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New Rheumy hasn't heard of Otezla

  • By Lolly146 · Posted 7:39 pm
  • Discussion in Psoriatic arthritis · 0 replies
  • Just saw a new rheumatologist (new insurance, new doctor. Grrrr). After Humira, enbrel and remicade, all along with methotrexate, my previous doctor and I decided to try Humira again (it had worked well ...

Vitamin D deficiency

  • By Sheshep · New reply 7:14 pm
  • Discussion in Psoriatic arthritis · 7 replies
  • Do any of you have low Vitamin D? Mine is now 12.3 and has been as low as 9 in the past year. I am on prescription D 50,000 units per week and have taken 100,000 at times. The highest it has gotten is ...


  • By debcgonz · New reply 6:43 pm
  • Journal · 2 replies
  • Had arthroscopic surgery yesterday. For repair of rotator cuff fraying. And carpal tunnel release on the left side. Numbness from Nerve block has gone. I will see the Ortho on Tuesday. He gave me photos ...

Soap for P

  • By fifi2525 · New reply 5:59 pm
  • Discussion in Psoriasis · 14 replies
  • What is the best soap for P ...

found something that works

  • By Flake1960 · New reply 5:21 pm
  • Discussion in Psoriasis · 14 replies
  • I was told about this ointment called Taclonex.I got it a few days ago,I put it on my arms so far and in just a few days I see a big difference.Hopefully I can wear short sleeves soon.Now I called my ...

Never would have believed it, but......

  • By Dobbs · New reply 4:39 pm
  • Journal · 36 replies
  • I admit it....I've visited these boards almost daily for the past three years...since I myself was diagnosed with PsA. Having suffered with scalp P for nearly 8 years, recently it had exacerbated and ...

scalp is bleeding HELP PLEASE

  • By starbright2012 · New reply 3:59 pm
  • Discussion in Psoriasis · 11 replies
  • Hello- I called my dermatologist and I am waiting to hear back.My psoriasis on my scalp is bleeding.It seems like it keeps dripping and being wet.If I put tissue on my head I see red and blood.I have ...

4 bulb UVB unit to donate

  • By ElSo · New reply 3:58 pm
  • Discussion in Psoriasis · 2 replies
  • I have a National Biological 4 lamp unit to donate and am having a difficult time figuring out how to do that. I've contacted my dermatologist, the NPF and have gotten nowhere. It would be a shame for ...

My 1 week and sub $1000 Dead Sea experience

  • By farcry80 · New reply 3:52 pm
  • Discussion in Psoriasis · 2 replies
  • So I had one week to plan a solo trip somewhere around the world. I chose the Dead Sea in Jordan to go since my goal was to keep the trip under $1000 (yes, including airfare) and I could see a direct ...


  • By egypt · New reply 3:23 pm
  • Discussion in Psoriatic arthritis · 15 replies
  • Hiya, I'm 29 and had Psoriasis for 10 1/2 years. I've been reading the posts on here which have been a great source of support and information. So I thought it was time to write something myself. I've ...

Quick Remedies to Calm Down Guttate Psoriasis

  • By louiselister · New reply 3:18 pm
  • Discussion in Psoriasis · 7 replies
  • Hello everyone, I am new to this website and was just looking for some advice. I initially suffered with psoriasis at around 15 years old and since then have had multiple course of phototherapy which ...

NEED INFO: A Rash that turned into a Open Sore, that is deep

  • By regal1 · New reply 2:58 pm
  • Journal · 15 replies
  • I was recently diagnosed with PsA, and P. I only have a couple of rashes and didn't even think I had P, but that is what the Doctor said. I have a rash on side of my leg, and obviously during the night ...

First post about my Psoriasis - General health

  • By Mcooke · New reply 2:42 pm
  • Discussion in Psoriasis · 6 replies
  • Hey guys, my name is Mike and this is my first time posting my own discussion on here. To sum it up I'm 22 and have been dealing with P for around a year now. It all started off when I went through a ...

Swimming in a pool

  • By DelleCJane · New reply 2:36 pm
  • Discussion in Psoriasis · 2 replies
  • I just got this bad flare up the first time about 4months ago so I have not gone swimming yet. What about going in a pool? I have not tried that yet and what about the salt water? Is either of these harmful ...

Psoriatic arthritis/Pain in my neck and upper spine

  • By -ZilphaMay- · New reply 2:23 pm
  • Journal · 18 replies
  • Hello everyone, I was wondering if any of you who have psoriatic arthritis also have pain in your neck and spine. I have been having a lot of pain/numbness/tingling in my neck, upper spine and running ...

Arthritis, Psoriasis, Chicken Collagen, Tart Cherry, and Krill Oil

  • By Goody2 · New reply 2:07 pm
  • Journal · 6 replies
  • I started taking Chicken Sternum Collagen Type II supplements on Feb 18 after reading the following: From GreenMedInfo article, -treat-arthritis "Whether due to ...

Any one taking Natural things for psoriasis?

  • By jojo88 · New reply 1:33 pm
  • Discussion in Psoriasis · 3 replies
  • Hey Guys, I have been suffering with plaque p. for the past 2 years, I have been on Humira for the past year. and it has not helped at all. I have been thinking of just buying natural stuff like oils ...

Biologics/ IV

  • By FrauKatieKat · New reply 1:27 pm
  • Discussion in Psoriasis · 33 replies
  • Hello everyone, My name is Katie. I have been dealing with my inverse psoriasis for years.. But Things got a lot worse for me in 2012, so I got started on enbrel. But that was not doing much for me, so ...

Stelara Costs

  • By Duke946 · New reply 1:24 pm
  • Discussion in Psoriasis · 12 replies
  • Does anyone have any idea what the out of pocket costs are for Stelara when you're on Medicare and United Health Care Supplemental insurance. I have called both my insurance carrier and the manufacturer ...

support from anyone

  • By hazydayys · New reply 1:20 pm
  • Discussion in Psoriasis · 105 replies
  • I've had plaque psoriasis for about 9 months now. This is all very new to me, and I'm honesty scared to live my whole life with this disorder. I just need some support from anyone out there dealing with ...

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