Swollen glands in neck/difficulty swallowing?

I am curious if anyone else experiences this? For close to 2 weeks now, my neck feels swollen. I guess it hurts mosts in the area of my neck between the front center and the side, does that make sense? My throat feels closed off and I feel like I am struggling to swallow. Its even difficult to turn my head to either side very far.

At first, I thought maybe I was catching a bug or something but it just doesn't really feel like that. I mean, I am fatigued and generally run down feeling but thats the norm for me. I assume there are lymph nodes in the neck so can I blame this on the sarc?

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Hi Micheleb,

I had some major problems with the front of my neck last year before I was diag. and put on meds. I even went to the ER from choking on food. Ct scan didn't reveal anything other than goiter and thyroid nodules which Dr. didn't think they were big enough to be of concern. But the ENT Dr. said my hyoid(located in front of neck) was inflammed. And every time the front of my neck was swollen or inflammed that was usually when I had problems swallowing. Since I have been on meds now for a year it has been better, but I also take Protonix for reflux. Dr. says that would not make my hyoid inflammed though. I have since then developed a lump on the left sde of my neck that the Dr. was concerned about, but after reviewing the Ct he said it looks like fatty tissue. Weird to have fatty tissue in your neck, but at this point anything is possible. Hope this helps.
Take care, TeresaK

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The difficulty swallowing was one of the original flare up problems I had, which has thankfully gone mostly away. I still have some issue with it on occasion.

That and the constant voice issues are the reason I am still on a steroid inhaler, and may be for a long time. When I've tried to give it up, the symptoms return.

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Thank you for your replies. This is a "new pain" for me so wasn't sure if I could blame it on the sarc. Both my hubby and boss say they can see that my neck looks puffy. Its not the front part, its along the sides of my neck and its very stiff. Who knows, it seems like everyday there is a new ache or pain or mystery swelling! LOL!

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Yes - I have experienced difficulty swallowing and 'choking' on food - particularly anything dry or crumbly.

I find this the most embarassing of the symptoms, thus, for me, the hardest to deal with. It is a very public difficulty.

I have found the swallowing difficulty goes along with swelling in my neck which can be very obvious visually. Since the neck swelling varies, the swallowing problem varies.

Beats me why -
I am just trying to get through the day here -

Hang in there -

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I have the same problem. I was recently diagnosed. It took me Five years to get a diagnoses. Even inside my mouth under my tongue would hurt, at times i can hardly talk or eat. The doctors always said they didn't know why.
Now that i know I have sarcoidosis, I realize that has probably been it all of the time.

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I have similar problems as well. My neck, ears stays hurting. I have had a swollen gland on my left side of my neck for over two years. It's not pleasant when your ears and neck and throat always hurt. Take care and good luck. Hope you find comfort soon!!!

Laura E.

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Ok than, it seems I can chalk this up to the good ole sarc!! I feel like I have to constantly be sucking on cough drops or hard candy, otherwise my throat seems to stick shut! Craziness!

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I get similar symptoms every few months. I've had what felt like marbles on the side of my neck. It hurt to turn my head or swallow. That lasted a few days and during that time I felt crummy in general with a low grade temp. and fatigue that lasted approx. 3 weeks. I'd say you could almost definitely blame it on sarcoidosis--I do! :)

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Me too, with the swallowing problem, especially when my voice has gone AWOL. And this is a killer because it's a daily ritual for me but chocolate seems to stick all down my throat and I really get in danger of choking. Oh well, Death by Chocolate - I can think of worse ways to go! I often get a tender neck on the left side and my neck gets really sore and stiff a lot. I could start a pillow shop with all the pillows I've bought trying to find the perfect pillow for the narky neck. The best one was the original one but in a moment of complete and utter madness, I knew the only way I was ever parting with it was to bid it a final farewell. So I put in my puppy's kennel for him to sleep on and the next morning it was in a thousand pieces. My puppy is 3 now and I still haven't found a pillow as comfortable as the original one. Such lament over a lost pillow!

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Aw yes, the never ending search for the perfect pillow! I have a foam pillow that has a valley in the middle of it and it seems to work the best. I have some nasty TMJ issues and sleep with a bite guard in and this is the only pillow that doesn't put too much pressure on my jaw.

What kind of dog do you have? I have a shih tzu and a shih poo! They are like my kids (I can not have children) I even take them to the office with me everyday!

I totally get the death by chocolate....I am in the process of trying to choke down a reese's peanut butter cup, not the best choice when you can barley swallow! LOL! But, good ole Aunt Flo is coming to visit very soon and my body was DEMANDING a peanut butter cup or I am afraid someone would have ended up dead! HEHE!!

My neck is still puffy and oh so stiff. I found this long bean bag thingy at the drug store that you heat up in the microwave and have been wrapping that around my neck like a scarf! I don't have a thermometer at home so not sure if I have a temp, guess maybe I should buy one!

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I have sarc inside my lungs interstiitial and outside 3 grapefruit size granulonas around my heart,thyroid.
The endocrinologist asked me if I was coughhing after meas and did not realy notice it my wife was there and said yes he does I hate anything tight around my neck which is usually oxygen need or heart failure which I do not have last checked but it interesting symptom.
Just another sarc problem

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One thing I remember from a long time ago "Blue Babies" would sit with there legs pushed against there chest to help them get oxygen to there lungs and heart.
This was before they could fix the problem and so I started holding a pillow to my chest laying on my left side that promotes cardiac output and I sleep a little better or it could be I need a teddy bear

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Yes, I have difficulty swallowing and a fatty lump on the left side of my neck! My pulmonologist says it might be reflux and wants me to see a GI. But I don't think it is reflux. A dermatologist who has treated other sarc patients said to just leave the fatty lump alone. He said if we did decide to take it out, he would use liposuction. I am leaving it alone. My hair covers it. I can't wait to tell my pulmonologist that other sarc patients have trouble swallowing too. Thanks everyone!

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