A Psoriasis success story- please read

** Originally posted by microgem **

Hi all,
I am 40 years old and I have suffered for 25 years. My body was 80% covered by the patches. I have used all different creams, drugs... But guess what!!! nothing changed my conditions.. some of drugs was very powerfull but regular blood tests (for kidney), their side effects (e.g. gum imflammations) and cost were killing me...

I couldnt goto beach with my kids, sick and tired of flakes, arthritis was effecting al my bones, muscle aches and so on...

Well, those days over for me now, at least I know how to control this disease so far. My body is almost totaly cleared.. No more pains, flakes and other bs.

please read following information carefully and you will gain alot at the end... Following information is my opinion and does not prove anything but I am trying to take your attention so please think and if you agree, just proceed and see the results... Since there are a few type psoriasis available, but I guess that my treatment will help you for different types...

I am a biomedical engineer and I did lots research on this topic. Here are my foundings and treatment..

---- Why me? -------
I believe that we are among at-risk people for this disease, and roots go to environmental, genetic, depression and other reasons.. So you may be the only one in the family who has this disease... Bad luck I guess...

----- So what is going on then ---------
Well, in order to understand exactly what is going on, we may need to have a look at figures closely... Our body is continously trying to repair itself and it is a pool of chemical reactions. If something is wrong, usually gives us symptoms which indicates something wrong and calls for help... Ok... We all know that! so what? well, this is the starting point.. We have a disease and can not control it, we take medicines, may or may not work and so on...

Ok... lets start with drugs... Drugs manipulates body, go to the reaction directly, affect them, change them. But we all know they are only temporary solution, because long term drug usage may cause damage in body, and body eventually become immune to these drugs.. their effects are limited time only.. But they are good boosters..

As far as we know, there is no virus or bacteria causes this disease... Doctors say depression or other factors triggers the reaction... Ok.. If so, lets figure out this depression issue.. Everything is a chemical reaction in our body (rather than spirit). So whatever we giving to body, body tries his best to use efficiently... What if we think we give body right things - but they are actually not right for body?? I mean what if our intake is not right for body. And eventually, since we are at risk people for this disease, we getting bad responses from body. My point is if body causes this disease, we have to fix body, but not just by using drugs which are not helpful unless triggering issues are solved out...

---- ok.. but what is your point? we all know these things, nothing new!! -------

Yes, we all know this, but dont know the details.. If we dont know what is going on at low level, we never able to control it...

------ could you tell me what the heck you talking about? -------

Our body is a biomedical train but this train does not go correctly. To fix this train we need more than one tool.

1) First find out what is problem with body, control intakes..

2) after cutting bad things then repair it...

3) maintain its condition so it can not go back to same condition again...

All those 3 steps need more than one tool...

1) finding out what is wrong!!

We have 3 problems to deal with

a) allergies (immune system) : we eat something, body reacts, makes allergic rections, our flakes increases, more reddish look at affected areas so on.

b) food intoleranses ( digestive system) Body may not break some proteins then they go to blood stream then problems starts.. We may have leaky gut (yeast) problems,or E. Coli bacterias

c) food sensitivities (nervous system) : when we eat some food, make us nervous, they hammer the nervous system... We may feel more depressed and may lead to triggering...

As you see, 3 main system getting affected by food, and most likely main triggering factor for our disease... Since body always tries to repair itself, we should give body a break for its actions...

well, first of all, we should not eat the foods we are allergic/sensitive this will take care of first step right away... How? simple... We gonna check out food allergies/sensitivities for our body. Because they are main factors that trigger this disease...

STEP 1: GOTO allergist. And test your body. EDS (electrodermal screening) is a good way to find out, I guess, it is fast, quite accurate... Find out all food you are sensitive to .. AND STOP EATING THEM... IF YOU WANT TO DO EAT THEM, PLEASE DO NOT PROCEED NEXT STEPS, BECAUSE THEY ARE USELESS UNLESS YOU CONTROL YOUR INTAKE... YOUR BODY WILL ACT LIKE A HEADLESS CHICKEN. I give you a simple example.. you are diabetic and you taking insulin injections ( in our case - drugs), but you still keep eating ice-cream... Guess what, your body never get better... In our case controlling food will depress the triggering events dramatically... We all know everybody was talking about diet. But they dont exactly state what kinda diet. Well, your test result will say that -- eventually your body - not your doctor... I also encourage you not the eat acidic foods which increase joint pain and other inflammation diseases... This is the core of treatment... Do not mix allergies with sensitivities.. For example, I am not allergic to wheat but I am so sensitive to wheat,so my nervous system getting affected by those foods quickly. I have also found out that I am sensitive to chocolate/casein (cow milk), yeast, coffee, orange, cane sugar... I stopped all of them.. guess what! my inflammation dramatically reduced... I say that reducing intake will not make too much difference unless you turn off completely.

STEP 2: Vitamins and supplements.. Lets help body, since it has been suffering how many years he needs your help...

a) Vitamin B complex, try to get in higher doses. they are critical for SAM cycle - main co-factors. Always get with magnesium and folic acid.
b) Omega-3/6/9 : Fish oil, Flax oil : For best results go for broadband solution, fish and flax oil mix... make sure get the purified fish oils - no pcb or heavy metal in the oil...
c) zinc : definetely helps...
d) If you have yeast problems go for probiotic and enzym supplements
e) Detoxification : Glutathione is the main supplement for it, Since we have lots toxic in our body, our kidneys need help. (you may use alpha lipoic acid but be carefull it also excrete good minerals too). There are bunch of kidney herbs available. you may use them they are not critical but necessary for us...
f) Control blood sugar do not drink fresh juices, eat fruit and drink water instead... stay away from sugary fruits such as watermelon /grapes.. If you sensitive sugar, dont touch it at all.. stay away from coke, sparkling drinks, any sugary drinks... do not eat fried - eat barbuqued or broiled... use olive oil and lemon or vinegar in your salads - no dressings...
h) try other herbs (such as alora vera...), try to increase veggies, they will put acidic condition into balance...
i)Never overlook your intakes, cause they are the main factors for triggering, I think... Everybody is under stress, but we are the ones who suffer with this skin condition... So control intake surpress triggering...

I know little bit too much but but give me a month you will see the differences, believe me it is worth to try.. look at mirror, you will understand me well.. Spending a few bucks on vitamin/supplements better than thousand dollars drugs... An no side effects at all!!! I am so embrassed to show my pictures but now I can go out with shortsleeve t-shirts...

I believe that Topical cream/ointments (whatever works for you) are essential, because in that moment they will give you big boost, your patches will get better soon. If you having some oral drugs, try to use them less, you will need them at the beginning for boosting process. As I told you before, we need more than one tool... everything helps... But eventually, you will lose them in time being...

Drink lots of water (8-10 glasses)...
g) Well you want sooner results? two more things to go, wash your body everyday twice then apply your creams/ointments right after that...
h) Goto gym... 1 hour exercise.. make sure you sweat!!! this will make your metabolism faster and helps detoxification... Good for arthritis...

STEP 3: whenever you see the results, try to cheat you will see they will start to come back again... so maintain your diet and step 2.. you will eventually control your disease and get rid of the drugs. If you have arthritis, you may continue to take some drugs but believe me, your dosage will be very less than ever.

---- How soon am I gonna get better / -------
Well, I cleared my patches in 3 months with full diet, good supplements, everyday gym, and ordinary drugs (oinments).. Ointments/Cream (such as dovonex) help me to clear patches very quickly.. I have tried one side of body with ointment, otherside without... Results were dramatic, drugs gave me 1:3 boost almost.. But do not forget, I used these drugs long time ago, they never worked on me... this indicates that I was treating my body with drugs but at the other hand, hammering it by consuming bad food...

I hope this information will help you. It worked for me. I dont say drugs dont work but, if you dont control your intake, drugs just give you headache nothingelse.. just go ahead and get the test done! you will see results right away!!!



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** Originally posted by grannyfranny **

This is very good. A lot of people are trying this or similar things.
I hope you stay well,,,,,,I'm sure you feel a lot fetter.

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** Originally posted by misales **

Good job Dean.....there is extensive evidence of diet and psoriasis in those with celiac disease. In my case I'm pretty convinced that it was an environmental as well. It takes a lot of will power and control to do the things you mention but it obviously has impact. I know that for a fact when I do atkins I loose weight and feel better. I'm glad you did well with it.

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** Originally posted by Engadine **

I love well-ending stories like this one :D microgem. With your words I have several days for thinking about them. It sounds as reasonable as Pagano's book did the first time I read it, and both, you and him, focus in an out-in point of view, with which I agree 100%. Six months ago, I took out of my diet tomato, egg-plant and pepper and P is getting better, slowly but at a constant pace. Sleppery elm and american saffron also help, I guess. Three months ago I started taking MTX, but I wouldn´t say it has done anything that weren´t on it's way before the first dose. I mean, its contribution is not clear for me. My nowadays 14 months old baby, Guillermo - William in english - is on the positive side of the story, too. In other words, take out of your way bad inputs and force in your life the good ones. I say 'force them' cause they don´t usually get in without a helping hand :) .

Good study and 'report' microgem. Thanks for them and for being there to tell us.


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** Originally posted by JKNY **

Thanks for advice that is not "preaching" or knocking one treatment over another. I just called my doctor to get an allergist. A great starting point and very logical. Maybe we all might have different sensitivity so different we all may need to try different diets.

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** Originally posted by GitOverIt **

Hi Dean! Excellant advice....I read it with enthusiasm and hope more people will take it to heart!...One of the best step by step outlines I have read.
I'm going to print it out if you don't mind?! :D

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** Originally posted by Dulane **


This is a Gem of a post. Thanks to another person who did the research and followed it through.

I hope that lots of new people see what has benefitted you, and realize that we can do this without major side effects.

Thanks for sharing this helpful regimen!


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** Originally posted by ARL **

Welcome Dean and thanks for a great thread. It all makes sense to me...

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** Originally posted by microgem **

Thanks guys... I am glad to help you for this issue...

If you really interested, I suggest you make sure that you getting tested sensitivities as well - not just for allergies... Thats why I suggest EDS because other methods (such as blood test) may not show sensitivities. It is easy, painless (no needles), and fast.. I have paid from pocket $100 and it was million dollars worth... My allergy test didnt show anything particular...

But again diet just the beginning, give to body whatever it needs (STEP 2), sit down and see the results.. just stick with it... First, you will see flake generation will stop, then decolorization starts, follows by shrinking the affected areas... I also suggest sun shine/PUVA (didnt mention earlier, sorry) and stop all alcoholic drinks ( I know you start to hate me!!!).. everything helps but without diet, you dont see nothing.. I have tried all these combinations before, they didnt work at all, because I was continously hammering my immune/nervous system with foods I am not suppose to consume... Believe me! give your body whatever he needs he will not dissappoint you at all... this is not a majic, just hard to believe how our body is sensitive...

Please give me 1 month of your time and try it, see the response... you will be amazed!!


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** Originally posted by Dulane **

We believe you Dean.

I am living proof that this works, as are others here on the Comp and Alt forum.

I'm not clear, but I'm comfortable and unafraid of P. I've been at it about 9 months. Some people clear faster. But I've seen whole areas clear. The largest areas take the longest for me. My PA responded long before my skin.

I hated my natureopath when she told me to change my lifestyle, but she is responsible for making my life worth living again.

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** Originally posted by tjlip **

Great info Dean!!! Thanks for sharing.

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** Originally posted by GitOverIt **

this is good for a bump

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** Originally posted by noah **

I was just wondering..... after you started this 3 step regime, did you notice that the psoriasis got worse before it got better?
My husband has psoriasis and has been seeing naturopath and has changed diet completely like you did Dean. But now noticing it's getting worse. Apparently will happen before it gets better.? The use of his topical ointments still help. Lots of baths in epsom salts and/or oatmeal as well. Olive oil has also been helping for dryness/flakiness.
Your success story keeps me and my husband hopeful. Thanks!

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** Originally posted by jotoulemonde **

I think this is a normal reaction... When you body is trying to detoxify, all the bad stuffs can come out. But, keep in mind that a proper diet is different for everyone... Yes, fish is usually very helpful to control inflammation but can be a trigger for others!

I have one psoriasic spot on the elbow that disappeared lately. Just before it disappeared, it started to bleed and it got worst. But it disappeared right after and never went back.

My problem is that I am not sure how it disappeared because I tried so many different products in the past year.
I used to work in a natural food store in the Canadian Rockies as a vitamin consultant and I learned so much and also wanted to try different things. I changed my diet, my lifestyle, and my psoriasis got better. So yes, diet is big.

I am originally from France and everytime I go back to France, my psoriasis is worst... So there is definitely a psychologic impact on the inflammation. You can have a very good diet, but if you are stressed and anxious, psoriasis spreads and spreads (in my case).

I am going to try a new protocol (herbal tea) that I found here in France at a herborist'. It is supposed to work really well because it focuses on the liver. The herborist I spoke with has lots of knowledge and very good advice. This protocol has been developped by a biologist, a herborist, and a (severe) psoriasis sufferer during several years. For those who speak french, it contains: asperule, ortie piquante, artichaud, reglisse, fumeterre, reine des près, souci, et millefeuille. Anyone interested, I will find the translation.

I will tell you how it works for me but I should wait at least 1 month to see result. I've done many cleanses before that helped me but I never got rid of my psoriasis completely. This herbal composition seems really good to me.

Last thing, check a new website: http://www.optiderma.com. There are many natural tips, skin remedies, interviews with skin experts, articles, that can help. It is also possible to share anti-inflammatory recipes, homemade skin care recipes, etc...

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** Originally posted by frankie **

First I'd like to say thanks for the advice. Eating healthy and a balanced lifestyle all contributes to your body's ablility to heal itself. As many people that have used similar advice will agree, it certainly helps. Sometimes I think its just not enough though to watch your 'intake' as you call it. Although I do agree as already mentioned. I finally discovered that together with a good diet, and other factors to make up a good plan and strategy for successful treatment of psoriasis I have also found an excellent product that changed things for me dramatically over a period of less than a month. This is after 16 years or so suffering with it all over my fingers and was starting in other areas of the body. So as soon as it started working for me I got my camera out and started taking pictures.

If anyone is interested in my story and what it looks like now <a href="http://"http://sites.google.com/site/treatingpsoriasis/"">here</a> is the link. Best wishes to all.

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** Originally posted by bbillcee **

quality post thanx

can an allergist test for food sensitivities? i just asked him today he said your either allergic or not?

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** Originally posted by GitOverIt **

This may explain it better:


a little explaination on food intolerances!

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