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scalp psoriasis

  • By flynn1380 · New reply 4:56 pm
  • Journal · 9 replies
  • Hi, I have had scalp psoriasis for years ,driving me to distraction at times,I have tried nearly everything over the last 40 years,the latest being Dovobet scalp gel,does work a bit , but expensive ,no ...

Finally, after fifty years...

  • By Davidniven · New reply 4:55 pm
  • Discussion in Complementary and alternative · 65 replies · Photos
  • This is my 50th year with chronic plague psoriasis. Like so many of us with this condition, it has been a challenging, and life altering journey. During these many years, I have tried numerous medications ...

Enbrel Injection Site Issues

  • By missdebba · New reply 4:53 pm
  • Discussion in Psoriasis · 7 replies
  • I developed psoriasis a few years ago and we think psoriatic synovitis/arthritis this past year. I started Enbrel two weeks ago. The first injection site on my right thigh bruised. No big deal! The second ...

Psoriatic Arthritis

  • By AbbyKGraham · New reply 4:28 pm
  • Discussion in Psoriatic arthritis · 5 replies · Photos
  • I was diagnosed with Psoriatic Arthritis last week after 3 weeks of swelling and pain in my middle finger on my left hand. My finger is slowly starting to bend at the middle joint and its painful to straighten ...

progression of disease?

  • By heatherkathleen30 · New reply 4:25 pm
  • Discussion in Psoriatic arthritis · 19 replies
  • Hi all. I have been wondering if anyone knows if there is a way to tell how your disease will progress? I am lucky enough to be pretty mild right now, although my heel was awful for a year and a half ...

Why go to a Dermatologist when Psoriasis is Immunity Issue

  • By Choudhary · New reply 4:17 pm
  • Discussion in Psoriasis · 44 replies · Photos
  • Hello Dear Members, My Question is very basic. People Suggest to go to a dermatologist for Psoriasis. However if its an Immune related issue one should go for a Liver Specialist or not.? Because the medication ...

Guava and other beneficial food for skin from Dr Oz

  • By JULIAinFLA · Posted 4:13 pm
  • Discussion in Complementary and alternative · 0 replies
  • loaded with vitamin C, guava acts as a natural filler for your skin. Incorporating guava into your diet can actually repair and rebuild collagen, making your skin firmer and smoother. For best results ...

P/PsA Awareness: Mental/Physical/Social

  • By JSue1125 · New reply 4:03 pm
  • Journal · 8 replies
  • Hello friends! I am new to this and am looking for some people to help me. I was diagnosed with PsA 12 years ago when I was pregnant with my first daughter. Now, 12 years later, I have recently found ...

At last.....

  • By aybiann · New reply 3:55 pm
  • Journal · 1 reply · Photos
  • after god-knows-how many tries I did, I finally got in ...

Naturopathy versus science-based medicine

  • By hawwa · New reply 3:51 pm
  • Discussion in Conversations · 28 replies · Photos
  • ropathy-vs-science-facts-edition/ This is a good read especially if you're wondering whether to consult a naturopathic doctor instead of a conventional doctor ...

Cant Take the Pain

  • By toupie · New reply 3:46 pm
  • Discussion in Psoriatic arthritis · 50 replies · Photos
  • I can't take watching my husband suffer with the pain and sleepless nights he has had the past 3 wks. We are only in to this about a month. He is on Indomethacin for pain and Sulfasalazine twice daily ...

how long treatments last you??

  • By ASHIEANN · New reply 3:40 pm
  • Journal · 4 replies
  • Hi I'm on REMICADE and I went July 21 that one lasted 8days pain free. Since then my Dr increased dose and frequency I go every four weeks. I had an infusion on August 18 it's now August 31 it lasted ...

Has anyone experienced a major psoriasis flare after stopping enbrel

  • By Mmfri · New reply 3:31 pm
  • Discussion in Psoriasis · 4 replies
  • I was on enbrel for nearly 11 years, mainly for PsA but also for P. It helped me tremendously. I was taking the 25 mg pre-filled injection once every 10-12 days to minimize a neutropenia reaction I would ...

Failed biologics, mtx . Hip bursitis pain. Help! Need advice.

  • By cbd0901 · New reply 3:27 pm
  • Discussion in Psoriatic arthritis · 21 replies · Photos
  • I am in my mid fifties and have had psoriatic arthritis for over 30 years. I had psoriasis from age 8 early 20s but it just morphed in to the arthritis. I have been on methotrexate by injection for 25 ...

Board suggestion

  • By LilBudyWizer · Posted 3:25 pm
  • Discussion in Psoriasis · 0 replies
  • There's a board for alternative medicine and I propose they have a board for conventional medicine. With the merged stream it doesn't much matter. So that would be another suggestion, make it matter ...


  • By partybonkers · New reply 3:22 pm
  • Discussion in Complementary and alternative · 144 replies
  • What happened to the thread about Ginseng? Why was it terminated? People were having such good results. It also created a lot of interest from users of the forum. Please people who are using Ginseng ...

Is anyone interested in a NYC Psoriasis discussion group?

  • By Menfitano · New reply 3:15 pm
  • Discussion in Psoriasis · 1 reply
  • Hi Folks, I see that in 2012 there was some discussion about a NYC Psoriasis discussion group, but I don't believe that anything has come of it. Is there any interest still out there ...

I need help!

  • By JennaYassine · New reply 3:12 pm
  • Discussion in Psoriasis · 3 replies · Photos
  • Hello I have some questions about psoriasis on nails can anyone help me ...


  • By Eddie3612 · New reply 3:00 pm
  • Discussion in Psoriatic arthritis · 2 replies
  • How to cure or hep itching to to sulfasalazine reaction ...

Humira without methotrexate

  • By lefty5 · New reply 2:54 pm
  • Discussion in Psoriasis · 3 replies · Photos
  • I have been taking Humira and methotrexate for three years and it's gotten my psoriasis completely under control. The Humira injection days aren't bad, but the day I take the methotrexate pills I feel ...

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