Atarax and mood changes???

** Originally posted by wildflowerAnn **

On my other discussion board, one mother reported that her two year old was given Atarax and she became very angry and mean, a total personality change.
Once they took her off the Atarax, she returned to normal.

Now I am a mom, and I know about the "terrible two's" when children have tantrums and say no to everything even when they mean yes, but has anyone experienced this with their children or as an adult?

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** Originally posted by MikeK **

That's interesting, Ann. Atarax just makes me very sleepy.

According to

Hydroxyzine may also cause confusion, nervousness, irritability.


Hydroxyzine is the generic name for Atarax.


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** Originally posted by peggyb **

No, never experienced getting mean on Atarax, but something else happened that was a crippling side effect. I started having graphic nightmares every night of the week, and had trouble waking up out of them. A few times I was awake and walking to the kitchen but the nightmare was still going on in my head. These nightmares were full of all my biggest fears, and instilled some new ones in me. I had to give up the Atarax and deal with the itch.

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** Originally posted by wildflowerAnn **

Ooh. So sorry Peggy that you just have to endure the itch and can't take Atarax. I've taken meds that cause nightmares too and had to stop them. They get intense. Thanks Mike for the research on the side effects. I guess for that child, the med caused the irritability side effect. There must be other anti-itch meds that are okay for children with severe psoriasis or dermatitis.

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** Originally posted by wildflowerAnn **

As a followup, on the same listserve, two of the men also reported becoming quite irritable while taking Atarax and two other anti-itch prescription meds. Unfortunately, no posters were able to offer alternatives to help with this problem.

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