What does Skin Sarcoid look like??????

Hi everyone

Lately I've been getting smooth red areas about the size of a quarter that look like a burn. After about 2 weeks the red area gets lighter in color and gets rough and dry.
Any ideas??

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Here is one site you may look at. It is a little different then what you have. I have this myself. Not fun when it is at it's worst, very painful.


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Hi Jan,
If you google sarcoidosis skin lessions there are several sites you can view pics of.
Good Luck,

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I have two lesions on my legs like you described. I had a biopsy in 2006. The results of the biopsy was sarcoid.

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Thank you all for the links. Very helpful discussion to me today as I have an all over rash which hopefully is sarcoid related and is NOT due to my first Remicade treatment two weeks ago. I'm due for my second treatment this Thursday. My cough has decreased substantially and some other pains so I really want this to be separate issue from Remicade. I'm traveling with business right up to Thursday morning so now the hospital is scrambling to arrange for a dermetologist to check this out and sort this out.
Question- for those who have skin sarcoid- Does it feel a little itchy and prickly?

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Hi everyone. I have skin sarc on my face. The left side is an actual lesion that was biopsied and confirmed sarc. This gets raised when it close to a Remicade infusion. The right side starts at about my eye and goes down to my chin, very red with little nodules, both can be very prickly and itchy at times. I use a very good cream from the dermatologist but it can thin your skin so you have to be careful. I also has spots on my legs that I just ignore. The face is harder to ignore. See a good dermatologist who is familiar with sarc. I was lucky to find a good one in New Haven at St. Raphael's hospital, he is very good. Hope this was helpful.


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Yet more problems - skin, rash & lumps!

2009 is obviously going to be my "year of the rash".

My face rash which had spread to my scalp as lumps and is also frequently on my feet as lumps is now spreading to the rest of my body, firstly showing as a large purple bruise-like area with raised lump on my spare tyre (stomach).

This is not a good sign! I know what it is and what should be done but I cant get the treatment. My local hospital which seemed to have changed their mind now tell me I cant be seen for months as I am only "routine". This is just me sounding off - lets hope my article shakes them up a bit when it comes out on Wed.

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Thank you all my Sarcoid Buddies. I will check out those web sites.

Oh, did I tell you my breathing improved 2%? Now I've only lost 28% of my lung capacity. My doctor was really surprised since I have Pulmonary Fibrosis from the Sarcoid and it causes the lung tissue to become hard like a turtle shell.

I work at a school and this school year they started using all enviromently friendly cleaning products. I wonder if that could have helped my breathing.

Thanks again for your help
BeachBum Jan :0)

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I have noticed itching and lesions at the joints, elbow, knee, arm, thumb ...
and I believe from what I have read and pictures I have saw, that it is sarc related.

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I had sub-dermal sarc lesions; bumps and lumps just below the skin. I had a really large one surgically removed from my forehead. The last of the lesser bumps subsided when I dieted and lost most of my prednisone weight. Strange.

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I know that the face rash I have glows more when I am having a flare up (like today when I couldn't get out of bed till 2pm UK time). Head lumps also seem to itch more at these times.

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hi my name is lisa i have something like that on that on the sides of my armpit, it was very itchy first then it started to burn thats when i noticed them. but they are a little raised. what is it? did you ever find out ? i went to that sight the lady said to go to. is that what this is?

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hi its me again-lisa. do you have a sight that shows pictures of that web sight . it would help me to understand if what i have is this - i have these marks on the sides of my armpit that look like burn marks. it started off being itchy then it was burning. HELP!!!!!

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Hi BeachBum Jan

It could be the cleaning products.
There was a big article on AOL news and occ on tv about most store shelve products and the dangers to healthy people never mind people with certain illnesses. If I shared with you the knowlege I have what so many cleaning products could do to you most of them would go into the garbage.
Now many are starting to say they are more enviromentally safer but what they did it change the bottle to use less plastic, not the ingrediants, tricky.
I use all natural products to clean my home, clothes, etc. and I am doing so much better right now.

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Hi Beach Bum jan,

Put skin sarcoidosis into Google Images. It should throw up a few photos to help. If in doubt ask for a referral to a dermatologist and get a biopsy.


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I never had skin lesions, but now I'm getting them. On my knees and mid-thigh, it almost looks like psoriasis, but it's reddish and irregular shaped but doesn't hurt, about 4 in by 4 in on both legs. DOes this sound like anything anyone else has?

Also, I was getting something around my nostrils, and I do get crusty buildup on my scalp when I am getting a flare up. It's all coming back but I don't want to go back on steroids so I'm avoiding going to the doctor. I"m going to try and manage symptoms--the only thing I worry about is I have it pretty bad in my heart, and I think that's why the docs always want me back on steroids during a flare up.

Any thoughts, fellow sarkies?

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My skin sarc has gone away after I tried a gluten free diet. I am finding out that, at least for me, food intolerances have a lot to do with it.
It's worth a try.

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