Any relation between circulation and pustular psoriasis?

I was diagnosed with pustular psoriasis about one year ago. In the early stages I was in rough shape. The back of my left heel was quickly blistering, and peeling away. I'm a hairstylist and avid gym goer and was in too much pain to be able to do either. My PPP is only on my left foot. I used topical steroid creams and they did very little to help. Suddenly on its own it began to improve. For the last 5 months or so it's reduced itself to minor blisters. The hole the peeling caused, that once looked like a horror show, has now resembles a normal slightly scarred heel. My left leg began going numb about 4 months ago. Mostly from ankle to knee. Tingling and swelling for days on end. I haven't noticed any triggers at this point. It's bothersome and concerning at its worst. I remember reading that poor circulation can be a result of PPP...but does anyone know for sure. Has anyone had any similar issues?? I jump to this connection first because my pustular is mainly on the left foot, and the swelling, tingling and numbness is left calf area. Help :(

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In my personal word-of-mouth experience, I think there is a connection between poor blood circulation and psoriasis.
Poor circulation may be a by-product symptom of psoriasis. I have P for 14 years, PA for 3 years.

My experience and facts:
Some of my relatives (75 years old farm workers) just guessed poor circulation after tight grasping the back of my ears and ankles/arms. Well, they are not doctors. By other symptoms I had, numbness, pain or tingle below ankle, I thought it is the poor circulation (in conjunction with other conditions) causing these.

Some naturopaths recommended breathing techniques or aerobics or yoga. Couple pulse reading experts (as they claim themselves), said the Air part of me is less (out of air, water, fire, etc. of a body), without me revealing about my symptoms. Air (or oxygen) process is less as per their notion. I did not ask them for practical methods to solve this. Please try breathing exercises if you believe in it and/or wish to try. I have come across this "art of living" courses. I have not done this course myself. I will try sometime soon, then I will post about its effects. However, in the past, I have tried deep breathing myself early morning up in my bed. I was not regular in doing so to comment on its merits or demerits.

Also I heard, another factor in slowing down circulation could be the blood contents (toxins, cholestrol, etc) with variations, Doctors could help one on this.

My blood pressure was always low or just on the low border below the normal range. I think blood pressure is directly proportional to blood circulation.

I think, one another obvious thing could be no activity leading to bad circulation.

Please read this as a support or for further research:

Good wishes to your better feeling and healing.

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