What does skin Sarcoidosis look like?

I have been noticing all these little red dots all over my body and am wondering what they are. Anyone have any idea on this?


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Well Shiela,
I dont have red dots. Mine are black as I am of black race. My doctor told me today when I addressed them at a visit today. They are normal with age and that it is nothing to worry about. I still find it weird since I just recently started to see them. From what I have reasearched that it is one of the symptoms os 'thesarc'

???? are your dots under skin or above ?????

Maybe some other fellow inspire family members knows more about it....

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HI I have sarc marks on both legs. Im african american my marks start off red and swollen then purple like a bruise and very painful to touch. Then it leaves dark marks all over my legs. They have showed up on my face and my side. GOOD LUCK

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I don't have skin involvement, but am sorry to know that you have yet, another problem on top of everything else. I hope you will feel better soon dear. It's got to be rough on you with the holidays and all.


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Do you have small children? Could it be Fifth's? Or perhaps a rash? Have you used a new detergent or dryer sheet or have new clothing that is rubbing against your skin? With the recent rash of cases, could it possible be bed bugs? A scary thought but less scary than skin sarcoid.

Most skin problems are scaly or pop out like blisters or it looks like it's laying under the skin, kind of like a sunburn but splotchy. You'll often find something like that around the eyes or on the forehead or around the mouth and neck. They're not little dots or raised bumps. There may also be facial or extremity swelling.

As sunshine mentioned, they may also cause light purple or bluish-red bumps and plaque. It doesn't look like a rash at all.

If it sticks around for awhile, I would bring it to your doc's attention. If it's a blistering rash, it could last from only a few days to a few weeks. Just keep an eye on it.

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They are like blood red spots and all over not just in one place. And no I do not have kids, and have not changed anything around my house. Have been sick with alot of colds since he put me in Imuran. And no bed bugs hubby checks for those all the time just to make sure.

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Hi LOL2000,

I think I know the little red spots you mean. Little tiny red dots on the skin. I have them and so do my brother and my mother. Neither of them have sarcoid. I thought they were petechiae and figured I had a blood clotting disorder. I was sent to a skin specialist about them. They are called Campbell-De Morgan spots. They are due to old age coming on. They are tiny papules or hemangiomas. They bleed lots if you damage one, but that is for even older years. You can check it out here. Also do a check in google images just to be sure.



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http://www.google.com.au/images?hl=en&source=imghp&biw=1916&bih=833&q=campb ell+de+morgan+spots+picture&gbv=2&aq=2&aqi=g3&aql=&oq=Campbell+de&gs_rfai=

I don't have quite as many or quite as large as some of these pics, but yep - that is them.


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I have them too. They are on my stomach. no pain no problems, they just look unsightly. I got them after my hysterectomy. I even pointed them out to my Dr on my last visit and he said no.
But the scaly rash on my face hand and elbow looked like sarc. Sigh. And my feet get the breakouts of the blisters under the skin.

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Hi Guys,
Erythema nodosum is assocaited with sarc and there appears to be skin sarc that can show differently with different people and different places.
Some links to look at;


Hope that helps some.

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Has anyone ever heard of tattoo sarc? My husband just this past year since all the other symptoms started he got what his doc thought to be age spots on his tattoos some flat, some that feel like small nodules just under the skin. I looked it up on line and found something called tattoo sarc but most said theirs was red. His are not but I want to lump it in with his sarc because I just find it hard to believe that suddenly in this past years hes developed "age" spots only on his tattoos?!
Thanks, Rita

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My skin sarcoid originally showed up as purple rashes behind both knees and on my arms/shoulder. The dermatologist did a biopsy on two different places and both came out positive for Sarcoidosis. She immediately sent me to a pulmonologist who conducted all the pulmonary function tests (PFTs) and ordered a CT of the lungs. I was very disappointed to hear that I also had Sarcoid in my lungs. This is such a confusing autoimmune condition that it is really difficult when I get sick. I can't determine if I just have a virus or if my symptoms (such as night sweats) are because of the Sarcoid. I'm so fixated on the Sarcoid advancing that I panic whenever a new symptom shows up. My physicians always tell me it "could" be Sarcoid, or just normal health issues everyone gets. If physician don't fully understand Sarcoid, how can we as patients know what to do or know if we need to be more worried because of Sarcoid affecting another part of our body?

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The thing i have found when looking into sarc and its symptoms is that this is possible particularly as it is said to be drawn to injury sites and maybe if your hubby was prone to get skin sarc this may make it more of a possibility to get it there, i also have heard of other sarcies with this on tattoo areas.
Also bear in mind that because we have an autoimmune disease we can develop an alergic reaction.( Anyhow compare with some of those pics in the link, and take your findings/concerns to the doc)
Hope that helps some.

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Hi, my Rhuemy once told me there are different kinds of sarc. one kind includes small red bumps - usually on the shins. The other is the kind I have sarc lesions that look like lupus ....
You might see a Rhuemy about yours. Best wishes!

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