Teeth are falling out!

I have always had pretty healthy teeth. (Missing 2 back teeth from cavaties years ago and thats it). Now all of a sudden every tooth that I have needs work! Anyone experience this? The dentist said it was probably from dry mouth. Just seems crazy cause I just had my teeth cleaned last year and nothing was wrong. My back teeth are litterally LOOSE and my front teeth are going to have to be crowned because of the extent of the damage. You would think that I don't even own a toothbrush! Its so embarrassing! She (my dentist) said she would research about the sarcoid before I come back next week to make sure she's treating me properly. Has anyone had any problems like this? I'm only 30, and would really rather not lose all my teeth just yet if possible!

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Interesting as I've had major dental activity in the last couple years also.
However In my case I reckon it to a fundamental lack of attention and regular checkups v. the sarc.

Before I got diagnosed with pullmonary sarc I had multiple surgeries (4) on my hand and was pretty much sick of seeing any kind of doctors so I let my teeth go.
My mouth is now a mess and I just had my third root canal in 3 months.

I don't know; I seem to contribute every ache and pain to the sarc, Every backache, joint, headache, muscle, sniffle or twitch. Who knows, maybe it is maybe it isn't , maybe its in our heads. I think it common amongst people with a disease of anykind. One thing is for sure the answers won't come from the medical community.

Then again, it could be the potatoes!

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I just went to the dentist on Tuesday and the gal who cleans my teeth told me that this is fairly common with people who have sarcoid and dry mouth.
She said that the gums become infected with this diease and the teeth loosen and end up falling out.
She gave me a packet of items for dry mouth. She told me to use this daily to help prevent this.
In the packet was gum, gel for your gums, toothpaste, and mouthwash. All of this is for dry mouth. She told me to use the toothpaste 2 to 3 times daily, mouth wash at least 3 times daily and to chew the gum during the day to help with the dry mouth.
I am to use the gum gel at night.
Also, something she told me is. Not to drink a lot of drinks that have sugar in them. Soda, tea, kool aid anything that has a lot of sugar in them.
I was told to drink water. Lots of water.
I was told that with a dry mouth you will drink a lot of liquid and the more sugary drinks you drink the more likely this will happen to you.

You can get these items at Walgreen or Wal-Mart. All in the area with the toothpaste and toothbrushes.

Hope this helps.

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I have been having some serious teeth problems in the last couple years. I have had 10 adult teeth pulled and some others (can't remember how many, root canaled). Just this month I lost 2. I keep getting really bad infections. The dentists are catching this when the become really painful and they take an xray. The nerves are dying. The teeth don't get loose unless the infection gets bad fast. One of the last teeth was so bad it actually pushed the other 2 by it up and out of the gum and they seem to have turned. They're not as straight as they were. I could have saved some of them, but dentist wants you to pay $835.00 up front even though I have insurance. I figure someday I'll just get implants or dentures. I didn't think I would need these things at 46. I have sarcoid in the sinuses and lungs for sure, and possibly in the heart (dilated cardiomyopathy, unknown cause). Good luck to you.

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I have the same problem.....my teeth are falling out.......my dentist blames it on the pednasone and low calcium ......who knows.......

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I had to diagnose myself with the problem of the dry mouth (searched the Internet and then had an ENT confirm it). I have decided that my Pulmo knows nothing about Sarcoidosis except for it's effects on the lungs and I am almost ready to consider changing doctors, if it wasn't for the fact that I have been seeing him since 1995 for my asthma (I was just diagnosed with Pulmonary Sarcoidosis in September 2007). One day I noticed that the glands in front of my ears and under my chin were swollen and slightly sore and that my mouth had become dry at about the same time. I had an appointment with the Pulmo and, when I asked him about it, he said "It's just fat from the Prednisone." I told him "But it hurts and I suddenly began having a dry mouth when this developed." He still insisted that it was just fat. Well, I immediately went home and started searching on the Internet and found "Sjogren's Syndrome" which is a condition that causes the salivary glands (parotid glands) to basically stop working. Then I looked up "Sarcoidosis" and "Sjogren's" and found that Sarcoidosis can cause this. It just so happened that I had a dental appointment the next day because a old, small filling had come out, and when the dentist learned that I had been diagnosed with Sarcoidosis he told me that it causes some people to have problems with their teeth because of a dry mouth. Also, it just so happened that I had an appointment with an ENT a few days later because my Mediastinoscopy caused paralysis of my vocal cord (which the Pulmo AND the Surgeon denied, even though I barely had voice, which was very hoarse, and I would choke every time I would try to drink something). Of course the Pulmo had referred me to the Surgeon, so I figure that they were "covering each others butts". The ENT confirmed a paralyzed left vocal cord caused by the surgery and she was shocked that the other two doctors had let it go for so long without suggesting that I seek treatment. I then asked her if the dry mouth and the swelling could be Sjogren's and she said "Absolutely!". She then told me the same thing that the dentist had, that some people with Sarcoidosis have trouble with their teeth due to the dry mouth. I asked her if there was anything that could be done and she said "Absolutely!". She gave me a prescription for EVOXAC capsules and they have worked great for me; they help the parotid glands create saliva. They are a little expensive and I have to take them 3 times per day, but my experience is that dental work is very expensive plus the fact that once your teeth are gone, they're gone. When I had my next dental appointment, I told him that an ENT had diagnosed me with Sjogrens Syndrome and he told me that he had already written that in my file as a possibility. I told him about the EVOXAC, which he hadn't heard of, but agreed that I should take. I don't know what type of specialist you are seeing, but you might mention the possibility of Sjogren's. Your dentist may even be able to help.

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Wow that is really good to know, I thought I had jinxed myself becaue the night after writing my first reply one of my front bottom teeth chipped while driving home.
A dry mouth? I wake up at night and mornings where my mouth and lips is like a desert , all dry and parched. I never realized it could be wrecking my teeth.
I'm going to talk to my dentist next week when he finishes up this latest root canal.
At least now I can rule out the potatoes....

Oh happy day.

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I found out I had sarcoidosis in 2005 when the dentist(s) couldn't figure out why my lower bottom front teeth appeared fine, but there was significant bone loss, that had begun at least a couple of years prior. I finally underwent surgery and ended up losing five bottom teeth because the bone was just crumbling. The pathologist report indicated several possibilities, including sarcoidosis. After that report, the dentist who performed the surgery urged me to get a complete physical because there appeared to be something very unusual going on. That's when the chest X-rays showed something wrong also. I completely freaked out, and there were several months of many tests, but a pulmonary bronchoscopy finally gave me the diagnosis of sarcoidosis.

I don't seem to have the dry mouth that several people have experienced, but I have had red, tender gums. Right now I'm taking a low dose of prednisone every other day and I've been on Imuran for the last year. I've felt pretty good over the last several months after getting the prednisone lowered so that I could sleep. My pulmonologist indicated at my last check-up that I may taper off the drugs probably in Feb. or March, so I'm not sure what that will do to my gums. I have always gone to the dentist about every six months, so I feel that my dental care has been pretty good. However, since my sarcoidosis was first noticed orally, I go to the dentist every 3 months and am very careful about the care of my teeth. Unfortunately for me, my teeth are fairly healthy, it's just that I have to watch for any bone loss.

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I used to have beautiful straight strong teeth. Never had one cavity. In the last few years I went from that reality to the mess in my mouth that i have now. My teeth weakened terribly, they started breaking on everything from nuts to apples. They wouldn't hold a filling and several of them broke so badly that I had to heve them pulled. Now most of my teeth are dead (root canals in all but two) or have been pulled and none of them are completely my own, they have all had some kind of reconstruction. It took almost 8 years and a ton of cash to get here but I now have a mouth that I'm embarassed to show. I'm grateful that my dentist talked me out of pulling them all (I was just so frustrated) but I'm 33 years old and I already have a partial plate and my teeth have cost thousands and thousands of dollars although they certainly don't look it.
Another problem I have is bleeding gums. My dentist told me they are healthy and there is no gum disease or infection but periodically they will bleed whenever I brush them. it has him puzzled.
I increased my calcium ( I know they say you shouldn't take calcium with Sarcoid but my doctor is monitoring it, I have monthly blood tests) and that seemed to help, after 6 months I have had no more breakage.
I would talk to your doctor. i tried all the mouth washes etc. I don't suffer from dry mouth. The only thing that seemed to help me was taking calcium.
As far as this being a result of Sarcoid... there is nothing documented. But it seems an awfully big coincidence that so many with Sarc have major problems with their teeth. In fact everyone I know has.
Good luck

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Indeed, dry mouth, gingivitis and teeth cracking, breaking or loosening are all common manifestations of sarcoidosis.

I get parotitis - always in high summer. I had it so severe last summer, I was on morphine. I could not eat anything that wasn't pureed and tepid. Anything hot or cold (even tap water) caused severe pain, so I had to drink water luke warm. I went without sleeping for periods of up to 72hrs because of the pain. I went to the dentist to see if he could do anything, but I knew it had more to do with salivary glands than teeth. When the dentist tapped a molar with his probe the molar just caved in. He had to fill it. He thought he had found the problem, but when the anasthetic wore off, I was still in pain and it was top and bottom on the LHS. Within two weeks I was back at the dentist with severe gingivitis. They had to clean all my teeth and gums up. There was blood everywhere by the time they had finished. This had arisen due to the dry mouth because my salivary glands were so swollen. The dentist referred me to an oro facial pathologist. This was in February last year and it took until July before I got a letter saying I had been accepted into their program. I was plied with gabapentin and anti epileptics all to no avail in a bid to ease the pain. No doctor I saw had the least clue what was causing it. I knew it was sarcoid because I had been through the same thing, but not quite as bad, in 2003. I saw an ENT professor who specialised in facial nerve problems. I ended up on prednisone which resolved the problem. I dropped all the hints under the sun to my local GP but he just didn't get it. In the end, as I still had prednisone left over from the last bout, I began taking 25mg. At first it didn't seem to help, but last time under supervision, I had taken much higher doses. This time I was on my own. Eventually, the prednisone helped the salivary glands go back to normal size and the pain stopped. In November last year, I had lunch and felt a tomato seed was caught between my teeth. When the guests left, I went to a mirror to have a look and found it was not a seed but a large chip. By nightfall a big ulcer had developed on my tongue. That night after dinner I was chewing some dry mouth gum and a huge chunk of tooth just came away. Luckily they were able to fill it, even though the gum was exposed. I am still waiting to see the oral facial pathologist. I thought I had been waiting so long to get into see him because it was a public facility and covered by Australian Medicare. However, when I got to their office in September, I discovered it was private, and did not have enough money in any account to cover the cost of the initial consultation. I had to make a new appointment and it comes up next week. This is one whole year after I had the trouble with the mouth which has now resolved. My last blood test showed I had a high phosphate level. I suspect calcium is being leached from the bones to rebalance and counteract the effect of the high phosphate which (although no doctor has suspected it) has caused a QT prolongation on my ECG. My chloride and bicarbonate are at the limit of normal. Sarcoidosis stuffs around with the body's homeostasis. I believe this has to do with the dysregulation of the vitamin D metabolism. That and dry mouth caused by swollen salivary glands have been the cause of my deteriorating oral environment. I had no fillings at all until I was 19 (including baby teeth). Between 19 and 35, I had four fillings. I have had 5 or 6 in the last 8 years. I always research everything on the internet because so often the doctors either don't have a clue, don't know what you're going through, or cannot do anything. The medical profession are great at acute illness and accident, but the system does not cater for chronic illness. Surveys prove people with chronic and complicated illness often end up medicating themselves because they cannot wait to get the opinion of a doctor. However, these decisions are have to be weighed up. I went through three months of hell. If I'd have waited till I got a doctors opinion, I would have died of lack of sleep or of starvation. I see the specialist next week. Though I don't have the condition now, I can show him the photos.

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I Have been struggling with my teeth for at least more than 20 years. I did not understand what caused this problem of root canals, fillings at least 10 to 15 cavities every 6 month or so. I thought it was the prednisone and the dry mouth I had for a long time. I had to get quite a few of my teeth pulled and have upper and lower partial dentures. I have 6 teeth left on the lower part right in front and 9 on the top. Still enough to get me at least 10 cavities every time I have a check up. I visit my dentist almost every 3 month. I have my teeth cleaned every 3 month luckely the disability [Canada] pays for that. I am now also a charity case because my dentist collects from the dissability and does not charge me extra. He also uses a laser so I have no freezing any more and it does not hurt. But Fillings keep on falling out, pieces of my teeth fall off and I have a lot of problems with my dentures, blisters and sensitivity of my gums. I am glad that I have most of my front teeth still so that when my dentures hurt me to much I can leave them out for a day or two. I can not have any implants because of the sarcoidosis my gums can not hold on to them. I can not take calcium and Vit.D so there can be bone loss.
All this I had to find out by doing lots of research and also from this website. I am glad that I had not all my teeth pulled because of all the problems with my dentures. The upper denture is OK but the lower denture is not much fun. Luckely my daughter is a manager at a dentist clinic so I get my dentures free. I don't know how I could have paid for all this otherwise.
But one thing I know for sure that all those teeth problems are part of the sarcoidosis, no matter how many times I brush, rinse with mouthwash, or floss, it does not make it any better and I do not see it improving.
Not an good outlook but what else can we expect with sarcoidosis, it likes to shake us up in different areas we do not expect it.

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I have always had pretty teeth to until the last three years all of a sudden I started loosing my teeth and they've started decaying really bad. My dentist says it's the prednisone they are breaking down my teeth. Even though I stopped taken them about 4 years ago.

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omg me too to the teeee! im like what the hell is happening! sasha

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