can we drink glycerin usp

** Originally posted by joycemok **

can we drink glycerin usp? i remember i browse the forum and see brian H said we can drink glycerin usp? since the glycerin topics has a lot of replies already so i do not want to put this question in a whole pile of other questions like finding a needle in big pile ?

if yes, how can we drink it? what are the benefit?

glycerin is a very good lubricant on the sculp psoriasis. the part i have no hair seem to be better, and the sculp part with hair seem to be a little less effective and i guess a lot of the glycerin is lubricant the hair and the percentage can reach the sculp is a lot less.

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** Originally posted by DottieD **

Here's what I've learned about glycerin:

Most of the fats in our bodies are triglycerides. These molecules are formed with a "backbone" of glycerin to which three fatty acids are attached. When fats are broken down in the body, the fatty acids break off. So glycerin is a natural substance found in our bodies. It is sometimes referred to as glycerol.

Glycerin has a sweet taste, and bakeries use it to sweeten some of their pastries. Therefore, you probably have been eating some all along.

Glycerin is a hygroscopic substance. That means it attracts water and holds it. That's why you will find it in most moisturizing lotions. The glycerin attracts moisture to the skin and helps keep the skin from drying out. That is probably the basis for glycerin helping people with p.

Some bottles of glycerin warn people not to take it internally without checking with a doctor first. Other bottles (usually the ones that are vegetable glycerin) don't have this warning. Glycerin also comes in suppositories for people with bowel problems.

I don't know of any special value of drinking glycerin, although this may be just my ignorance. BrianH has done a lot of reading on this topic, so maybe he can help here.

I hope this helps.

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** Originally posted by elliott **

I would not advise it only based on I don't know how it may or may not increase your triglyceride level. You definately need to keep up on your triglyceride level the same a you do you chloresterol and they are related. Also I know of no claim of a benefit. I take in olive oil daily but it is not for my P rather, because it is good for your cardio.

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** Originally posted by BrianH **

It's used liberally in ice cream and many other food products, plus toothpaste, cosmetics, etc. Raisins are soaked in it to keep them moist.

One or two users have found that up to an ounce a day helps with widespread or hard to reach areas. The original animal research found equivalent benefits to oral and topical use.

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** Originally posted by dissenter **

The one that I got is called Glycerol BP, on the bottle it says "Taken internally is a mild laxative, Used externally softens and moisturises the skin"

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** Originally posted by BrianH **

The one that I got is called Glycerol BP, on the bottle it says "Taken internally is a mild laxative, Used externally softens and moisturises the skin"

Sounds like European terminology; glycerol is the laboratory or British term for glycerin. If it refers to laxative effects, then it's food quality, and safe.

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