5 Months after ICD, site very painful

Hi! I have written before about my pain at the site. Not only does it feel like acid burning when even my clothing like a sweater touches it, I accidently tapped it with my hairbrush and I saw stars for several minutes, it took my breath away. To touch the device hurts as well. I have to be careful when hugging people, to make sure I am going towards them on my right side. I see my cardio doc tomorrow. I feel dizzy often and I have had a few episodes of tach again. On top of that I am fighting with my insurance company who won't pay the bill for the icd saying it wasn't necessary. I've had 2 ablations and a long history of svt, vt and so on. I just can't believe how much in site hurts. Anyone else with this problem. I have had over 20 surgeries so pain is not new to me.
Thanks :)

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Not normal, not normal, not normal. Sit in his/her office until they figure out a game plan. Keep calling them, talking to the assistant, leaving messages. Keep telling them you hurt, and your other symptoms. They will base their response on how persistent you are -- the more seriously you present it, the more serious they will take it. Let us know what happens at the doc, please.

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Johnie is right - not normal - there is something wrong. Get to that doctor fast and don't leave until you know what is going on even if it means another little surgery.


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Hope you find help with that. Mine was very tender for sometime, but now is just itchy and uncomfortable.

I don't think it should be painful.

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The pain you describe sounds like shingles. I would see your internist. The pain is not normal. Janee

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I'm at 5 months too. Mine is still tender and If I get knocked on the ICD area its pretty painful but its nothing like you are experiencing.

It used to ache quite a lot of the time, especially during/after a bumpy ride in the car but in the last few weeks that has got much better and has started faded away.

Seeing stars doesn't sound right. The only time I see stars is when they test the ICD in the clinic and speed my heart up.

Hope you get some answers and help from your hospital.

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Not normal. I'm 3 months out, and it isn't painful, just tender, escpecially around the scar and leads. Is your ICD implanted underneath your pectorial muscle in your chest or is it just under the skin? The principal at the school where I work is a former football player, and when we hugged his shoulder plowed into my ICD site. It hurt, but nothing like you're describing at all. My kids' heads seem to be drawn like magnets to the site, so headbutts are fairly common for me. No stars or burning sensations. Keep us posted!!!

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Thanks for all you wonderful comments and concern it is much appreciated! :) I am now seeing a NEW cardiologist who is amazing!! My ICD is under my skin. You can actually see a little discoloration at the top of my pocket. I can not lean forward at the waist as if to mop up a spill on the floor, my ICD, that I nicknamed Lucy (from the Peanuts) feels as if its going to burst. My new doctor is planning on moving it in September. We are going to try some pain treatments to help with the current pain I am having. It's strange that even my shirt touching it makes the area burn. I accidently touched it rather hard the other day and wow!!!! I have pretty good movement of my left arm, however there are limits and my range of motion has been decreased by about 10-15%. My new doctor thinks that the nerve damage could be permanent. I see him again next week. My husbands dealership ended up on the chopping block, lucky for us he found a job and now we have new insurance issues to deal with. I will keep you posted.
Thanks for your support! :)

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Hi. I'm wondering if you have had your implant moved to a different location yet and where that will be. I had an ICD put in about 3 1/2 months ago after having a cardiac arrest and finding out I have LQT. I am seeing my cardiologist this week because I have been having problems at my impant site. The entire area constantly itches and it hurts when my clothes brush up against the incision. It also often feels as though pins and needles are being poked into it. Is this similar to what you have experienced? Thanks.

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I am 4 months out with my ICD...mine is under the pectoral muscle and have had burning and general discomfort but it seems to get better every day....was told this was not "abnormal" and would ease over time...hope that moving "the unit" has great results for you!

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I am only 13 days new post-op into my ICD implant, so I can certainly feel your pain. 13 days is bad enough for me right now, and I bet you felt like you wanted to rip that ICD out of your chest....i was ready too after only five days. Five months to you seems like real agony, and it sounds you did the right thing switching cardiologists.

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