Hi all. Just looking for more information on the redone Barney's Formula. I have tried to go on to find the revised formula, but just just get a bunch of links to retail sites. How much and what kind of peppermint (Oil? enteric coated? Junior mints or Peppermint Patties?) do you add to it, and when? The original formuna doesn't call for peppermint, and recommends adding the ibuprofin separately. Do you take the peppermint separately, too? I read in one of these discussions that peppermint oil can help with scalp p. Thanks for any input! :0)

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I take peppermint oil and Yes ...It does help . Also just for the record try peppermint soap or eucalyptus soap ; I never heard of peppermint patties though . It is so ething to think about peppermint kills candida yeast . peppermint tea works good also . But be patient . it doesreally help especially with itchi ng . Try peppermin oatmea soap , It helps alot .
cathy from ma

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