Warm climate good or bad???

I live in NH and was wondering if moving to FL would help with the symptoms??? I find out wednesday if I have neurosarcoidosis. I have a very difficult time taking care of my 5 year old boy, myself, the house and make it to dr's appointment. If anyone could shed some light on this I will be very thankful!!

God Bless=)

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For me - heat is good for pain, but not so with breathing - especially humidity.

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I live in Arizona. I was in northern california (were it is very cold in winter and nice in summer) for almost 20 years. I was dx with sarc there. only my eyes were affected. When I had to stop driving and could no longer work I had to make the choice to move back to AZ were my family was.

Almost immediately my sarc got worse. eyesight went from bad to non existent. pain levels increased. I never really liked heat (that is why I moved out of AZ in the first place) but when I moved back I was miserable!

Pulmonologist said that I was vit D sensitive and to stay out of the sun at all cost. To cover up even when going to and from cars or shops. My sarc has become systemic (more than 5 organs now) I do not blame the heat or sun from sarc going systemic, But I do blame heat and sun for symptoms getting so bad. I feel much better in the winter and in the summer I keep my A/C @ 60 degrees (nice to live in a utility free apt) The colder the better

That being my own issues with it. I have heard some people say that they do feel better with heat and sun.

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Thank you both for writing. So far I have been able to experience two good summers and three miserable winters. Because I am fighting for full custody of my little one I cant move out of state unless the court oks it. Cross your fingers for me!! I will never leave my son!!

God Bless

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Hi minman,

From what I have learned by members of this forum the heat is much harder on the health issues than cold. I would suggest you consider staying in NH where you can be with your son and not risk the move. Moving to FL might make health worse and you might loose your son.

Stay put is my recommendation. But it really is YOUR decision.


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I'm from Florida and will never go back. Tropical invironments are not the place to be if you have lung issues. Too many funguses, pollens and such; prime evildoers in lung illnesses.

If you want the heat, it would be best to go for a desert environment. My lungs felt the best they ever have in Egypt. Unfortunately I prefer the cold.

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One more comment. Cold is better if you are arthritic. Heat not recommended for inflammatory conditions.

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I can blame Florida as one possible cause for my Sarc trigger. Last year in June, I started visiting Florida for my office work. From June till Aug, I travelled 8 times from San Francisco to Florida and my each visit was 3-4 days. The weather was very hot and extremely Humid in Florida. I used to walk outside hotel in the night in the humid and hot weather.
In one of those visits, in Aug first week, I flew back to SFO on Thursday and on Friday started feeling chest pains and extreme lethargy. That's what lead to Sarc findings.
I have never been to Florida before this. So, Florida is very high on my list of Sarc trigger. it is a NO NO for me.

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For me summer is much better. I have been diagnosed for 10 years and I have the same experiences every year. In the winter the cold air is like razor blades in my lungs. It sends me into crazy caughing fits. In the summer I feel much better. When I go to Florida in the winter for vacation I again feel much better right away. I have been through a divorce an since my kids are here I do not have the option to move I just have to live with it and hope for mild winters like we are having this year.

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I hear Ruidosa, New Mexico has a great climate: high and dry. Not too hot in the summer or humid and not too cold in the winter.

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I spend a lot of time in Florida, or at least I try to. You are like me, we're both on the East Coast (I'm in NC) and regardless of whether you're in NH or FL, the humidity level is most likely the same.

I find that the humidity in the summer here in NC is worse than when I go to FL. That surprised me when I got there. I lived in FL for 1/2 a year in 2007 and did okay except being out in the sun too much. But that holds true no matter where I'm located. I just have never done well with excessive exposure to the sun.

For all of us, we have different things that bother our disease. For me, heat is a problem, but I don't want to move back to MI either. And humidity, no matter where I am is a problem. In fact, I had more headaches in MI than I've had in either NC or FL because the humidity from either snow or rain bothered me a lot in MI.

Of course mold and mildew is not easily tolerated by an Sarkie. It's probably not good for anyone really. So no matter where you live you need to keep that under control. I'm very active in keeping mold and mildew out of my home both here and in Florida.

So the answer is...up to you! Talk with your doctor, look at the mold/mildew charts for the U.S. and decide based on your own best educated guess.

Personally, I'm trying to get back to Florida on a permanent basis. That's where my grandchildren are and I did okay there.

No matter what you decide, good luck where ever you end up.

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I moved from the bitter cold of upstate NY to FL because I had coughing/choking fits whenever I went outside. I've always hated the heat but I seem to do better here than the winters up north. However, I am an a/c Ho and can't breathe well without it. It seems like it affects everybody differently.

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Depends what's part of the body you are speaking of. Breathing, summer is bad due to humidity. Winter is horrible for joints and other pain.

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I am in Florida and I do not find it any harder on my breathing due to humidity. I find I do better in the heat than the cold although both are getting hard for me if really hot or really cold.

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I live in florida and the heat doesn't seem to make things worse. Harder to stay out of the sun though. Being around the salt water of the gulf coast seems to help. I am even considering getting a place on the water to see if it helps.

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