strange sore spot on head??

I have been suffering from a headache on the left backside of my head that i think is caused from the muscles in my neck, now I noticed an extremely sore spot on the back of my head, its only sore to the touch, almost like there is a sore there but there is not. After touching it , the soreness spreads a little and becomes warm to the touch. could this be just a vessel that is inflammed, every lymph node in my body is swollen so I would not be suprised, I think the sarc has got my brain now. Has anyone else experienced anything like this? Should I have it checked for a clot? my headache goes away with painkillers but not the sore spot.

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Hey Cheri72 - I posted awhile back about "bruise" spots on my scalp. It was weird, they were just sore to the touch and I only discovered them because they would hurt when I brushed my hair. I think now that they were enlarged oppitcal(sp?) lymph nodes. Since every other lymph node in my body is slightly enlarged also. They were only sore a couple of days and then the pain went away.

I always suffer from migraines, so I dont know whether they were worse during that time or not.

Hopefully its just a lymph node thing and not a brain thing.

God Bless,

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I don't have a sore spot on my head, but my headaches have gotten REALLY bad the past couple of weeks.

I have had a headache every day since as long as I can remember, but now it hurts to hold my head up.

Maybe someone can post a good remedy!


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Thankyou so much for your reply. I did'nt know for sure if you had lymph nodes there, but Im sure that is probably what it is since all of my other nodes are extremely inflammed. that helps to ease my mind a little.
the spot is not quite as sore today.

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Steph and Cheri,
I have always suffered from migraines. Steph, I wondered if you were on Prednisone because I was on it for a few months due to swollen nodes and chest pain and during that time my migraines increased. It started out about the second week I was on the Pred. I'd get a headache around dinner time, then gradually each day they'd start a little earlier until I ended up with a 24/7 severe headache/migraine. I decided to go off of the Pred because the chest pain off and on was much easier to deal with than the constant headache. As soon as I weaned off of them the daily headache went away. Don't get me wrong, I still will get headaches but not nearly like I was experiencing on the medication. Hope this helps.

And, Cheri, I have found some sore spots on my head as well, typically when brushing my hair. I have always assumed they were inflamed lymph nodes or other swelling due to the Sarc. Right now the whole right side of my neck is swollen and it hurts to turn my head or lift it if I'm laying down. This is the first time that's happend so I'm assuming I'm headed back into another flare up. Woo Hoo!!

I wish you all well and hope that you're pain free soon!
God Bless,

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I don know if this will help or not. I had found sore spots on my head and had a lot of pain in the lower part of my skull leading into my neck. I was going to a Neuro. Dr. he did the regular scans. Came to the conclusion that it was my lymph nodes in that area. I had most of the nodes removed from the front of my neck and around lungs. I still have the ones under my arms. I it seems that when I get sick that those nodes on the back of my neck swell up. When I get better they stay swolen. I am going to get a message on Tuesday for this and see if it works. I know that from the past that it really hurts like 2 days later. But it is better that the steroid shots, Try warm compress on the area sometimes that helps, I have been dealing with this for 15 years. It seems to go in cycles. This crazy diease. May God Bless you,

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I can't say that I have any sore spots on my head but the nodes in my neck and throat definitely swell a lot. I suffer from awful headaches, almost daily and terrible migraines that last 5 or more days and often would send me to the ER. My doc has put me on a beta blocker, a very small dose and it has helped a LOT. I also have tachycardia and it helps that a little as well. But, apparently they give beta blockers to people who don't have any heart issues at all to help with headaches/migraines. They do make me a little dizzy so we try to go with the lowest dose possible but it seems to be working. Its been almost 4 weeks now, no migraines and only a couple of little headaches, nothing serious at all. Might be something to talk to your doctor about.

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