Apple Cider Vinegar for High Blood Pressure

I use Humira to treat my P with good success. I am happy with the results. Now I have started having high blood pressure. I walk the dogs daily and have a active life. I was told to try apple cider vinegar two teaspoons with water and honey every morning and every evening. I am thinking of giving this a try, my doctor didn't say yes or no. He said it won't interact with Humira so if I want to try it before taking medication go for it and see what happens. Q, has anyone used ACV to treat P or PsA or any other experience that might enlighten me on the use for ACV. Thanks,

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Moe, I would recommend dr Bragg organic ACV ( if you didn't already know that's what most use ) ...hey, just make sure you drink it with a straw. Daily use will strip the enamel off your teeth if you don't ! I alternate it in my regime and when I'm on it I do notice a subtle improvement for Psa overall inflamation.

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don't wait too long to get an anti-hypertensive medication.
when we have hypertension our blood vessels become damaged

It is part of the ageing process for many of us
Staying thin helps prevent it in many cases. I've been taking them for 20 yrs

if U ingest ACV, mix it (DILUTE)...w/ another liquid! many cannot tolerate a strong acid due to stomach problems
I cannot imagine a few ounces at one time is very good for any of us
I've been using it most of my life in cucumber and regular salad....

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...............................What Are the Risks of Apple Cider Vinegar? .................from WEBMD
On the whole, the risks of taking occasional, small amounts of apple cider vinegar seem low. But using apple cider vinegar over the long term, or in larger amounts, could have risks. Here are some things to keep in mind.

Apple cider vinegar is highly acidic. The main ingredient of apple cider vinegar is acetic acid. As the name suggests, it's quite harsh. Apple cider vinegar should always be diluted with water or juice before swallowed. Pure apple cider vinegar could damage the tooth enamel and the tissues in your throat and mouth. One study found a woman who got an apple cider vinegar supplement stuck in her throat suffered lasting damage to her esophagus. In addition, vinegar has been known to cause contact burns to the skin.

Long-term use of apple cider vinegar could cause low potassium levels and lower bone density. If you already have low potassium or osteoporosis, talk to your health care provider before using apple cider vinegar.

Apple cider vinegar could theoretically interact with diuretics, laxatives, and medicines for diabetes and heart disease.

If you have diabetes, check with your health care provider before using apple cider vinegar. Vinegar contains chromium, which can alter your insulin levels.

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I take 1 tbsp of Braggs ACV daily as part of a healthy diet. i believe it to benefit me.

i take high blood pressure meds. for the past 5 years.


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First - Sodium is what high blood pressure loves. Start reading labels looking for sodium and you will be shocked to learn it is everywhere like in milk, cereal, bread. Avoid everything in cans and processed food. I use "No Salt" instead of salt at home. Second, if your weight is over the norm get you weight down to what it should be. If you need medication fine but don't ignore a healthy attack on your blood pressure instead of popping pills. Third, if you drink, keep it to two per day. Last, if you go on meds and experience dizziness or any side effects call your doctor immediately and he should try another. Many people have to try a few different meds before they find one that is best for them. Dosage is critical as well. I had to have mine cut in half as what I was taking made me so dizzy I could barely motor.
I drink Braggs vinegar putting two tablespoons in 12-14 ounces of ice water every day. If you are concerned with the enamel on your teeth rinse after drinking. I don't drink it because of blood pressure, vinegar is very good for you.

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The words that concern me are..... "I was told". I was told by whom? What makes you believe this person more than your medical doctor? Do they have a medical degree? Are they alternative medicine practitioners who have studied these methods? There are tons of opinions out there on how to treat illness or conditions. Your first job to figure out should always be... are they a credible or reliable source? Should you trust this person, rather than your MD with your health care decisions?

Don't delay treatment for your hypertension. It keeps doing damage to your blood vessels and organs meanwhile. Do your own research. Visit credible sites such as webmd or hospital websites to see what you can do about hypertension. But even if you lose weight, adjust your diet, and exercise, or do whatever else is recommended... you may still need meds. Blood vessels get stiffer as we age. And there may not a whole lot you can do about it other than take the recommended meds.

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I have a blood pressure device at home to check myself. If one' bp is dangerous it is critical to have one but if you are only borderline high without any danger you can check it less frequently. Mine is very good now but I use to feel good about myself as I like to see 125/89 which is what I typically show. Don't buy the wrist type monitors as the contact bones in the wrist and don't squeeze pennies on a monitor, buy a good one it will last a long time.

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TY Ya'll for the information........................Apple Cider Vinegar by Bragg's is a cure ALL

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this is my regimen re: the bragg' ACV -- i get a 25 oz water bottle -- like a perrier bottle or an s pellegrino bottle. i put in one tablespoon of acv and 1 tablespoon of lime juice -- the rest of the bottle is filled with water. when i empty that -- i fill it with all those ingredients again.

drinking celery juice each ;day is excellent for treating high blood pressure

also hibiscus tea -- that's what i've been using for many years now - in addition to the celery juice and the ACV in water.

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yes all those things; ACV, juicing, veggies R wonderful.....then after U drink it...............................Take your BP Meds

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make sure you have a BP device and check your BP while you're waiting for the juicing and vinegar to kick in, if they will. A good brand is Omron, you can get it online or at most drug stores or Costco for as low as $50-$60. Make sure you communicate with your doc at what point you should take the meds. High Blood Pressure is a serious concern. I have seen the end points of uncontrolled hypertension: stroke, heart attack, hemodialysis due to renal failure. All of this could be in the making while you delay.

And Hvasta, there's no such thing as a cure all. Where in the world did that idea come from?

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My older sister takes ACV for her joints and says it works for her. I take it off & on but haven't taken it lately. I've got P on my hands & feet but I'm also diabetic & have high b/p. ACV tastes good in orange juice, ginger ale, & Sprite/etc. kinds of pop. We can't stand the taste of it in water.


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my husband has been on high blood pressure meds for MANY years now -- and they haven't touched his blood pressure level at all.

what has helped lower it == drinking the hibiscus tea every day -- as long as he does that -- the blood pressure level lowers to a safer level.

moe -- please also read any of the humira sites that discuss side effects of taking the drug -- as i recall -- increased blood pressure is one of the many side effects

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