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Leaky Gut...will we ever know?

  • By Danford321 · New reply 9:37 am
  • Discussion in Complementary and alternative · 170 replies
  • 8/1089000262822.html?from=moreStories Just thought I'd throw this out there. Seems the doctors are split about proof too... Any thoughts ...

Nail psoriasis

  • By Didley123 · New reply 9:29 am
  • Discussion in Psoriasis · 8 replies
  • I developed a bad breakout in March...all over but hit me hardest in my nails! I was ok with the body breakouts...mainly guttake on my legs and belly, but I am in sales so the nails were devastating ...


  • By Lorrylin · New reply 9:28 am
  • Journal · 2 replies
  • Today is day 10 on Otezla and I called the Dr. yesterday as I had only slept about 3 1/2 hours the night before and as I said previously only 5-6 hours a night since I started taking it. The Doc said ...

Is there any truth in the link between P and diet?

  • By Shauna85210 · New reply 9:27 am
  • Discussion in Complementary and alternative · 72 replies
  • I'm nineteen and new to this blog, but I have been suffering with 4 types of P since the age of 3 and have been trying out the Pagano diet and also juicing since March and I do think it is making a good ...

looking for psoriasis treatment

  • By tarundeep · New reply 9:24 am
  • Discussion in Psoriasis · 2 replies
  • hi, i am from delhi i had psoriasis from last 7-8 years earlier had allopathic treatment then switched to ayurveda but it got worst now my body is almost 90% covered and eagerly looking for any treatment ...

PsA getting worse

  • By SonnieAlba · New reply 9:17 am
  • Discussion in Psoriatic arthritis · 1 reply
  • I have done all the traditional treatment like Humira, Simponi, Embrel, and now Stallera, also g with MTX. I feel as.if nothing is working. I went to the podiatrist for my toenails and he took trays of ...

Dieting- does it really work?

  • By xj3ssyx · New reply 8:54 am
  • Discussion in Complementary and alternative · 15 replies
  • I've been reading many of the discussions on this website, and many of them include changing your diet, cutting out gluten and dairy. I've been wanting to cut out gluten and dairy but it isn't possible ...


  • By MattyPiruAlha · New reply 8:49 am
  • Journal · 7 replies
  • I've had off and on psoriasis breakouts for the last 23 years. It started on elbows then my coccyx, later on my knuckles and lately on front of a foot. I tried everything imaginable all these years, from ...

Lets Finish it up !!

  • By Prinshu · New reply 8:23 am
  • Discussion in Psoriasis · 6 replies
  • Hey Guys , I am from Delhi (India ). I have had psoriasis from last 10 years . As everyone in this site ..I have tried almost everything but could not completely control it !! From last Jan, I switched ...

dermatology clinic

  • By katien2 · New reply 8:16 am
  • Journal · 1 reply
  • Hello everyone,not sure if this will help all of you but i have just finished a two week stint at the Royal Adelaide hospital dermatology day unit,daily regime is as followes,when I get there each morning ...

Juice Fasting for Psoriasis

  • By dave_ski · New reply 6:06 am
  • Discussion in Complementary and alternative · 15 replies
  • If you have or know someone with psoriasis, this post may be of interest to you. If not, I apologize for posting something with a rather narrow focus on a site that’s usually very general. But if you’ve ...

Psoriasis and Chronic Myelogenous Leukemia

  • By reptilemedic · Posted 5:53 am
  • Journal · 0 replies
  • Well it was a long battle convincing the doctors but after a year and half they finally gave in. Leukemia is in Full Remission with slight traces of the leukemia in my blood. Tho the Treatment i'm on ...

Ugggggggggh Lord

  • By tori_chalmers · New reply 5:36 am
  • Journal · 10 replies
  • OMG im getting the P between my toes now!!! I really wish i could get some help ...

Over a Year Clear... you can, too!

  • By ahjenski · New reply 5:07 am
  • Discussion in Psoriasis · 2 replies
  • Hi friends. I haven't been on this site in quite a while, I'm sure many of you find me a stranger. The purpose of this post is to offer you hope and inspiration. Three years ago, I was diagnosed with ...

Help!! My nails are ruined!!

  • By alishaa727 · New reply 3:27 am
  • Discussion in Psoriasis · 5 replies
  • My nails are destroyed from pustular psoriasis, which in turn is destroying my quality of life. Most of my fingernails have fallen off and the nail beds/ fingertips are extremely painful, swollen, and ...

Scalp psoriasis on one side of my head?

  • By threewolves · New reply 3:05 am
  • Discussion in Psoriasis · 15 replies
  • I have no idea why, but my psoriasis on my scalp has gone from being spotty on my entire scalp to 99% only on the left side? I have some on my neck, on the right side, just at the hairline & a tiny bit ...

Can I refuse blood tests?

  • By Chinuppet · New reply 2:43 am
  • Discussion in Psoriatic arthritis · 16 replies
  • I've been on sulfasalazine for 2years but due to the ATOS nazis my anxieties are flaring up aswel as the PsA. I have a huge issue with anything intrusive and blood tests are unbearable. They've put me ...

Diagnosing Psoriatic Arthritis

  • By dixiebella64 · New reply 2:28 am
  • Discussion in Psoriatic arthritis · 3 replies
  • I've had psoriasis since I was 15 and I'm now 50. My father also had it and my sister has it and psoriatic arthritis. For the past 5+ years, I've started having more and more joint pain and swelling (especially ...

Is this PsA??

  • By toupie · New reply 12:25 am
  • Journal · 4 replies
  • 2 months ago my husband went to the family dr. for P or so they thot and was given a steroid that was supposed to clear it right up. 2 wks later he went to the derm and got clobateasol(a stronger steroid ...

Hard to Reach Areas

  • By RyanL · New reply yesterday at 11:56 pm
  • Discussion in Psoriasis · 3 replies
  • Whats the best way of applying Ointment to areas like the middle of your back that are difficult to reach with a hand? I have a small outbreak in that area but as I cant reach it to apply the ointment ...

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