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** Originally posted by southernbelle810 **

Hey everyone. I was just wondering if anyone uses any of the Aveeno line of products for their psoriasis? I currently use the Soothing Bath Treatment every night ( I like to soak for at least 30 min in the tub with a good book) and it helps me out tons. I am thinking about getting some of there body wash for use in the shower in the mornings. Does anyone use the body wash? Also, what about their lotions and face care products. I have just started to notice a very small patch on my face and did not want it to get too out of had. Thanks for any input you might have. God Bless and have a fabulous weekend!

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** Originally posted by MikeK **

Hi Aymee,

I agree -- Aveeno oatmeal soak can be a godsend!

I've never met an Aveeno product that I didn't like. I've never used their body wash, but like and use their oatmeal bath bars all the time.

I also like their moisturizer.


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** Originally posted by JustDucky **

I used one of their skin lotions..with methol. It burned the heck out of me..especially the palms of my hands..where I had no p. It was the first lotion I ever dumped in the garbage.

I have used their bath, soap and their cortisone cream, with no problems.

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** Originally posted by JKNY **

is awesome- both my daughter and i use it for our p

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** Originally posted by bijou **


I use the body wash as well as the moisturizing lotion and a facial moisturizer with spf for sensitive skin.

The body wash is extremely gentle, and the my skin just soaks up the lotion. I'm not really flaky at all--the wash and lotion takes care of that--so, it looks like a have sort of reddish pink patches of P all over, that don't really peel.

I really like the aveeno products. Good luck!

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** Originally posted by Sophie2007 **

I have used the body wash in the past, but it didn't really do anything for me.
When I need a great moisturizer, Aveeno is the first one I use.
And I use their foaming face cleanser every night. I have very little face P right now, and it's being gentle, plus it tends to keep my acne under okay control without drying me out.

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** Originally posted by frommyvalentino **

I use their face soap, but for acne purposes not p reasons.

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** Originally posted by Heatheranne1027 **

I started using the Aveeno bodywash for stressed skin and I have had far fewer itchy days then when I used oil of olay (which I loved). I also ust the body lotion with the menthol and it is great. I didn't have any of the burning that some people have had but could totally understand why that could happen. I also recommend their chave gel, I get fewer ingrown hairs, fewer nicks and razor bumps and my legs are far less irritated.

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** Originally posted by mikealex80 **

Maybe I'm the oddball (as usual) but, I didn't find any relief from aveeno products. The bath treatment did nothing for me, and I tried their body soap and didn't care for it either. For soap I use dove for sensitive skin, and lotions I swear by Eucerin. Everyone’s different and if the bath treatments work I'd try their other products.

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** Originally posted by JustDucky **

I prefer the eucerin products too.

I have used the aveeno oatmeal bath. It feels very nice while you are in it. It never did much (for me) tho..once you were out.

If I felt the need to soak in the tub for any reason, the oatmeal bath would be my choice, before anything else..or nothing. It is soothing while you are in it.

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** Originally posted by KellyPSA **

I love Aveeno products...I have used the body wash, Skin Relief Version and the big tub of Skin Relief Cream. It is mentholated a feels really good on my dry itchy skin....

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** Originally posted by bloss **

personally I haven't used Aveeno and since I am in Australia I would be hard-pressed to find it. Although about a month or two ago, quite by accident, I was in a different Chemist (pharmacy) that I would normally go to and I saw it there on their shelves. I didn't buy it but I at least know where to find it now.

I have however used Dermaveen which is the same type of stuff. I loved to soak in the bath with the powder sachets. I must get some more so I can relax in the tub ...

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** Originally posted by Schilder **

Hallo all,

New things to me, i have search in holland to aveena products and could`t find it, do you have suggestions?


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** Originally posted by AnnieB **

Aveeno products are available in some European countries. They are made by the American company Johnson and Johnson. You could buy them online from the US, but the shipping would probably make them very expensive.

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** Originally posted by Schilder **

Aveeno products are available in some sEuropean countrie. They are made by the American company Johnson and Johnson. You could buy them online from the US, but the shipping would probably make them very expensive.

Hi AnnieB,

You wrote, some available in some European countries give me links please??


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** Originally posted by AnnieB **

I may be wrong. I found this page and it only shows US and Canada.


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** Originally posted by birdablaze **

All of my body/bath products are from Aveeno.

I use the Clear Complexion bar in the shower and the lotion immediately after. My face stays so soft all day and I can actually feel it washing off when I take a shower the next night. I use the oatmeal moisturizing bar in the shower on my arms and legs before using the skin relief body oil right before getting out.

After patting dry, I slather their daily use body lotion ALL over. It's amazing. The psoriasis on my elbows doesn't flake all day long and I can honestly say it almost makes it go away, but nothing like my steroid cream... My skin is soft and soothed. None of that achy, tight, dry skin feeling anymore.

I'm looking into their shampoos and conditioners (I think I'll have to order online because no stores here carry them). I have really, really bad scalp psoriasis for which I use Clobex shampoo normally but I ran out and have been using TGEL until I can find a good dermatologist in my city. Maybe Aveeno's shampoos and conditioners will be miracles as well.

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** Originally posted by RichJ **

hi birdablaze,
welcome to the p family. you have meet some of the wonderful people on here and will find alot of great info. welcome and nice to meet you.

have a good day all


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** Originally posted by tinabina0604 **

I was using Aveeno lotions and it was doing good at moisturizing but it wasn't lasting all day like it was supposed to. My derm said that the best lotion to use is CeraVe. I bought the lotion and the body cream and I absolutely love it! It really does last all day and it makes my skin really soft :) I would suggest it to anyone, with P or without.

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