alternative for egg whites?

Is there an alternative to put into your cooking besides egg whites?

My psoriasis is affected by eggs and chicken. I'm not sure the severity of it, but I just want to be safe than sorry.

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Howzit creater10?

Interesting question.
Are you allergic to eggs poultry?

You will know what affects you and your particular 'allergic reactions.
If you don't have a chicken/eggs allergy, I would want to know what you are making with the egg whites. If for example you are baking, it could be one of the other ingredients that you are using. ( sugar, wheat flour, etc,).
Sometimes, the combo of foods have a different reaction promoting effect, than when used on their own.
It would be very useful to write down all the ingredients, from fats used for cooking/baking to what you baste your chicken with.

Go well,


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I don't know any alternative for egg whites. I will say that I'm also allergic to egg whites but not egg yolks. I'm not allergic to chicken as long as it's cooked in natural oils.

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just do a google search for "substitute for egg whites'" and U will find LOTS

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I've seen in some vegan recipes that people soak chia seeds in liquid (water, juice) and it creates a gelatinous substance similar to egg whites. I've also seen folks use apple cider vinegar in place of eggs. I'm guessing that it won't work for all substitutions, but it might be worth trying. I get a lot of vegan/raw recipes from she has a "baking" category that might help you find what you need. Her popped amaranth bread is really good. Good luck!

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