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Has anyone diagnosed with P and/or PsA also had official allergy testing done?

I've had this stuffed nose and stuffed ear problem for the past 3 months, basically since right before I started MTX. Tried everything, FIVE different doctors have looked at me. The ENT said I need a hearing test before we move forward, which I know is a complete and total waste of time.

So i canceled that and have an appointment Monday with an allergist. My dream is that he will find something I'm so allergic to, that my P will go away when I treat the allergy.

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Good for you! It seems some doctors don't want to listen to their patients. I too would like to get an allergy test :) Hope you get results you can work with, and find some resolution to your P !

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I also would like to get an allergy test. especially now that I've been getting welts from time to time and have allergies. I hope they find something too and ur P gets better. It would be great news for hopefully alot of us!

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I JUST had allergy testing done last Thursday because I kept having random allergic reactions (facial swelling, trouble breathing, etc) and found that I am allergic to milk, eggs, squash, plums, almonds and flaxseed and have some environmental allergies. I have had psoriasis since I was 12 and eczema my entire life. The eczema is pretty bad on my scalp and face (I now have bangs to try to cover up). I've been reading that eczema is a sign of allergies and although they say p is not related to allergies, I think it is (but I'm not a doctor! lol). I'm really hoping after cutting these foods out of my diet, I will see an improvement.

If you think you need allergy testing done, do it. It's a little uncomfortable and it hurts the wallet, but I think it's worth it to know. Good luck to you!

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I had the environmental allergy test back in the '90's. I already knew &/or assumed what things I was allergic to when I had it done. The ent did it back at that time. Then just this past Nov., I had the patch test for the skin testing. I had a couple or so red areas on my thighs. The derm suggested the test. While I was there, I also had blood drawn for Hepititis and was tested for TB before I could take MTX. I've never had a food allergy test and don't want one. I know what foods I'm allergic to and kinda have an idea what others I might be allergic to. I am lactose intolerable and have IBS. My mom & her mom read articles about various food allergies. I KNOW I'm allergic to chocolate & tomatoes for sure. So, those two kinds of foods I eat in moderation or don't eat at all.

I agree with you having an allergy test if you feel the need for it. It is VERY expensive and not all insurance companies will pay for it. My insurance company in the '90's wouldn't pay for my test then. My current insurance company paid for most of my recent test. If you have to, make payments to the doctor. It would be less stress if you knew if you're allergic to something(s). Then you can deal with it however way is best. Certain foods can/will be a problem for P. Do whatever you feel is necessary to help you deal with your P. I wish you Good Luck and prayers that all goes well for you.

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Thanks for the replies. I will be sure to post the results here when I get back from the dr. next Monday. Luckily the visit is approved and my copayment is $5.00. I am so blessed with good insurance.

I did have food allergy via bloodwork done a few years ago that I paid out of pocket. It said I was allergic to dairy, wheat, and crab.

I had given up wheat and gluten for nearly 9 months until I started MTX 3 months ago. (Or however long it's been). I figured the MTX will take care of everything so why suffer? I've put on at least 12 pounds of the nearly 50 lost, and I just now couldn't fit into my favorite lounge pants. It seems the MTX makes me STARVE TO DEATH.

Damn. 3 day apple diet effective immediately, and back to wheat/gluten free. :*(((((

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i had allergy testing done. results : dermatitis. oh really? that can cover any nonspecific inflammatory process involving the skin. the funniest thing that came out of it was when the "specialist" i was sent to asked me if i wore rubber clogs, you know the shoes, i forget what they are really called. he told me to stop wearing them.... are you serious? my choice of footwear is in question!
regretably i know that what he was suggesting really does exsist. it just wasn't true for me. i even had punch skin biopsies done with the same result, just dermatitis. as far as i know there is no allergy testing that would diagnose psoriasis.

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