I went to the RA today, only to discover that the time of the appt had been confused. My Appt had to be rescheduled for the 20th, which is the next opening. This was pretty defeating as I have been telling myself I just had to make it till today.

Any suggestions for night pain would be appreciated, as I have to wait 20 days before I can find something to try.


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You could see ur Primary MD for pain Meds if Naproxen (Aleve) or other OTC pain meds don't help

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Maybe also call the doc office tell them you are in a lot of pain and ask them to call you if anyone cancels their appointment. I used to work in doc office and people make appts and cancel all the time. I would call them every few days to mind them in a nice way. Kays suggestion about calling your primary is a good idea. I have done that also see if you cant speak w the nurse and see if the can call you in a prescription instead of making an appt. Hope you get some relieve soon. :-)

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You can call and ask for the nurse on call. They will talk to you about your discomfort or pain. Many times they can either call something in or order something that they can give you to help.

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Thanks! I have to wait till Monday to do anything :) I am going to try to call the nurse and see if there is anything they can do to get me by till the actual appointment.

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