Birkram Yoga (Hot yoga and Psoriasis)

I'm newly diagnosed with psoriasis (about 5 months ago) and so far no treatment has helped. I am trying to reduce the stress so I started a hot yoga class. I've read and have been told that Hot yoga will worsen the condition. I have only done 2 classes and I cant tell if the reason the scales are worse is because of the heat or whatever else reason. Anyone have any ideas about heat. I do enjoy the yoga greatly because of its calming and stress free effect. i appreciate any advice. Thanks

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I would have thought that getting that hot would aggravate your psoriasis. I certainly does with mine. I love yoga and I go twice a week and apparently I am a nicer person afterwards!
I would go but not to bikram yoga if I were you.

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I tried Bikram with the idea of relieving stress and detoxing and unfortunately it made things worse for my skin. I did keep it up for about 6 weeks with 2 classes a week to try work thru it but it just did not agree. My advice would be to listen to others opinions and suggestions but always try for yourself as everyone is and reacts differently to treatments. I have found what works for me after 10 years but it was all trial and error! :)

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There are different forms of YOGA. You can choose any form of YOGA like patanjali yoga, ananda yoga, ashtang yoga, bikram yoga, and many more types of these yoga are there available. But whatever you chose if you feel uncomfortable u should stop doing it. Even i have psoriasis for last 6 yrs, i tried all types of medicine, but it did't help me. Now i m doing YOGA and it help me a lot. I m doing Patanjali yoga and also i did a course in ART OF LIVING. It help me and i hope it help you all too.

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Hot yoga had helped me tremendously. I had pretty bad flare up last spring, and I was SO stressed. Then, I'd heard about hot yoga, I though it could be a good stress management and detoxification. My skin was very itchy and got very red in hot room, but after going 3/week for about a month for two, it got so much better. People were very supportive, not like being stared at the locker room in the gym, so that made a huge difference, too. I go to the class 2/week now for whole body stretch and detox now. Skin seems to be happy.

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Thank you all so much for the advice, I'm going to keep it up cause it is a great stress reliever for me. I actually just got out and I think I'm going to take a cool Epsom salt bath to see how that goes.

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I just started bikram yoga a couple of weeks ago, I love it. It actually makes my skin feel great! Anything that detoxes and destresses can't be bad for psoriasis. At least that's what I'm hoping. We will see! ;)

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