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I have had psoriasis for the past 4+ years. I'm 46. No matter what I tried, it just kept getting worse and worse. I have it on my feet, palms, elbows, knees, legs, stomach and a little on my arms. My feet and the palms of my hands are the worse. It all start on my feet and just keeps spreading. Some days I couldn't hardly walk. I came here to this board to look for some ideas. I was using prescription medications but as far as I could tell they weren't helping much. I saw a post about soaking in 1/2 vinegar and 1/2 water with some epsom salts. I tried it and it did help quite a bit! My feet started clearing..but it would not go away altogether. Since I was having some cracking open places still on my feet, I decided to try some antibiotic cream. I started using it a week ago. There is hardly any visable psoriasis left on my feet! I still soak my feet once or twice a day in the above solution and then before I go to bed at night I will rub some antibiotic cream along with my prescription medication on my feet and then wrap them with saran wrap and put socks on. I cannot believe the difference! For 4 years I have been walking around with lesions and soreness on my feet and now except for some redness, it is all but gone. When I walk now I feel like I did 4 years ago before I had this dreaded thing. It's wonderful to walk and not feel any pain. I felt like I needed to post this because this is where I came to look for help and found it and hopefully I can help someone else. If anyone would like to correspond with me please feel free to email me at I would be more then happy to talk to you. I feel so alone with this. My family and friends just don't understand and sometimes I feel like they really don't want to listen to me complain about it. Yes, I do complain. I hate it so much! I myself never realized how painful psoriasis can be and I know my loved ones don't realize it either, even though I have told them. I just now started using the antibiotic cream on my other spots. In the few days I've used it, I can see and FEEL a difference even though it is not gone yet. I'm hoping this works for me and if you try it, it will work for you. God Bless.

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** Originally posted by RonnieNSN **

I'm glad to hear that someone is finding relief with their p. And you are right, I don't think that anyone except the person suffering can begin to imagine what it must be like. I can somewhat fathom it because although I don't have p myself, I am the parent of a child with it. And I pray daily for a cure!! In the mean time I come here to read the posts from others who have tried and succeeded with alternative methods. What is the name of the antibiotic cream you're using? Is it a prescription cream? I'm wanting to know so I can try it on my daughter's spots. She doesn't have it on her feet or palms, just mostly on her torso, the groin area, scalp at times and legs but if we use the vinegar/water solution in the morning and at night maybe it will be a better alternative than the steroid creams. I've not noticed any adverse effects from the steroid creams but then she's only 8 and unfortunatley will probably be using them for the rest of her life. I'm sure that over time the thinning of the skin that I've read about will start to occur. Also what kind of vinegar is it? I've read about the apple cider vinegar(I think that was it) being used but I wonder if just plain white vinegar will do also.
I hope you have continued success and I will continue praying for a cure for everyone who suffers with this.
Take Care
Ronnie (Mikey's Mom)

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Hi, y'all - I wanted to make one little comment about using an antibiotic cream or ointment on a regular basis - it's the RN in me that I can't suppress. Please try to make sure that it isn't just the moisturizing effect that is bringing on the improvement, and not the antibiotic ingredients. I suspect that vasoline would bring the same improvement, if used the same way, and there is a danger in the continual overuse of antibiotics in any form - regular microbes become immune and resistant to the antibiotics, and then you have created "superbugs" which don't respond to antibiotics at all when you really need them to, in cases of infections. This is a HUGE concern, worldwide, in the medical profession, and we are seeing infections in people (from pneumonias to skin and wound infections to ear and sinus infections) that just don't respond to any of the known antibiotics anymore. There is even concern that those little pump bottles of antimicrobial hand soaps that we all have on our bathroom counters may be contributing to this problem, by creating resistant bacteria in the normal stuff we are exposed to every day. I would gently suggest that you try using just vasoline or another cream (I like Aveeno Natural Colloidal Oatmeal products) and use it in the same way you are using the antibiotic cream, and compare the results. Best of luck. Rosemary

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** Originally posted by vick441 **

The antibiotic cream I use is just a generic over the counter kind. I buy it for $1.99 at a Dollar General Store. I do have thinning of the skin on my feet, but it's the best relief I've had in over 4 years. At the time I wrote the original message it was about 95% gone. Now there is no trace whatsoever on my feet except for a little redness. I have not tried the soakings anyplace else yet. I use white vinegar, again a generic brand. I've heard apple cider works well too though. I have it on my palms also and on my torso, knees, legs and elbows with a few spots on my arms. When I use the antibiotic cream on my feet, I wrap them with saran wrap and put socks on each night before I go to bed. I also read the post about the effects of using antibiotic creams over a long period of time. I'm almost 47 years old, so I guess that's the chance I'm taking. It's such a relief to be able to walk without it hurting. There were times I actually could not put on a pair of shoes because of the pain. I too pray for a cure, especially for the children. I do have a friend who had it bad when she was a child. She is now in her 40's with no trace of it. Sometimes you can outgrow it I guess. It's a strange thing...I didn't get it until I was 42 so I'll probably never outgrow it...but I keep hoping.


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Very interesting, I thought it needed a bump!

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