The book sarcoidosis cure?

Has anyone seen, read or followed the book Sarcoidosis Cure? I purchased this on line and read it. I find it very interesting and have purchased alot of the supplements in it. There is a remedy called miracle mineral solution in it and the author highly recommends this, has anyone tried it? And has anyone tried the diet in the book? I would love your feedback- heck at this point I am willing to try anything. Thanks Laura

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Absolute garbage - toss it. You've been had!!

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LOL @ TG's Quack Quack Quack!!

I agree by the way! Crap!

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get you money back NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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If supplements cured sarcoidosis, why are we all still sick???????
Diet, excercise etc may make you healthier, but they won't cure sarcoid.
Also, if the supplement contains high levels of vitamin D or fish oil, you are likely to make yourself feel better for a few days as the steroid palliation rather like prednisone hits, but then you could be in for a hike in 25D, leading to a hike in 1,25D, which will lead to a hike in ACE, and then a hike in calcium which is likely to hospitalise you.
You should not take supplements of any kind without the advice of a doctor, not that all doctors know that excess ergocalciferol from tablets can cause hypercalcemia in sarcoid patients, but some docs and even governments do know the danger. And if the supplements are high in D and not high enough in zinc or iron, you could also wind up with vitamin A toxicity. Be careful. There is no such thing as a cure for sarcoid.


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Thanks to all of your replies. I guess that book was money down the drain. I am glad I did not buy the miracle mineral solution. Laura

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I agree with above. If supplements cured anything my life would be blissful perfect health! I was heavily into alternatives and teaching nutrition when diagnosed with Lupus/Mixed Connective Tissue Disease.
My rheum had an appreciation for my approach and encouraged me to "manage my condition for as long as possible" since what he could prescribe could be worse than the disease. Even with the new diagnosis I probably would have followed that advice. So after spending years and thousands on various health food stores and books and meditation I believe it is all palliative. Not there is anything wrong with that...Hope is healthy, good foods and exercise, too. Common sense is healthy. Follow yours down your own path. Don't forget to scatter a few breadcrumbs for those who may follow in case you bump into something worth sharing. See look here; you may have just saved many people the cost of a book! We owe you lunch out;) Keep reading, keep trying!

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Do you all believe that diet wont help how you feel? I know it wont cure it. Like you all said,we wouldnt all be sick if that were the case. But Im wondering if It will at least make us feel better? Im willing to try anything (other than drugs) to get some relief!!! Does excercise really help to? If so, it has to be painful to excercise with this disease right? At this point, im willing to suffer for a while, if it means relief down the road. Any suggestions of what excercises to do?

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I see. Hmm...back at square one Oh, but one thing id like to share is, if i get nausea, sometimes peppermints help. But only the ones with actual peppermint oil in them.

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I use a couple of drops of peppermint oil on my tongue for nausea because the meds make me sleepy and the PO does not. I chase it with 4-6 oz of water. It works perfectly for me. I hate feeling sleepy all the time (night excluded).


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