Strange smell!

I can sometimes smell something very unattractive around me, it's much worse when I'm in an enclosed space that's very warm.

It's hard to describe the smell but it's always the same...maybe a sweet mould - pathetic description I know but I can't think of anything else.

For the past 8 - 9 months I've had a stuffy nose, not all the time...sometimes in the morning, but worse in the evening. I'm waiting to see someone about it.

Any suggestions welcome. Take care x

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I smell dog piss constantly. My kids are sick of me blaming their one dog of spraying stuff. He is not but I smell pee. It is awful. Jolene

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I've had the same symtom for so many times myself and each time it was a sinus infection and each time i have a sinus infection it always ends up in my lungs. Thats what happened to me last week , my doctor said you should always tell them because when you have the smell most of the time they will know what antibiotic to put you on ,, another thing is { sounds crazy but if you're around someone close and they'll tell you whether or not they can smell an odor coming from the nostrils , a lot of times i've told my lung doc. that it's a rotton , amonia smell coming from the nostrils or whatever then she says ok then i know now what area to go to. I hope for you it gets better and take care.


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Try goggling TMAU (Trimethylaminuria)
My sister thinks she has it. She had a deep dental cleaning and sinuses checked and more. The only thing that has changed it was changing her diet. Also in the things she uses (certain chemicals) such as her laundry detergent and soap.

She was so embarrassed at work and became very stressed.

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hello sleepyone, you are so right. I spit up a lot of thick white mucos all the time . it smells rotten, and makes my breath smells really, really, bad. I ask my husband all the time, if he smell my breath. I am so embarassed about my breath problem, I dont like to be around other people. I am not working now, but when I was working, I was talking to another co worker, and she said she smelled something , that smelled like polution, I was so embarassed, but I knew it was my breath, I brush my teeth all the time. and use all kinds of mouth washes, but it does not help. any other advice you can give me.

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Salt water......rinse your sinuses with it. You can either drip saltwater up both nostrils, using a cottonball while laying down, or take a cup of warm water with a teaspoon of salt and stir it until it dissolves, then rinse your sinuses over the sink, by leaning over and putting some saltwater in a cupped hand and 'snorting' the saltwater up one nostril at a time, until the saltwater is used up. Then blow your nose. You'll want some Kleenex standing by. Anyhow, that's the natural way......or you can go to your doctor, pay a co-pay, get a prescription for an antibiotic which will open up your immune system for some other bacteria to go full steam ahead. We should try the natural remedies first, I think. Just my opinion.

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Thanks, I will try the salt water remedy, it's something I have thought about but am a bit squeamish when it comes to my nose due to having extremely bad nosebleeds as a child.

I agree about trying natural remedies first, my candida albicans doesn't need more antibiotics at the moment.
Will try & brave it tomorrow.

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From Wikipedia:
"Phantosmia is an olfactory hallucination--specifically, the phenomenon of smelling odors that aren't really present. The most common odors are unpleasant smells such as rotting flesh, vomit, urine, feces, smoke, etc. Phantosmia often results from damage to the nervous tissue in the olfactory system. The damage can be caused by viral infection, brain tumor, trauma, surgery, and possibly exposure to toxins or drugs.[1] Phantosmia can also be induced by epilepsy affecting the olfactory cortex and is also thought to possibly have psychiatric origins.[citation needed] Phantosmia is different from parosmia, in which a smell is actually present, but perceived differently from its usual smell."

- I've had this happen to me twice in the past year. My phantom odor was a chemical/solvent smell that hit a memory nerve that I couldn't quite place. It wasn't a bad smell. The annoying thing was that I smelled this strange odor whenever I inhaled through my nose. Both of these false odor episodes lasted about two weeks, then the smell dissipated away. Strange indeed.

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Thank goodness I'm not crazy. (ok, I may be crazy but not this time). I have been smelling gasoline and just this morning at work I thought I smelled cigarette smoke. I was in the office by myself and it scared me. I thought someone else was in here and looked in every office. Wow, I sure love you guys!

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I've been smelling stale cigarette smoke for about two years now. It's very annoying and I smell it everywhere...nobody smokes in our house. Even at class one night, I smelled it. My thoughts are that it's a side effect of neuro sarc.

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I have had a problem with a strange smell, all food, taste, body odour, and even when i go to the bathroom, the smell is always there. I only noticed it after I was diagnosed with sarcoid. It doesn't seem to be related to meds as I have changed them and it isn't due to certain foods as I still eat the same types of food. I thought at first it was my husband, but now realise it is ME. He says he can't smell it, it is driving me crazy. I haven't mentioned it to my Dr as I thought she'd think i was mad, but having read your posts, had to share my experience.

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When I first got sarc, I thought I was smelling the sarc when I smelled the wierd smell. I have figured out that it has been part of the process of loosing my sense of smell. If I get a whiff of any scent now, it is a strange smell. I can't really identify smells anymore. I had the smoke alarm go off tonight when I was cooking and still never smelled anything.

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Friend of mine had a bad smell about him and it turned out he had a silent tooth abcess for a veeerrry long time. Problem fixed - odor gone. Wish it was that simple for everyone.

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I periodically smell cigarette smoke when none is present. It will happen three or four times in a month at random times. I am not a smoker and am not around smoke very often. I am not on prednizone; just an inhaler.

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My smell changes. One day I'm fine, the next day the smell of my husband's body wash offends me almost to the point of.... Sometimes it has occurred when he was frying something in the kitchen & to me it stunk. Then my senses come back and I'm fine. The Sarc just likes to mess w/us.
My prayers.

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