Burdock Root

I have read some literature on burdock root and its benefits on psoriasis. I am curious to know if anyone has tried this route and had good results?

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I've not heard of that one!

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Yeah i have but it sure is rough going down, be sure and boil it first!

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Some dude named George invented velcro from the seeds, very interesting!

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Yes I had gone to a health fair and spoke to someone who deals with herbs and she had mentioned the burdock root supplement. I had never heard of it and looked it up. Found quit a bit of information on it and its affects on psoriasis. I am however stuck at the moment since I am breastfeeding my 5 month old. Have had psoriasis since I was a kid (very little, a small spot on my back and a little on my scalp), but after having our 2nd child it has now covered most of my body and out of control. So with that said, I have been trying the glycerin. On day 4 and I see some improvement. I just want to try all natural routes before trying the meds. Thanks for your help!

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Never heard of this natural route ; but at least you acknowledge its an ALTERNATIVE IDEA; rather than a conventional treatment that would be acknowledged by a trained physician.

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When you are diagnosed with psoriasis, it's done with a biopsy for a good reason. It's not the lesions they're looking for under the microscope though, it's all about the basal cells. What you may not understand is that even your skin that 'looks' healthy isn't, and psoriasis can be seen under the scope in all of your skin. That's why things like glycerin are only cosmetic. No lesions doesn't mean no psoriasis. It's an autoimmune disease. That means your genes are controlling it. That's why it's called chronic and needs medical treatment from a qualified doctor not an herbalist. The younger you are when diagnosed, the more likely you are to suffer (and possibly die) from heart attack or stroke.

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I have seen many dermatologists and all they want to do is provide me w/ steriod creams which only works for so long or give me a medication that only hides the underlying problem and cause other damage to my body. If I can find an alternative 'healthy' option then I would rather do that first. I thought this was a website to share 'helpful' information and share experiences whether good or bad, not a site to lecture people that we aren't 'doctors'.

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@sunflowerz, there are nice folks on this site but you will have to start posting your questions/comments on the Complementary & Alternative section. And btw, I have indeed controlled my psoriasis through diet/supplements. Hard work, not assurance of success, but well worth the effort (IMHO).


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Thank you Lazza. I am happy to hear that diet/supplements have worked for you!

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I have not heard of burdock root supplement pills before.

But burdock root is a well-known natural plant / herb which has traditionally been used to treat things like arthritis, cold viruses, acne, eczema, psoriasis, gout and rheumatism.

It has been used for thousands of years, and is often used in TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine)

Most people would make a tea from it, or add the root to salads or cooked food. You can also make an external paste from it. But DON'T go off picking things willy nilly, as you need to know how to identify the plant correctly, as well as knowing how and when to pick, and how to prepare etc...before using.

Medical doctors won’t know much about it and certainly will NOT prescribe it as a treatment. But herb gardeners, herbalists and naturopaths will know much about its benefits.

You would be better to move this question to the Complementary & Alternative section. As most folks on this Psoriasis section are very pro-drugs and doctors, and tend to think of herbal medicine as quackery.

Luckily many autoimmune diseases can be controlled (and even cured) with diet, herbs and supplements, so if you are interested in taking this natural route, you really need to be posting your questions on the Complementary & Alternative section for better more positive responses.

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Thank you LittlePinkPuss for the information.

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