Thigh Pain?

I have been having really sharp pains in my right thigh, it feels like I am being jabbed with a knife. It only lasts a second or two each time, and happens a few times a day, but it is so painful that I yelp in surprise when I feel it. I thought it was nerve damage but I had an EMCG done at the Mayo in February and it was negative. I was wondering if swollen lymph nodes in the groin could cause this type of pain? I've recently been seeing a sarcoid doc at Hopkins (not officially diagnosed but will have a PET scan next week). Thanks!

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Hi! Recently I have been having sharp pains in my thighs & the backs of my calves. I'm going to see a new Neurologist this a.m. so I'm going to ask him. Maybe you should try a Neurologist too. Hope you feel better & find answers soon!

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I too have sharp pains like you described, but my appear mostly at night or early morning when I am still in bed and move my legs. What helped me was to stretch my calves and thighs a couple of times a day, especially after I exercise.
BTW, are you taking statins? IMO my muscle cramp problem is connected to taking a statin, but I'm not 100% sure.
Stretching is always a good idea, especially after exercise.

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I am only taking Cymbalta now, until I get the results from my scans next week. The pains I have aren't muscle cramps, they are very brief, sharp, stabbing, almost electrical-type pains on the top of my thigh... they are nothing like a charlie horse. At one point I thought they were from an ovarian cyst but a sonogram dispelled that. So if you follow the right ovary down your leg, that is where I have the pain...

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TNT, Thanks for the follow up.
The problem with pains is that doctors are sort of at loss and patients don't know what to do. Very frustrating!
I hope you'll find a good solution soon!

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You might want to see a neurologist.

I also get sharp stabbing pains in my thighs that last only a second or two. That's on top of the pins and needles up and down my arms and legs.


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I am seeing a sarcoid specialist at Hopkins, but only have had one appt so far. Waiting to get scans next week, then follow up. I am glad others have the same problem, so my husband doesn't think I am making it up!

Thanks, everyone!


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I have had sharp pain in my left thigh for over a year and starting to get it in my right thigh. I have been diagnosed with sarc in the bone marrow of my hips. I've also been diagnosed with chronic inflammatory neuropathy. I do get them sporadically during the day but more so first thing in the morning.

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I get it too! chalked it up to one of my weird symptoms....:)

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I get all those weird pains in my hips and thighs but also in my feet, legs, hands, and arms. My neurologist ordered a punch biopsy because my EMGs were near normal. The biopsy showed that I have small fiber neuropathy. According to my neurologist it is caused by my sarcoidosis.

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Yes, I have had the type of pain in the upper outer part of my left thigh which would wake me up in the middle of the night. It felt like the pain you have when a dentist hits an exposed nerve in your tooth, only 10 times worse. they finally gave me an eperdural steriod injection which took care of the pain. Now, every now and then, I will have the pain for a split second. My neurologist tested my nerves and such but could not find anything wrong.....just another pain to chalk up to sacroid.

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I just got a shot of cortisone to each hip and the hip/thigh pain is gone - I can walk normally again. The last shot was in Nov. The site is sprayed to 'freeze' it and the injection is given in a fan shaped manner to cover the bursitis which is about the size of a soft ball - pain radiating down the thighs to the knees and upward to the top of the pelvis. Hope these shots get me through the planting sseason ;-)


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I don't get the stabbing pain anymore, but I get a slow burning sensation in my thigh like someone is setting matches to it. It's the oddest sensation. And not fun! I've also noticed that I've lost feeling in certain areas of my thighs.

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