving with thyroid hormone. As my issues truly exploded after a professional coffee colonic, I have to also ponder if the die off from the yeast didn't happen is such great numbers as the skin was the only place where it could go - as it was so immediate after the colonic, 40-50 lesions appearing within 3-4 days of the colonic plus feeling generally like crud, bedridden for a couple days before the lesions appeared. The worst of it is now long fading away and again there was no pain/burn/itch - thus obviously not shingles as several people have suggested. The docs I saw at the time all were mystified but aren't they always mystified at anything fungal or related to low thryoid? This I've found to be sadly true in the 23 years I've been trying to get my health in order. So for me, eating smart, getting rest, avoiding the avoidable type of stress/confrontation (just let things go) , avoiding super hot weather (I live in AZ but now have arranged to spend summer in Oregon for instance) which tends to push my adrenals to the max, cooler weather is healing for me and as well learning that once candida sets in that it can take a lifetime to get it controlled. I know what I have is not psoriasis or ezcema, and if I catch a lesion in the first day or two with thick topical antifungal cream then it won't develop. I also use a pre-shower coating of either a selenium or zinc based anti-dandruff shampoo, sometimes leaving it on 30 minutes pre-bathing, and this seems to help ward off new lesions. Topical cortisone or topical antibiotics cremes do nothing - but topical antifungal cremes work slowly/surely as well as topical applications of fermented apple cider vinegar. Since I'm also blessed with super oily skin, I'm always fighting the oil build up which only serves to feed the yeast (esp face/scalp/groin) and those areas are prone to seborrhea and I've had a few very bad episodes of scalp inflammation and massive hair loss due to seborrhea flares. I've had docs tell me this is "Not possible" but they are truly idiots - my faith in doctors is so minimal (and my dad was a doctor~!!!) now that I go by what I know to be true for my situation an that is if I eat too much sugar or refined foods I get a flare in skin and gut and lose hair and have bad skin reactions of all sorts - from pimples/blackheads worsening to dandruff/seborrhea and inflamed/itchy scalp and face peeling that isn't dry skin but rather more like athlete's foot - just peels and peels and is sore/inflamed and sort of moist vs. dry. There is strong correlation between being unable to control the fungus/yeast on/in the body when the thyroid and adrenals are weak - I'm absolutely SURE this is my issue which fortunately at this writing is the best it's been in some 2 years. So.....for me controlling diet is KEY - taking rotating antifungals of all kinds is KEY - keeping my thyroid hormone levels supported as well as giving my adrenals needed rest and herbal support (can't take oral steroids as it feeds the yeast, so take herbals which work great) and of course since now going thru the last stages of onset of menopause I'm taking low dose TOPICAL estrogen and progesterone (as to not feed the yeast via gut) to keep the torment of menopause symptoms. Over time I hope to be able to get my thyroid better controlled, but with candida its common for it to be hard/near impossible to get thyroid and sex hormone doses properly calibrated (Dr. Uzzi Reiss's book talks about this specifically and I agree) - so once again the root cause seems to be the darn candida along with heavy metals and parasites - I do think if those get sorted out then life will be MUCH easier~!
Have a good day all~!

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I've been doing a lot of research on this topic and am so excited to be starting a candida cleanse next week!
This was highly recommended by a friend who was offering some serious symptoms due to candida(though she doesn't have psoriasis) and this cleanse changed her life.
It's only part diet, the killer is the pill, read this to learn more about the actual cleanse.
After reading through this thread I'm very hopeful it will have an effect on my psoriasis .
MCGB I have psoriasis in all the exact spot that you do, so this is very encouraging that this cleanse may have an impact.
I've had it for almost 30 years and it's worse than ever since the last few years I stopped all "conventional" treatments and have been trying to control it with diet.
I've gone vegan and mostly raw then bounced back to some grains and other things. Most recently I met several nature doctors at a conference and they all told me more green juice, so, After 3 months of a high alkaline diet and lots of green juice, without much improvement, I became discouraged.
Then I started hearing more about candida and by the grace of God found this cleanse.
I'm hoping to video blog my results and if it works I may try to lead a group of psoriasis sufferers on it too.
Stay tuned and if anyone wants to order this now and start right away right along with me, let me know, it would be awesome to do it with someone and track results. It can't hurt!

~with you in the struggle

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Just read the mess of a website for this "chitlin" pill for candida - bothersome that there is no data on the ingredients in the product and as well the COST - yikes~! I think taking diatomaceous earth would do the same thing............and it's super cheap.

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I would like to follow this discussion. Learning so much. Thank you.

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Yes the website is crap, agreed. But I've done my research so here's the info about the ingredients if you're interested:

Chitin Synthesis Inhibitor is a laboratory created inert compound that acts solely on chitin based organisms such as Candida fungus. It is not broken down by the human body into any other chemical form and it does not cause any reaction in the human body systems. It is made with natural oils (derived from the rubber plant and palm oil) and basic chemical elements to create a completely non toxic fungicide that is pharmaceutical graded. The capsule casings are made from rice and seaweed. Our product is gluten free, GMO free, and vegan/vegetarian. The lab name for the compound is: lufenuron or N-[2,5-dichloro-4-(1,1,2,3,3,3-hexafluoropropoxy)-phenylaminocarbonyl]-2,6 -di-fluorobenzamide

This is NOT to be confused with the agricultural grade Luferunon used for insecticide use created with chemical solvents and is only 5-7% pure. Our Luferunon is certified by the SGS with a 99.3% purity, which is the purest in the market. There are two forms of this compound, one of which is used in agriculture(5%) as a pesticide. However, the compound that is used as a treatment for candida is pharmacy grade (98%) and is created using an entirely different process using natural oils."

It's possible of course that diatomaceous earth might do the same thing, but I'm going for this because there's a protocol with it and it's wiping out candida for good. I'm seeing the result in my friends so I don't have to try something and figure out best dosage, experiment etc...The price is less than half of a month of an insurance premium, and with what I'M DEALING WITH IT'S WELL WORTH IT!

We're all free to make our own decisions of course. Just sharing something I'm excited about. Th more research I do the more hope I have that this may just make a really significant improvement in this dis-ease I've been dealing with for nearly 30 years!

Hope you all have a beautiful day:)

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