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** Originally posted by KarenRoeAR **

Three months ago, my sister read the story online of the man who added bleach to his bath for psoriasis. I have tried everything, including Enbrel. It did help, however, I changed insurance companies and was denied Enbrel with the new insurance.

I am taking the time to share this because it has been so wonderful. I have had psoriasis for nearly sixteen years.

Adding bleach to the bath has made my psoriasis completely disappear! I will admit that I used too much bleach thinking more would be better. Do not do this! I suffered a great deal of pain for about ten days!!! After that time of healing, I AM FREE of psoriasis!!!!!!!!

Hope you will all try this, use in moderation, give it time and good luck!!!!

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** Originally posted by DottieD **

Hi Karen and welcome to the group!

The subject of putting bleach in the bathwater was discussed on this forum about a year ago. The idea is that we all carry staph germs on our skin, and if these bacteria get inside our bodies (through breaks in our lesions or small cuts or whatever), they may cause an inflammatory reaction by our immune system. So if that's a source of inflammation for anyone, a little bleach in the bath water might help. However, some dermatologists recommend against this, because of bleach's drying effects on the skin.

I'm glad that you found your key in this big mystery!!
How much bleach do you use? I think the amount given before was about 1/4 cup in a tub of water.

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** Originally posted by nina2002nina **

Your P is gone! That is awesome!

I wonder if "Free and Clear" (free of Dyes and Fragrance) Bleach would work the same?


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** Originally posted by ArchNemesis **

karen, could you tell us which bleach you used and the amount for a full bath and how long you stayed in the bath?


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** Originally posted by abosiljc **

I believe bleach was recommended by Dr. Heng. She also has special regimen that has to be followed (beside bathing in water with bleach).
I followed that 2 years ago and it really helped me while I was on that. Every night I put 1 glass of bleach in bathtub water and spent ~10 minutes there. I did not have any side effects on my skin. Really not sure if that helped, or maybe a cream she recommended. I was also taking an antibiotic and anti candida drug for ~4 months.

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** Originally posted by Followell **

Karen, are you talking about, say, a cup of Clorox in a tub of water? and...that's safe for girl parts?

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** Originally posted by GitOverIt **

Kinda like swimming in a swimming pool....with chlorine!
Our family has had a pool for 25 years!!!!! we use bleach for keeping it in tip top condition.

I didn't get psoriasis until the last 5 years of owning the pool....maybe because I cut down on usage!

I don't have P now....I think it's because of not eating high fructose corn syrup as well as sugar. Also I'm still not eating dairy, or soy and only eat organic meats....and those are seldom...(only because I'm not a meat eater!) Every once in a while I'll see a small speck of P....but it doesn't stay....just fades away!

But I do still have some P on scalp and in ears! but a far cry from the beginning when my scalp was beet red! and 100% covered! whew that was a nightmare! now there is a small patch on the back of my skull....and some in ears!

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** Originally posted by padmesh **

I went thro the full protocol of Dr Heng's treatment from Oct 2008 to July/Aug 2009. My trunk has cleared. My left elbow has cleared. My right elbow has a few spots & my scalp got cleared about 90%.... but after few months there is a flare up. Maybe change of location/climate/food. I did not have any problems with
my lower limbs. I still continue with clorox bath atleast thrice a week. Take Zinc tablets, Ca tablets & Psoria gold cream for external application in scalp (above my ears on both sides & the back). Also apply clobetesol/Nizral creams in the morning in the affected areas.
Overall I am happy with the situation when compared to state I was in before starting the treatment.


I should mention that the flareup has been confined to scalp & right elbow.

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** Originally posted by shootermcgaven2 **

2 bleach baths for the last 2 days . P looks like its clearing. first bath i dunked my head under water but i dont know if that is very good for hair tho.

so far so good. im still skeptical that this will be a cure but combined with sunlight would be good for controlling the P.

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