** Originally posted by Noxide **

Which OTC lotion do you use for P?

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** Originally posted by ARL **

I've tryed them all,,nothing worked for me like 100% Pure Coconut Oil,,sounds greasy but it's not, it absorbs into your body,,,there are no additives that are harmful. Also known to heal not just moisturize...

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** Originally posted by LottieBay **

Which OTC lotion do you use for P?

My Derm said to use any lotion that had "petrolatum" as one of the first three ingredients on the lable. Ucerin is one, however it leaves me feeling greasy. I'm using Vaseline brand "Advanced Healing" lotion now and my skin just drinks it up. It rubs in with no greasy feel and it is fragrence free. and it is one of the least expensive.


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** Originally posted by fl1pm0de007 **

for me, i use anything i can get my hands on. right now i'm using this big jar of nivea cream since it's getting colder outside. i think it's more important to moisturize at least three times a day. when you wake up, sometime in the after noon, then before you go to sleep. i always carry around some sort of moisturizer just in case i start to feel dry and tight. also after soaking in my tub with dead sea salts, i put body oil on first and then wait a couple minutes, then put a lotion on top of that. TRY IT! it feels greeeeaaattt :)

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** Originally posted by snowbunny **

After many years with P and after trying many moisturizers, my personal favorite is Vanicream.

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** Originally posted by MikeK **

Hi Noxide,

I find that it helps to rotate brands of moisturizers and to use only those moisturizers that are labled "fragrance free", "non-irritating" and/or "for sensitive skin". My current favorites are:

I hope this helps.


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** Originally posted by Kat1 **

I use Rex Emme Cream. I've tried lots of other brands but for me the Rex does the best job. It's not cheap but to me it's worth it.

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** Originally posted by chardog **

I used pure petrolium jelly sometimes; Most of my excess skin sheds off after using it. not a lotion, but it does have a weird effect on my P. I dont use anything on the inverted areas, as those go away when I take my health drinks.

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** Originally posted by sabsmako **

I mostly use Eucerin, the vaseline based kind with the twist off cap but it's so expensive I often just go for the generic which works just the same for me but doesn't smell as pleasant. Although after using tar treatments, no complaints here.

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** Originally posted by Noxide **

The Cocoa Butter cream seems to work as far as keeping the skin non-flaky for @ 6 hours...

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** Originally posted by SCCatman **

I have had good results with a lot of lotions.

My current favorite is Olay in shower mosterizer.
You put it on in the shower, then rinse it off, and it stays with you all day. It is kind of like a conditioner for the skin (thats what they call it).
In addition to the regular, they now have a deep mosterizing version, and a version with aloe and vit E.

I also put on Nutrgena sesme seed oil after the shower. The version with fragerance is everywhere, but I get the fragrence free version at Kmart and Wall Mart


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** Originally posted by gaymurphy **

I use robathol, a bath oil. It is the most soothing I have found. I do not take baths, but have found this works with my shower routine.

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** Originally posted by dan_2004 **

I use a regular after sun lotion actually called Forever After by Australian gold. It is a bit pricy but I have NEVER and i mean NEVER found anything to top this stuff. It is like silk on the skin. It is non greasy and absorbs fully. It leaves my skin so smooth that when i am not flaring you would never guess I ever had a problem with P. AMAZING stuff. :D

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** Originally posted by bratsareus **

I use good old Vicks. Someone on here told me how Vicks cleared up a tough spot of P that nothing else worked on , so I gave it a try and its great.

Other wise, I use Spa Foot cream with dead sea minerals. It also comes in a body cream. Its made in Israel. It works great too, but like Mike, I find switching off and on with different ones works best.

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** Originally posted by slowe **

I LOVE the stuff I use, it's from The Body Shop and it's called Hemp Body Butter.

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** Originally posted by sunny2gal **

Has anyone used the CO Bigelow lotions or creams for psoriasis? If so, which kinds were good for you? I have bad psoriasis on my scalp and ears. This morning I put some of the Lemon Body Cream on my ears for the first time, and it's evening and no new flaking or cracking and super dry feeling. They almost look healthy (other than being red). I usually have scales and flaking skin all day no matter what medicines I use. It says it's Fragrance Free, but it has a nice natural faint lemon scent. It says on the bottle "Do not use before exposure to ultraviolet rays", so it must have something other than the usual lotion ingredients in it. The only ingredients listed on the jar are Lemon Oil and Extracts. I'm wondering if anyone has had success with this line. I was excited with my meager one day trial! lol

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** Originally posted by MrRick **

The best product I've used is called Dream Cream and is made by a company called Lush.


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** Originally posted by dlruss **

I have tried many and haven't found one as good as Alba - Very Emollient Body Lotion (max dry skin formula). About an hour after putting it on, scales just peel right off with no effort.. And it doesn't burn to put on. I likes it!!

I get it in the 32 oz bottle from Whole Foods. But I've also seen it in the 12 oz bottle at some CVS's, Targets, and almost always at the Vitamin Shoppe...

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** Originally posted by skyblue **

I love lotions with goat milk.

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** Originally posted by elliott **

Aveeno works well and drys very quickly.There are thousands to choose from so you will have to do the trail and error foe what works best for you. Ithink the trick is to STAY moist so you don't start to dry out and crack thus peel.

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** Originally posted by Mikel **

12% Amlactin works best for me as it helps exfoliate & moisturizes well. Cerave cream/lotion work well too. If I run out, the old faithful Neutrogena Norwegian Formula - Fragrance Free always comes to my rescue.

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