Anyone get bruising with Enbrel?

** Originally posted by luvwinnie **

I'm getting blood work done Thurs, so that will tell me if my platelets are low. Not really worried because it's just ONE bruise...but it sure hurts and it's pretty big. I don't usually bruise easily and this one is on the INSIDE Of my leg, above the I would hit that area I have no idea.

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** Originally posted by lewislibrarian **

I have a perpetual bruise on the outside of my left leg from where (I can only imagine this is the source) I push off to get out of the car. Also my injection sites are constantly bruised. I figure this is my poor injection technique :rolleyes: I've asked my doctor and he says that it's not anything to be concerned about.


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** Originally posted by npf_import-82999 **

I bruise a lot from injection sites. We bruise easier if we take lots of motrin or aspirin. If you take this often it may be one of the underlying causes of your bruising.


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** Originally posted by luvwinnie **

No, I don't take aspirin...motrin makes you bruise also> didn't realize that. My sites hardly ever bruise.

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** Originally posted by grannyfranny **

I used Embrel for 4 months. I got bruises and huge lumps at every injection site. It took almost a month after I stopped Embrel for them to go away. I could not stay on Embrel because I kept getting bronchitis.

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** Originally posted by FlakeyMatt **

I have been on Enbrel for over a year now and I have noticed that at times if I do bang into something or someone (LOL Annie!) the bruise will seem to linger a while However, I have never seemed to spontaneously bruise.

While, I have had the occasional injection cite reaction, I rarely have marks after an injection. Would be interesting to see us all give ourselves an injection and see if perhaps there are subtle differences in how we each adminster the shot. Perhaps those differences might explain why some of us have more reactions than others. (Annie has already pointed out that certains meds can be a contributing factor as well.)


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** Originally posted by bobfran **

I have a bruise everytime I inject, over 2 years now. These go away after a few days. Normally I have two bruises when I get ready to do the third injection. Tried all sort of options, nothing seemed to matter. I like the results, the reduction of pain, the reduction in the effect of flares......all said I wil take the bruise anytime.

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** Originally posted by csonsteby **

I've been on Enbrel for almost 1 year now (it's done wonders for me). I too have noticed for about 3 months bruising on my legs. They are not ISR's because my injections are given to me in my arms. At one point I had one on my inner thigh about 4 inches. I haven't had any that big since, but I do notice that my legs seem to get bruising pretty often.

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** Originally posted by cryfornight **

My thought is that it may have nothing to do withthe Enbrel, it may just be the P. If it's not an ISR, it could just be a bruise. I have noticed that, while I do get bruises where I inject, I also bruise everytime I bump, bang, or knock into anything. It's been like that since before I started Enbrel. Probably as long as I've had P. The P makes my skin sensitive all the time. I get itchy where I don't have plaques and I bruise everywhere. It's the *joy* of living in my skin. It is entirely possible that you bumped into something and don't recall. Don't fret, I'm sure you'll be fine!

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** Originally posted by Microtrack **

Have been taking Enbrel for 9 months with only small mark art site. Recently did shot on both sides of stomach and left side had a large brusie develop. My wife who is nurse said I probably went in too straight and hit blood vessel. Other than that time no problem but I am more careful about going at 45 degree with needle.


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** Originally posted by web63 **

Alot of the brusing has to do with the way we inject.
If you hold the needle at an angle, and pull it out at the same angle you will notice there will be no bruise.
If the needle is pull out at any other angle, you will usually get the bruise.

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** Originally posted by Syli **

I am on Enbrel almost 3 months now and I get bruising at the injection site when done on my stomach, but not my arms......I don't use my thighs. But I do have about 5 or 6 small bruises on my arms not related to a site reaction. I don't recall bumping myself enough to cause a bruise, but perhaps it just takes less to cause bruising than before. I will ask about it on my next appointment.

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** Originally posted by diehardhusky **

i had called about the bruising on my legs... try avoiding the veins but if constant bruising on the legs just do it on the stomach and on your arms... ask someone to pinch or do the shot on the arms... or go to the dr's office for the arms... to do better rotation it did better for me and i've been on enbrel for 6 years it did wonders for me but hey if i do overdo things i get flare ups or something or weather changes like the winter is coming... ugghh.. ya know? sighh

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** Originally posted by rjw123 **

I bruise everytime I use my thighs, the solution for me has been to use only my abdomin and my arms. I have noticed that I bruise more easily now from minor bumps in general.

There is a trick to self injecting in your arms, ask your nurse if she knows it and have her show you how if she does (most diabetics know it as well).

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** Originally posted by llampo **

I get little bruises on the insides of my thighs close to the groin area and also on the insides of my upper arms close to the armpit. Each bruise is small, ranging in size from the diameter of a pencil eraser to a dime. No idea what causes them. They spontaneously appear and I usually have 2-5 at all times. I use my butt/hip area for injections. I didn't get them before I started using Enbrel. I told my doctor and he said, "hmmmm". :confused:

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** Originally posted by obikwa **

Astounding... I also get bruising above my kneecaps, even though my Enbrel injections are done in my thighs. And each time it happens, my knees get very sore, and each time it cripples my knees a little bit more. My rheumy also went "hmmmm". I'm cutting back on the Enbrel as a result.

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** Originally posted by Singingcello **

I've started noticing wide-spread bruising all over my body in the last two weeks and I have been on Enbrel this time for two months (I was on it for three months at the end of last year but kept getting colds/infections and had to go off of the shots).
Anywhere I scratch I get a bruise (unfortunately, I recently developed eczema), or even slightly bump into something. I have them on my arms, stomach, breasts, legs, etc. I also have speckled bruising around my injections sites (which also started in the last two weeks) which radiates out about 8 inches from the injection site. However, this also might be from light scratching, as I have recently developed eczema patches at all of my inject sites.

I'm wondering if I should call my Dermatologist, because I do remember reading something in the pamphlet about letting your doctor know if you began bruising easily.

Anyone else experience something similar?

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** Originally posted by aprilflowers99 **

I have noticed random bruises on my legs in places that you can't bump. LOL I went tanning tonight and while I was rubbing cocoa oil on me I noticed a bruise the size of a quarter on my inner lower left thigh. I went tanning last night too and there was no bruise there. Just woke up with it. I teased my hubby and asked him if there was "anything I should know:. LOL :) I did also notice that if I have a bad itch on a plaque P spot on my arms I will be get those blotchy blood dot bruises where ever I itched. They are gross looking.

I also remember reading or hearing my doctor say to let him know if there is more than usual or unexplained bruising. I haven't said anything to him yet since none of them even hurt. Unlike regular bruises. Maybe that's not good.

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** Originally posted by pketpket **

I have AS (ankylosing spondylitis) which is a bit different, but we still use Enbrel for effective treatment. This is my second time being on the injections. Four years ago I was on the 25mg shots twice weekly. It was a hassle to have to put it together and while in college I kept catching infections and ended up having to go off the medication. I spent the next few years on NSAIDs and eventually got to the point of being unable to have even a moment of relief during the day and it was affecting my sleep drastically. I finally agreed that it was time to go back on Enbrel and this time with the sure click auto injectors once weekly 50mg. For the last two months every injection has left a small bruise. I am definitely doing it right, I meticulously read the directions and my boyfriend has supervised me and he is a 4th year med student at UNC. We have noticed that I have dark purple bruises all over my body now. Even slight bumps are causing big dark bruising. He said it is expected in some patients, women especially with the TNF biologics. The most important thing is to closely monitor cuts. He is closely watching all my cuts as they are taking much longer to heal now than ever before. I don't remember these exact reaction from my last time on Enbrel using the 25mg. Those shots were virtually pain free and never left a bruise. I do not plan on continuing the auto injectors for much longer as each shot h. I have no fear of needles and so believe the old style may be better for me.

Bruising is going to happen. Everyone bumps into things from time to time. Be careful and monitor the cuts though. No matter what the unsightly bruises are a simple trade off for the relief from pain Enbrel provides.

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** Originally posted by MARCIA70 **

I am on my 10 th month of enbrel . I have not had any bruising , even at the injection site and I work in a warehouse so I'm always getting blows to the arms and legs . I don't know how true it is .....probaly not true at all............but I always heard the closer your blood was to the surface the easier you bruised ?? .....I don't know....

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** Originally posted by mooremoney **

I've been on Enbrel x 7 years. Yes, every once in awhile I get injection site bruise but I think it's when I'm not really paying attention. Angling the needle is very important....


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