A Detox: Oil pulling / Oil swishing

** Originally posted by nautilus **

Hi all,
I've been researching and reading about oil pulling (also called oil swishing). A person claims that he cured his psoriasis only by oil pulling therapy. You can read about it here.


Another story: http://curezone.com/forums/m.asp?f=8&i=1092 This person used some supplements, also implemented oil pulling, and he got rid of psoriasis in a short time.

You can search about this therapy in google. It seems to be a great detox practice.

http://curezone.com/forums/m.asp?f=44&i=1466 here are some quick links.

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** Originally posted by mintona **


Well to me this is a funny one , think you might aswell suck a lemon.though there are some nutty theories on the net and i think this must be near the top somehwere. :eek:


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** Originally posted by misales **

pre-psoriasis I went in for a fever and they did a few tests after which they got a little excited. apparently one of my blood counts was strange and I didn't have a cold or any other infection so they suspect an infection inside somewhere. I had been having discomfort in my right lower rib area. My MD's sent me for ultrasound which came back negative. infection was treated and went away. pain continued in that area and docs sent me for hydascans twice. both came back as abnormal gall bladder. Doc sent me to surgeon who told me that he didn't want to take the gall bladder but instead sent me to a gastro doc, apparently in an attempt to fix the gall bladder or whatever.

So anyway, what I can tell you from this story is that I've always suspected that stuff as being an underlying cause. Also, docs don't always know what happens, often they use best guess. And considering all of the theorys behind why we get psoriasis, with none of them being a for sure (and don't pull the genetics on me here as predisposition and getting it are two different things in my opinion). Seems that anything might be worth a try.

One thing about oil is that my skin reacts very favorably to it. Robathal and other skin oils have been good for my skin. I have not done this particular oil ingestion thing yet but I don't see why it's such a terrible thing. I would dare say it's probably safer than doing some of the injections that are out there.

You know......there are a lot of things that we miss because it "doesn't sound right", or we "just never did that". If we grew up vegatarian, or meat wasn't so readily available, I bet we'd all be just fine. Sometimes it's just in our environment.

PS, I really believe in Fish Oil, and thats an easy pill to swallow. Much better than pizza or burger grease.

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** Originally posted by nautilus **

I tried oil pulling therapy last night.
I swished 1 tablespoon of cold pressed extra virgin olive oil in my mouth for 20 minutes. I then spit it out (it shouldn't be swallowed since it is supposed to have toxins in it). After spitting it out, I rinsed my mouth with a solution of baking soda+sea salt+warm water. After that I brushed. I will repeat this procedure at least once a day.

Oil pulling therapy is supposed to yield best results when implemented with sunflower oil or sesame oil. Most people seem to do it with sunflower oil since sunflower oil is lighter than sesame oil.

I will get cold pressed sunflower oil, and do oil pulling using that.

This therapy is supposed to be a detox for the whole body. It increases the bile flow and it activates some glands (in the throat?) that helps improve the situation of any autoimmune disease. And in addition, it is supposed to whiten the teeth, strenghten loose theeth, help with the cavities, and help with any type of gum disease.

Therefore my humble thought is that this therapy would not hurt anybody at all, and it is definitely worth trying. I will do this therapy over next few months to see...

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** Originally posted by GitOverIt **

looking forward to hearing the outcome Nautilus! I read about this therapy on curezone years ago, when I was searching for something, anything to help in getting rid of P.......good luck :)

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** Originally posted by nautilus **

Thanks Sally,
I am trying to follow Pagano's diet, and the slippery elm and mullein/chamomile teas. I drink mullein/chamomile tea instead of saffron since I could find mullein in bulk in my local health food store. Cayce says that mullein and chamomile can be used when saffron is not readily available.

Btw, I just read this page about oil pulling: http://members.fortunecity.com/pullingoil

I am hoping that oil pulling will be a great addition to my natural healing program

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** Originally posted by nautilus **

Hi all,
Here are some updates on me and two psoriasis sufferers who have been practising oil pulling:

1) I started practising oil pulling, and I saw immediate improvement on my skin lesions. The color on my lesions become more like normal skin color. I haven't been able to practise this for the last 5 days, and my skin color worsened. I will start oil pulling therapy again.

2) A friend who had psoriasis on her hands and feet have been practising oil pulling for the last 2 weeks with GREAT results. Her hands and feet were fully covered with P, and now she says there is P only on her fingertips.

3) Another friend who has P all over body for the last 15 years: She has been practising oil pulling for one week. She says that her lesions became more itchy. I am guessing that this is a healing crisis since her original P was really bad and we are hoping that her P will improve in the near future as well.

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** Originally posted by ohno1more **

hey nautilus ! It sounds wacky, farfetched & ridiculous... but if it works WHO CARES ?!! Good for you & your friends for having the curiosity/faith/desire to try something many would dismiss as sheer unadulterated quackery ! I agree that as long as you use a quality oil it should be a benign procedure. Did you find the oil changed in color or viscosity ? I look forward to any further posts and applaud your spirit of adventure ! { I wish chocolate-swishing worked}

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** Originally posted by GitOverIt **

I read all the links you posted nautilus....and found them extremely interesting
I have had dry mouth when I wake up every morning and very dry skin for years (long before psoriasis) especially on my legs.....soooooo I think I will try this and see what happens.....I'm going to give the Folk Treatment here for anyone that is interested in reading about it...... ;) I take cod liver oil straight.....and use fruit juice for a chaser.....because I gag if I don't.....so I'm hoping for the best here...mind over matter ...right? :p

<CENTER>Folk Remedy

Oil Therapy </CENTER>

According to Dr. Karach

F. Karach, M.D., presented a paper before the All-Ukrainian Association. The meeting was attended by oncologists and bacteriologists belonging to the Academy of Science of the USSR. Dr. Karach explained an unusual simple healing process using cold-pressed oils.

The results of this therapy invoked astonishment and doubt concerning the contents of his report. However, after further examining the workings of the oil therapy, one has but to then test it on oneself to prove its validity and effectiveness. It is most astonishing that such results can be effected with this absolutely harmless biological healing method. This simple method makes it possible to effectively treat the most varied diseases, in some cases enabling one to avoid surgical intervention and the taking of medications that can have harmful side effects.

The exciting factor of this healing method is its simplicity. It consists of swishing cold-pressed vegetable oil in the mouth. The healing process is accomplished by the human organism on its own. In this way it is possible to heal cells, tissue and all organs simultaneously; the body rids itself of toxic waste without disturbing the healthy microflora. Dr. Karach says human beings are living only half their life span. They could potentially live to be 140 to 150 years old.

He claims that the following illnesses can be effectively healed with the application of oil therapy: headaches, bronchitis, lung and liver conditions, toothache, thrombosis, blood diseases, arthrosis, paralysis, eczema, gastric ulcers, intestinal disorders, heart and kidney ailments, encephalitis, nervous conditions and female disorders.

The oil therapy is preventative as well as curative. Dr. Karach says: "With the oil therapy, I healed my chronic blood disease of fifteen years. With the use of this therapy, I was healed within three days of an acute arthrosis that had forced me to lie in bed."

If you can get it, the best oil to use is Hain Sunflower Oil or Spectrum Natural Peanut Oil. In the morning before breakfast on an empty stomach you take one tablespoon in the mouth but do not swallow it. the oil is slowly swished in the mouth and drawn through the teeth for fifteen to twenty minutes. It is thoroughly chewed and mixed with saliva as it is done in the Mayr cure. Chewing activates the enzymes and the enzymes draw toxins out of the blood. Thus, the oil must not be swallowed, for it has become toxic. As the chewing process continues, the oil gets thinner and white. It is then spit from the mouth into the toilet bowl.

If the oil is still yellow, it has not been masticated thoroughly or long enough. After the oil has been removed from the mouth, the oral cavity must be thoroughly rinsed several times. It is preferable to use a cup of pure warm water to which has been added one-half teaspoon of salt and one-half teaspoon of baking soda. The teeth, gums and tongue must be brushed carefully. It is recommended that salt and soda be applied directly to the brush.

After rinsing, gargle with the warm salt-soda water. You can add cooler water to what remains in the cup, thereby diluting its strength. Then tip the cup under the nose and gently sniff up the water to clean the nasal passages. Gently blow the nose.

The sink must be cleaned because the spittle contains harmful bacteria and toxic bodily waste. If one were to see one drop of this liquid magnified 600 times under a microscope, one would see microbes in their first stage of development.

It is important to understand that during the oil-swishing process one's metabolism is intensified. This leads to improved health. One of the most striking results of this process is the fastening of loose teeth, the elimination of bleeding gums and the visible whitening of the teeth.

The oil swishing is done best before breakfast. To accelerate the healing process, it can be repeated three times a day, but always before meals on an empty stomach. The therapy is not harmful if it is repeated several times a day. Repetition hastens the healing process and renders it more effective.

How long?

This therapy should be repeated until one has returned to his original vitality and his sleep has been returned to a peaceful state. One who practices this therapy faithfully will awaken refreshed in the morning with no bags under the eyes. Normal appetite and improved memory are additional benefits.

Healing symptoms:

Patients who suffer from chronic conditions may appear to get worse in the beginning. Dr. Karach emphasizes that a worsening of your condition may be a sign that the disease is in the healing process. It may even happen that your temperature increases.

A word of caution:

Whereas the oil therapy can be very helpful to people, it is not a substitute for ongoing care by a qualified health practitioner. Any serious symptoms that develop during the course of this treatment should be reported to your doctor to determine whether they are due to the healing process or to a worsening of your condition, which may require immediate medical treatment.

How often?

Questions as to the repetition and duration of therapy can only be answered on an individual basis. Acute conditions oftentimes improve quickly, within two to three days. Chronic conditions usually need longer therapy, sometimes up to a year. Never give up!!!

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** Originally posted by Dulane **

I've heard about oil swishing and tongue scraping for several years. It's an ancient practice. I believe that bacteria that we harbor in our mouths causes strep throat.

After all, strep also causes cavities. And when you think what habits we have that feed strep, (white sugar, pop, etc) it all makes sense.
Check this out:

And for better digestion...it really helps to encourage more salivation for additional enzyme production.

I've decided to give it a try. I did my fist oil swish this morning. It was OK, but I couldn't talk to my DH for a bit, and had to learn some quick hand movements to explain my predicament (paper and pen). I used rice bran oil...but will probably switch to olive or peanut oil. I have a couple of dance songs recorded on my computer...and I got in about 9 minutes of dancercise before I went outside to spit the oil out. (I don't think you are supposed to put additional oil in a septive system. Nor the compost bucket.)

Since these oils are antibacterial...it would probably be a good plan to do it before you go to bed...as the mouth bacteria wouldn't get a good foothold while we sleep.

:D Clean Teeth!

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** Originally posted by GitOverIt **

I did it too Dulane....and the oil turned white!!! I have a Waterpik so used that after the two salt gargle!...I think I have my DH and oldest son talked in to trying it.......I sent my daughter an email to the site...we'll see...I figure if they (son...daughter) do it once a year or even every six months it will keep them from getting some senior ailments....

The funny thing is...I read about this years ago as an aid to getting rid of P over on the curezone site....but it made me ill to think about it and I wouldn't read how it was done or what happens! yeah...me chicken! :p
But today when I did it.....it was nothing! the oil did not bother me....I guess thinking about it is worse than doing it!

like I said earlier I'm doing it for other annoying conditions....
hypothyroid.... .......maybe it help lower meds
tinnitus..................pernicious anemia can cause this
very,very dry skin....for years!
soft fingernails........from thyroid
I'm sure there is more...

Since today is Easter..... we ate early so before I go to bed I'll do it again...food should be digested by then :p

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** Originally posted by nautilus **

Hi all,
I am using Hain Sunflower Oil as suggested.
And the best time to do oil pulling is right after when you wake up, before you eat/drink anything. You should always do it when your stomach is empty (at least 4 hours after eating and at least 1 hour after drinking anything). It increases metabolism, so if you do it right before bed, you may not be able to sleep easily. Sometimes it affects my sleep, sometimes it doesn't.. so you can try it yourself and see whether it disturbs your sleep when you do it before bed...

It is a very safe procedure, and it activates all the digestive tract and the liver. So this procedure cannot hurt any part of our body at all..

And I actually look forward to swishing my sunflower oil in my mouth. The taste is great.

There is an Oil Swishing forum on Curezone.com. It is a new forum, and you can read a lot about other people's experiences.

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** Originally posted by sevnrock **

This is an entirely new method of detox for me (albeit its an ancient healing procedure) and I want to thank you for posting this! I have a few questions though:

- Will olive oil work fine? I'll probably go out looking for sunflower oil later, but I want to try it a few times before I do.
- I tried olive oil earlier for 15 minutes and it came out a bright yellow, did I do it wrong? I basically kept sucking it back it forth through my teeth.
- Instead of water + salt/soda, is a mouthwash a suitable replacement?

Thanks in advanced!

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** Originally posted by GitOverIt **

I wondered about the olive oil too but I did find cold pressed walnut oil in my fridge so used that....but today I'm going to the health store to get my supply for 3 of us :p so will try for the cold pressed peanut oil since Cayce recommended that so much throughout his readings!
I would use the salt and baking soda because that is what was suggested! maybe it does a better job of pulling the oil out of the mouth and teeth areas?
I do know it leaves a fresh feel.

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** Originally posted by nautilus **

sevnrock: I also did my first 4 or 5 oil pullings with oilve oil since I did not have sunflower oil at home. I switched to sunflower oil when I got it.
You should swish the oil in your mouth, chew it, let it pass under your tongue, move it around your mouth. It becomes milky white each time I do it.

I always prefer warm salt-soda water to other mouthwashes. It works perfect for me.

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** Originally posted by ohno1more **

ok sign me up. 10 minutes in the a.m. - shower, shave & an oil swish.

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** Originally posted by ohno1more **

OK I am more than surprised. I reread the links & decided to do 20 minutes twice a day, using organic sesame oil.
It's not unpleasant at all. Quite tasty. Sure produces the saliva ! Observations: good excuse to clean the bathroom sink a lot
I really enjoy eating afterward
with the wrong people it's a real conversation-stopper
easy to do while doing dishes
somewhat harder to do while shaving
I've developed some spots on my face
some of my body spots are noticeably less red
It isn't even a week yet.
OH yeah - my teeth seem whiter. A little. But then I've cut down coffee.
Fingers crossed the face doesn't get worse.

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** Originally posted by nautilus **

I am really happy for you. I had read somewhere that oil pulling should be done while the body is in a relaxed position, like while sitting. And the mind shouldn't be occupied in something else.. That is.. you should not be watching tv, etc..

They say that this therapy works best if you sit relaxed, and imagine your toxins being pulled out of your body.. I guess you can also imagine that your P spots are fading :)

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** Originally posted by mudpuppy **

Hey, I'm all for inexpensive treatments. I've just done my first oil-swish & will continue to swish 1st thing in the am. Will let you know of my results.

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** Originally posted by rkp **

I have read and heard about Oil Pulling and started practicing it almost 2 years back. I use Vegetable oil and do it before breakfast. I tried Olive oil but it was too viscous and hard.

Anyway, this has not helped my Psoriasis at all but has helped me with my Allergies. I remember reading somewhere that there is a connection between allergies and psoriasis.

I think Oil Pulling may help control psoriasis for some people .... unfortunately, my psoriasis happens to be the stubborn kind and oil pulling lost this battle.


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** Originally posted by nautilus **

Dr Karach says that only sunflower oil (and maybe also peanut oil, I am not sure..) has been proven to be effective according to his studies. Sesame oil is also suggested by some people since that oil has been used and referenced by Ayurvedic Healing.

Dr Karach says that if you use any other type of oil and cannot get results than you should switch to what he is recommending. Have you tried sunflower oil?

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