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Getting nervous

  • By JayM-VT · New reply 11:41 am
  • Journal · 33 replies
  • I start treatment for my PsA on Wednesday and of course I have been reading up on the meds and I am looking forward to some relief from this pain but at the same time I am also worried about the side ...

Inverse Psoriasis Hell

  • By mike59806 · New reply 11:37 am
  • Discussion in Psoriasis · 16 replies · Photos
  • Hey Everyone, It is super crazy how debilitating this disease is. I can't seem to function properly and it is definitely affecting my job. My psoriasis began after a sickness I suffered and a stressful ...

skin cancer diagnosis

  • By cincygirl · Posted 11:27 am
  • Discussion in Emotional support and coping techniques · 0 replies
  • Went in to see my derm for my 6 month check up last week and to check a new growth on my upper arm. Had a biopsy that turned out to be squamous cell carcinoma. Am scheduled to have the skin cancer removed ...

Uncertain about Treatment Options

  • By Kristokms · Posted 10:40 am
  • Discussion in Psoriatic arthritis · 0 replies
  • I am 43 and was diagnosed this week with Inflammatory Arthritis and Psoriatic Arthritis. I have joint pain primarily in one hand, pretty painfully in one finger. I have psoriasis (horrible in my finger ...

Fellow P Survivor

  • By MauiBoy · New reply 10:38 am
  • Journal · 4 replies
  • I was free of Psoriasis until March 2, 2014. On that day, I was carrying a computer server down a stairwell in a rainstorm. I lost my footing and tumbled 20 feet down the stairwell on my butt with my ...

if you try Lakota

  • By denipink56 · New reply 10:37 am
  • Discussion in Psoriasis · 6 replies · Photos
  • i have been writing about the great relief i have for my arthritis pain and healing using Lakota products. i wrote that you can take Lakota if you are taking conventional meds. i am mistaken. there are ...

do not know anyone personally who has ppp..

  • By franny2774 · New reply 9:57 am
  • Discussion in Psoriasis · 8 replies
  • I have palmoplanter pustulosis as well as pustular psoraisis..I am on stellara every six weeks and my doctor wants me to go on soriatane with it .I am sixty five and until three years ago when I crushed ...

Please help

  • By Mommytomy5boys · Posted 9:56 am
  • Discussion in Psoriatic arthritis · 0 replies
  • Hello I'm new here I'm 41 years old and about 5 months ago I broke out with a sever case of psoriasis on my scalp on my ears and under my breasts it's pretty bad. Last time I had even a small patch I ...

Just had my yearly

  • By Willymon · New reply 9:56 am
  • Discussion in Psoriasis · 8 replies · Photos
  • derm visit at the VA. I get a different one every time because we are affiliated with the University across the street. She asked me why I haven't asked for refills all year for my Clobetasol and Dovonex ...

Thank You All

  • By BetsB · New reply 9:46 am
  • Journal · 1 reply
  • As far as I know, I have never known anyone with psoriasis, except my Dad and my daughter (guilt for passing it on to her). Of course, people hide it so, who knows. In any case, what I want to say is ...

Is There a Patient Registry for Biologic patients ?

  • By KCTPAC · New reply 9:37 am
  • Discussion in Psoriatic arthritis · 9 replies
  • If so I would like to contact them to see how large it is and what they have documented for reported cancers while being on a TNF inhibitor ...

Real Hope!!!

  • By Flintchick · New reply 9:32 am
  • Discussion in Complementary and alternative · 375 replies · Photos
  • I hope that I am not premature in sharing this. I don't want to contribute another false hope to our group, but I am really excited. I was going to wait for more results first, but summer is almost here ...

i am psoriasis patent

  • By haroon85 · New reply 8:53 am
  • Discussion in Psoriasis · 6 replies · Photos
  • i am psoriasis patent i need treatment ...

Scalp psoriais & Vicks

  • By R11Gym · New reply 8:50 am
  • Discussion in Psoriasis · 7 replies
  • I've heard & read a few articles on p & Vicks menthol rub. Giving it a go for my scalp p tonight. Fingers crossed ...

psoriasis and intimacy

  • By brwniegrl · New reply 8:39 am
  • Discussion in Emotional support and coping techniques · 11 replies
  • Hi. I have bad psoriasis for over ten years. I have gotten worse and my depression is really bad. I can't look at myself in the mirror and have had no more sex at all. Is anyone else git thus problem ...

Neotigason Acitretin

  • By Rhino01 · Posted 6:45 am
  • Discussion in Psoriasis · 0 replies
  • Hi I have just been prescribed Neotigason Acitretin 25mg ,once daily for my psoriasis. I have been a sufferer for many years and have tried all the treatments but have always been negative towards tablets ...

Guttate psoriasis

  • By ChloeS · New reply 4:56 am
  • Discussion in Psoriasis · 7 replies
  • Hi please can anyone offer any advice im at my wits end!! Two weeks ago I had a sore throat which was delt with antibiotic, Within 2 days it went away then 2 days after that I had a rash then a week on ...


  • By Ricus · Posted 2:19 am
  • Discussion in Psoriatic arthritis · 0 replies
  • I am 68 years of age and have had psoriatic arthritis for 8 years. My main problem is with my hands and wrists though it varies from time to time. I get occasional trouble with elbows and left hip. I ...

Sores in the head

  • By Helgy_55 · New reply 12:57 am
  • Discussion in Psoriasis · 3 replies
  • I was wondering if anyone else gets sores in their head that pop up and swell and also cause swelling in the follicle and can cause hair loss and will bleed? The dermatologist told me that this is a form ...

New Pill Otezla

  • By Barista86 · New reply 12:03 am
  • Discussion in Psoriasis · 6 replies
  • I just went to my new derm. and he just put me on Otezla and am on a start pack which I can’t wait to see what it does. I just got the start pack and right now am 10mg and working my way up to the 30mg ...

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