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** Originally posted by worriedmum **

hi does baking soda really work my 4yr old has just been rediagnosed with psoriasis as we all thought it was just ecxema any way id try anthing do you think i could try it and how ie : quantitys etc would i be able to use it on her as she is only 4 and someone said not for under 5's please let me know she's got a right bad tempered mare of late as she has had chicken pox to contend with aswell please please anyone got any good tips as the cream she has is staining her skin and it looks awfull..... :confused:

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** Originally posted by mdgirl **

Welcome to the board. You will get a lot of help in here. I can't help you with your question but I'm sure someone will come along that does. Just keep your head up and keep us posted.

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** Originally posted by khorath **

I'm sorry to hear about your daughter!!! :( But, welcome to the boards! You will find a lot of compassionate and caring people here who can help.

I haven't tried baking soda myself, but here is a link to a thread on these boards where it was discussed in great length: g+soda

Or, go to the bottom of the page and type "baking soda" in the "Search" box. It will bring up a lot of results.

Good luck. Stick around and let us know how it goes!

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** Originally posted by debber_1 **

Hi and welcome!
When My p was at its worst I used this ( not the exact amounts) and it was very soothing!
I think baking soda helps too, I would use a whole box in my bathwater...

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** Originally posted by vini68 **

I use baking soda everyday .
Note that , it is to be used on skin ... Not to drink it !
I usually mix 4 large soup spoon in a 500ml bottle of water .
Shake well before using.
Then, I wet my hands and apply in the lesions .
Let it dry ...
I do this 3 times a day . It keeps all scales off.
I don't know if it has any side effect , specially in a baby skin.
I think It should do no harm .
But keep your eyes open. Watch any sign of allergy.
Don't forget to treat the baby skin with oil or moisturizer when you are not using baking soda.
Take Care.

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** Originally posted by GitOverIt **

Hi......baking soda might burn so I would try just a bit at first....

as she sits in the tub....try adding a bit is very soothing for itchiness....

don't know about open sores...

or you might want to try oatmeal tied in an old stocking loosely so it can get absorbed into the water.......let her help you put the oatmeal in the stocking that way she'll feel she is helping herself too and having fun.....

tough getting this so young....I suppose you know that there are triggers that can get psoriasis going and infections are one of chicken pox probably didn't help in this case....hopefully when the pox is gone the P will subside.

Bubble bath is not good to use...too many other things in it...such as fragrances etc.

don't forget to moisturize with a cream or ointment that is free of the fragrances etc ....pure shea butter has been helpful for many on here.......or any of the products from Burt's Bees.....try health store for that and some of the drugstores sell good products by Aveena...for itching........

we have an "alternate treatment" thread on here that you might want to check out....some things are mentioned on there but some like turmeric I wouldn't want to suggest for someone so young....what does your doc say to do?

please check back and let us know how she is doing OK?

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** Originally posted by worriedmum **

thanks guys, i dont know much about psoriasis only that its hereditory. kaitlyn inherited it from her grandad and i dont want it to get like his. im going to look every where and try anything safe to relieve it. the doctor said to just use dythro cream ive forgot the full name it stains her skin bright red and brown espesh in creases he gave me aqeuos cream to clean her skin but thats not working very well he told me to use dove products for washing her in i think she's doing well considering. but shes finding some unique ways to scratch her itches i dont want her to scar so im always watching her, hopefully her sister wont get it but if she does s**t happens i apologise for the four letter word!

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