Activated Charcoal Tablets?

** Originally posted by bonnie25 **

This has crossed my mind while reading all the positive responses on the slippery elm and saffron tea threads. I am guessing that the reason they have been working so good is that they coat the intestinal tract and stomach and prevent leaky gut? Anyways, I read awhile back that activated charcoal coats the intestinal tract and removes toxicity and poisons in ones body. Though it did say not to use if you have any constipation. Doctors use it frequently in place of ipecac (sp) syrup for poisonings alot. I was just wondering if any one has used this for their psoriasis? I am currently expecting and would not try this at the time but was just wondering.

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** Originally posted by Dulane **

I think you are right about how slippery elm works, that is why the pills and extract are probably not going to be as efficient, however easier to consume.

As far as activated charcoal, there is another 'treatment' called a P&B shake that is supposed to work like charcoal.

It is psyllium (fiber) and bentonite (clay). You mix these two together and drink the shake. The psyllium (plus it's seed) kind of scour the bowel, and the bentonite (volcanic ash) sucks up loosened toxins.

The trick is to find both ground psyllium and seed. And the bentonite should be hydrated. If you can't find the psyllium seed, you can throw in flax seed (1/2 tsp).

This isn't hard on your system, but you probably just want to do is 2 or 3 times a week over a month (at night?). Check for progress, and repeat if you think it is helping, but haven't reached your goal.

Here is a link on P&B, but there are many others.

I am still under the impression that you should then use acidophilus to replace healthy intestinal flora. (Not at the same time.) It is much stronger than yogurt. I spoke with a health food store owner yesterday who said that you should take oregano oil (kills candida and other parasites) during the day, and acidophilus at night, because most of your healing is done at night.

But sometimes, I think our bodies need to take a few days off from detoxing. For me, that doesn't mean going off my diet, tho. I had about 80% coverage 2 months ago. I'm seeing real progress, but I will need to persist with this for awhile.

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** Originally posted by jgirl **

I have activated charcoal, but use it only in the case of food poisoning or an allergic reation. It is NOT for daily use, as along with toxins, it can leach minerals out of your body.

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** Originally posted by bonnie25 **

Wow, that sounds interesting. I have psyllium powder (metamucil) that I use sometimes. I have heard of bentonite clay too....never used it though. Curious about that too. I wonder if flax seed has the same benefit of the psyllium seeds? Have you tried the P&B shake?
But, I was kinda curious if anyone had tried the charcoal since it seems to draw out toxins. I did read it was relatively safe and had some allergic reactions reported on topical application. I don't believe it is something to take everyday either just like laxatives. I think if you did take it to maybe take a vitamin/mineral supplement at a different time of the day.
Anywhoooooo, I am just rambling what is on my mind. Have a good nite everyone! :)

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** Originally posted by kellyeubanks **

i am curious is anyone knows how i can get all the toxins out of my body and still have enough nutrition to produce enough breast milk.
its all my son relies on to eat.

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** Originally posted by jgirl **

wheatgrass juice is a detoxifier, it also contains every nutrient the human body needs to survive. It is full of chlorophyll and oxygen and has hundreds of beneficial uses, including wiping out a sore throat if gargled and eradicating sinus and ear infections, Can also be used as a poultice or astringent. If you can get past the taste, this is one of the most beneficial things you can do for yourself (and your child).

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