survival rates for congestive heart failure patients

I would like to hear from patients who have survived beyond the "5 year average mortality rate" following a diagnosis of congestive heart failure.Particularly those who have both diastolic and systolic CHF conditions.Is there any reason to hope that some stem cell research may extend life expectancy?
Many thanks,

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i am a 12 year survivor ........... of chf
they gave me 1 to 2 years to live guess i showed them

its all in how you live your life and love your life i say.........
doctors only know so much. they can only do so much.... the rest is up to us

surviving heart disease one day at a time
for 12 years
with trigger 04/08

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Stem cell trials have shown much encouragement in small clinical trials in the U.S. There will be much larger trials
in the future.


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My grandfather lived with it for over 20 years before he passed away. And, my mother was diagnosed with it about 8 years ago. She is in poor health now, but it's because she refuses to change her lifestyle. I'm an EMT and have seen several patients that have lived longer than 5 years if they take care of themselves, exercise, and quit smoking.

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Thanks for your words of encouragement. Now,if only the United States would more rapidly pursue stem cell solutions as many other countries already have. It is my feeling that this is the answer. During this primary election season I have yet to hear one reporter ask any of the candidates what their feelings are on stem cell research. I know that during the past ten years, America
fell behind many nations in this area because of politics and misunderstandings of the procedures. Thank goodness Nancy Reagan went against the tide and came out in favor of stem cell solutions and this brought some light instead of just heat to the topic.
Call or write your Congress representatives or senators to tell them how imprortant this critical medical research is!
I definately believe in lifestyle being so important to longer survival rates. I always had a healthy lifestyle but my heart problems were genetic so who knows how much worse my prognosis would have been if I didn't listen to my doctors, didn't have medical insurance,and smoked,drank or was overweight. May we all live to see new medical research save lives.
Best of luck to all
Shamal (the beyond 50%)

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I agree other countries are warp years ahead of the country with more resources than all others combined.
I think we're just a few yrs. away from being able to electively schedule the stem cell procedure, if larger
clinical trials have results similar to recent smaller trials. I also think the support and funding of stem cell
research has grown b/c of the progress of other countries. Until then diet, exercise and reduce stress to
get us to that time.


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