Weight Loss and Pulmonary Sarcoidosis

I have had pulmonary sarcoidosis for about 6 months and have lost about 10-12 pounds. Can the deep coughing spells which sometimes last for up to 10 minutes be part of the cause. I'm guessing that coughing consumes calories which I can't seem to make up by eating more.

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You have included nothing of your eating habits so keep a journal of this and take it to your primary he or she will be able to give you some idea better than here. Nobody can tell you why you are losing weight without a medical profile. You lose weight when you consume less calories than you use.
Coughing should not be a factor and if it is you are doing it much to often and should be seeing your physician to try and slow it down with an inhalor or some other type of prophylactic device.

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One problem with sarcoidosis that is not under control is that you lose weight. When you go to see your sarc doc and you get weighed, it is not to see if you have gained weight but to see if you have lost weight. Why--I don't know. But I do know that weight loss is a symptom of uncontrolled sarcoidosis.

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I have lost 40 pounds since diagnosis with lung sarc in December. I've been on pred since then. I asked and was told the pred and sped up my metabolism. (?)

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That is the kind of Sarcoidosis I started out with. In the month of July alone in 1993 I lost 15 pounds. In total before the predisone, I lost over 80 pounds in 8 months.

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If you look up the symptoms of non treated sarc, weight loss is one of the symptoms.

Have you been started on any treatment?

Take care!

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Not sure if the coughing would have anything to do with the weight loss. You should really talk to your doctor about it.

I have Lymph Sarc and have not lost one pound, but the opposite...gained 10. Since learning about sarc I have am more healthy, doing cardio and strength training which I never did before.
This is disease is sooo frustrating!!!

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Some people actually lose weight because of sarcoidosis. Please don't think that this is an invitation to eat anything in sight. Choose your food to benefit your body and still avoid bad fats. If you start on prednisone the chances are that you will gain weight.
I haven't had the coughing for over eight years, in fact when I had lung problems I was not diagnosed with sarcoidosis. I did lose a lot of weight while coughing. I have not had lung symptoms for all this time and I think it's because I do a lot of cardiovascular exercise.

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So what causes the weight loss in sarcoidosis? I went on a diet and lost 20 pounds. Shortly thereafter my sarcoidosis was diagnosed. I have stuck to the diet and lost an additional 20 lbs. Now taking prednisone for lung inflammation. So I guess the weight loss is due both to diet and disease?Wonder what about this disease causes the weight loss?

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Geez, weight loss is Not one of my symptoms and it's the only one I would like to have since I was diagnosed anyway. I never get the weight loss symptoms.

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