Blood type O & Fish Oil negative connection

** Originally posted by Athaxto **

Hey folks,

I'm more of a reader of these boards then a poster, but I wanted to share something I found. I was reading up on the blood type discussion, and while I dont know mine (shame on me), I am fairly sure I am type O as well.

I think many of us have heard of eating fish-rich diets or taking omega-3 supplements. Well, this article I found might enlighten those type-O folks to think twice about ingesting cod liver oil or other kinds of fish oil.

It also ties in the leaky gut theory a bit if you read into it as it mentions, "increased gastrointestinal tract permeability and increased manifestations of delayed patterns of food allergy," as reasons to avoid fish oils if you're a "type O non-secretor."

I hope this helps someone.

Click me for a link to the Cod Liver Oil info


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** Originally posted by makeitgoaway **

Very interesting article.

Another example of natural does not always equal safe.

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** Originally posted by GitOverIt **

Hey! poison ivy is natural! so is fungi death cap an all natural mushroom.....and then there is the Hemlock. all natural!

quote" CLO should be avoided by blood group O non-secretors,

and is generally neutral for healthy O secretors. The reason for

this difference is that Dr. D'Adamo has observed depressed saliva

levels of sIgA (secretory Immunoglobulin A) in O non-secretors

on CLO supplements." unquote.

it seems you must get tested to see if you are a non-secretor...if you are just a regular ol' secretor....... then all is well!

All natural, but still I'm safe.................Sally

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