Armpit psoriasis?

** Originally posted by NYGuy11 **

Hey guys, I have a quick question for you.

I get armpit psoriasis. It comes and goes. I really don't treat it directly with topicals. It's really not that bad. It's just light pinkness. Sometimes it's irritating.

What medication, if any, is normally used to make it go away? Thanks for the help.

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** Originally posted by jennmkirby **

I have a teensy bit of that too, on one armpit. It's called inverse psoriasis. My derm wrote me a prescription for Novacort (2% hydrocortisone and something else.) Unfortunately I haven't been able to get it to go away... i'll put the cream on it and it will look better and not itch for a few days, but I have to keep using the stuff. Sorry.

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** Originally posted by Kimbercat **

I believe that I've also heard that baking soda makes a good alternative to deodorant.

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** Originally posted by JC4 **

i have that problem too, only happens with clear stick kinds though.
try a different brand or an unscented kind.

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** Originally posted by jameymac **

hi,i used to get armpit p. really bad.i switched from usiing the brand name deoderants to all natural types.this switch made most of my p. go away.currently i use a brand called jason.too bad it didn't work for the rest of my p. hope this helps.

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** Originally posted by RichJ **

i have that problem too, only happens with clear stick kinds though.
try a different brand or an unscented kind.

hi jc4,
welcome to the p family. you have met some of the wonderful people on here and will find alot of great info. welcome and nice to meet you.

have a good night all


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** Originally posted by PJLeary **


In derm units for inpatient, the gold standard for topical treatment of inverse p, in the " moist " areas like under the arms, behind the knees, under the breasts, is 1% TAC ( triamcinilone ) cream. The most cost effective way to get this is to ask for a script for a one pound container.

It is mild and non-irritating, and will usually clear things up in a couple of days.


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** Originally posted by jeffxc **

I don't know if it's inverse, but it could be. I have it under both arms....itches and actually hurts....I use fluocininide cream (i call it goop)....use it for a few days, the p goes away....stop using comes back...sometimes quickly, sometimes takes a month....

i don't want to use it when it's in remission, but it always comes back....

i use a "normal" deoderant, but make sure that I always wear a cotton t-shirt in the summer....don't need it in the winter, but do in the summer....

hope this helps...


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** Originally posted by Resist **

Besides UVB, the only medication that has helped me in that area is a low strength topical steroid cream.

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** Originally posted by MikeK **

I have it too!

The worst thing about underarm psoriasis is that (in my case anyway) it frequently gets infected. (When that happens, I use peroxide and Neosporin.)

I don't use deoderant. I wear 100% cotton t-shirts as under shirts. I change them when I change the rest of my clothes when I come home from work. I wash them in hot water. I use only "free and clear" laundry products. I use bleach every couple of loads. (Mostly when I remember to use it.)

I don't used anti-bacterial and/or deoderant soaps because both seem to make things worse. Here's a link to a previous discussion about psoriasis and soap:

Like Karen's (ouchyk) brother I treat it with Desitin. (That's right the diaper rash cream.) Here's a link to a previous discussion of about Desitin: and here's a link to the Desitin product that they were suggesting:

I hope this helps.


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** Originally posted by blmartin **

I alternate protopic and dovanex solution on my armpits. Go light on the dovanex. Good luck --Blake, NYC

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** Originally posted by NYGuy11 **

Thanks for the help.

My armpit P really isn't bad. It's a light pink color. It comes and goes really.

I use regular deoderant and I always wear a cotton t-shirt almost under everything I wear.

A few years ago, my doctor used Locoid. I used it only when it flared up. Now, I haven't used it in a really long time.

I just wanted to know if there's any "natural" way of treating it. I don't want another prescription from the doctor. Enough medicines. Just something I can get out of a drug store that can treat it?

I'm not a hairy guy nor do I sweat profusively. So that's really not a problem with the P.

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** Originally posted by Kat1 **

I too have inverse under the arms that is now being bothered by my deodorant. Oh my I said...I used to take Chlorophil caps for body odor instead of using deodorant and it worked very well. It's off to the health food store for me. I've also used Desitin but it's not my favorite thing to use.

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** Originally posted by m83 **

are you using an anti-perspirant (not deodorant)? those make me itch fiercely although it's a reaction to the aluminum salts I guess rather than inverse. when I stop using them it goes away after a few days. I only wish the real inverse I have would go away so easily! regular deodorant doesn't bother me.

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** Originally posted by bethspin **

I used to have it really bad in my armpits for a while, too. The only deoderant that I can use without irritation is dove for sensitive skin.

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** Originally posted by Photochick66 **


Once I used my sister's deoderent, and it made me break out with p. I stopped using it after that, but I have also had a few irritations from other deoderents. Usually just switching helps me. I hope you find a way to get it to go away. Have a good night.

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