Throat burning

Hello Everyone,
Just wondering if anybody else has a burning in the throat? Latley my throat has been burning even if i drink water. Does anybody have any ideal what i can do to make t go away, so i can eat again?

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Hi Jrlittlet,

Burning in the throat could be a couple of things and you are probably the only one who can tell for sure what it is.

If you are living in a high pollen area and clearing your throat constantly it could cause some throat pain. In this case your sinuses are draining and your throat will feel clogged with mucus. You will be clearing and it will cause irritation. You would need to see and ear nose throat doc for that.

If you have acid reflux disease your throat will hurt all the time but you will also have stomach symptoms and it is common with prednasone and the weight gain that comes with prednasone, you would need to see a gastro doc for an upper endoscopy and some treatment.

If you don't think it is either of these you will probably need to see an ear nose and throat doc and have your throat looked at so the doc can determine where the pain is coming from.

I hope this helps,

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I always debate whether to respond to someones post when I don't have an answer. What I do know is that I've had a sore throat every day of my life since I was a little girl. I have been diagnosed with "Non-allergic Rhinitis". I'm not sure if this is the cause of my problem but it is a daily struggle to deal with the pain and swollen glands. So, I can offer sympathy, empathy and prayers for you.


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If you have a sinus infection, try using sea salt in warm water. I use about 1/2 teaspoon salt to 1/2 cup warm water and either 'snort' it up my nose while leaning over the sink, or I drip it up my nose while laying down using a cottonball. Drip about 10 drops up each nostril and move your head from side to side to let the saltwater get into your sinuses. Then after a few minutes sit up and blow your nose. Do this several more times. You need to do this daily to keep the bacteria and germs down. My pulmonary doctor gets really upset with me if I don't keep up with this.

Also, if it's acid reflux, you could buy a gallon of Aloe Vera juice at Wal-Mart and either drink about 6 oz. slowly each day or add to juice or tea.

Hope this information helps.

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I thought it was just me....

I have the same problem. I cant even really eat or drink anything. Everything burns. Dr gave me some antibiotics, something for acid reflux (just in case) and a referral to an ENT because he says my tonsils look "ratty". This sore throat is terrible. Feels like GLASS cutting when I swallow. Cant eat anything with citrus, spice basically nothing.

But what's funny is I AM NOT LOSING WEIGHT!! LOL

God bless

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You hit the nail on the head! My family laughed at me (not in a nice way either) when I said it felt like I was swallowing glass. And, I don't lose weight because of it as well. My metabolism is shot....It took a boat to Siberia never to return. I have to practically starve myself to get any weight off.

I hope you feel better soon and that goes for all who are suffering.


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If you're on prednisone, it might be heartburn in your throat. I had it in my nose and gums. Don't know why it didn't burn the esophogus like traditional heartburn.

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LJay /Jackie 7

Have you ladies received a diagnosis for the feeling of swallowing glass? I have the same problem. The only difference I often have is that someone is choking me on one side. It's so crazy. I have an appointment with ENT this morning and I will share the results..........IF ANY (smile).

Hope everyone is feeling much better.

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Sore throat for me has been common for the last 16 years ... docs check and see nothing. I do notice however that the sore throat and fatigue seem to go hand in hand and at the same intensity. In other words the more fatigue the sorer the throat. Any once else with this issue??

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Sore throat for me has been common for the last 16 years ... docs check and see nothing. I do notice however that the sore throat and fatigue seem to go hand in hand and at the same intensity. In other words the more fatigue the sorer the throat. Any one else with this issue??

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Thanks for all the responses!
I have seen a ENT and they advised me to get me tonsils removed and I did, they also removed my left gland under my throat. He gave me antibiotics to help me throat burning. Know I was informed it's in my lungs and I have a infection in my lungs.

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I had a sore throat off and on all winter and then started having a phelgm problem that made me feel like there was something stuck in my throat. My doctor said he thought my symptoms were due to the enviroment in my apartment. Prednisone did nothing to help and neither did anti biotics. I don't have my tonsils. Recently one of the problems in my apartment has been fixed and I haven't had a sore throat, nose bleeds and the phelgm problem is fifty percent better.

I did notice though, when I was at my most fatigued I would always have a sore throat so maybe there is something to that going hand in hand.

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