Turmeric or Curcumin

Has anyone tried Curcumin which is Turmeric (spice) for it's anti-inflammatory actions???

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I tried it for around 3 months. You need to go to a doctor or naturopath who will have strong enough capsules. Over the counter ones from the health food store won't be this strong.
Many people with inflammation have had success with turmeric.
My doctor told me that firstly they discovered that it helped older people with dementia. During this treatment they were surprised to find that the older peoples' arthritic pains were alleviated. (I don't know who "they" are!).
I had maybe very slight relief but after awhile I did not notice any relief and I think I started to smell like turmeric.

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Hi Krissy, I don't know a tremendous amount about Tumeric or Curcumin, but I just recently started using a juice called Zrii that has Tumeric in it. A friend of mine started using it and has seen a significant difference in the way she feels. I just started drinking the juice today (you drink 1-3 oz a day - I drink 3 oz), in hopes that it will help with the Sarc and I also have autoimmune hepatitis, stage 2 fibrosis, and I've been told that the juice can help to better liver and kidney function. I've also been told that it helps with diabetes sugar levels, which I also have diabetes due to the prednisone. I've seen a considerable increase in my energy and alertness, which has been a plus too. As I said before, I've just started it, but I'd be willing to keep you posted on how I'm doing on it, in case you are interested in trying it yourself. Hope this helps a tad.
Hugs of Support, Dawn Marie

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Hi Mimi3 I am from the west Indinese (Guyana) a small country next to Brazil and we grew up on taking herbal med for sickness not every cough or cold we could afford the doctors, however we use a lot of curry which have Tumeric and I've had sarcoid for six years and been taking Tumeric for the pass three months however I've been eating curry all my life and I don't have any pain from my sarcoid in fact the reason I started taking Tumeric by itself because the curry powder don't have enough of that pain healing powder and also one morning I get up and my hands was feeling very stiff and was hurting so bad I could not hold my spoon that is when I've decided to take the Tumeric by itself half of a tea spoon in some juice everyday and it has being three months and no pain, so to answer your question yes it works. vgirl

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