Strange smell!

I can sometimes smell something very unattractive around me, it's much worse when I'm in an enclosed space that's very warm.

It's hard to describe the smell but it's always the same...maybe a sweet mould - pathetic description I know but I can't think of anything else.

For the past 8 - 9 months I've had a stuffy nose, not all the time...sometimes in the morning, but worse in the evening. I'm waiting to see someone about it.

Any suggestions welcome. Take care x

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have your doc check your sinus, i went though something similar. i started with a very different smell,then it became like a sick or slightly rotten smell for months eventually that went away, but for a long time i could not breathe through the r nostril' it finally got cured with a very strong treatment of antibiotics and avoiding foods that increase mucus (milk and milk products, etc)
with sarc some of us tend to get severe sinus infections.
good luck!

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Thanks Indigo, I did mention it to the consultant and he said he would arrange for me to see an ENT specialist.

I can't drink too much mik/milky products because I'm slightly intolerant but will keep it to a minimum.

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Hi Kittylou,
I've had periods of time with noticing a strange odor, sometimes ammonia-like, and others like burning electric. I sent the school custodian on a lot of hunts for tracking down the burning. My doc said it was some type of predrome or aura when I was having a lot of neuro symptoms. They checked for seizure activity, but nothing conclusive was found on the EEG tests.

I also had visual symptoms, fractured rainbows in a c-shape, clouding of part of my vision, double vision and the peripheral blackening before migraine type headaches. They also occurred when the worst of my neuro symptoms were active.

It does make life interesting.

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It certainly does make life interesting Teacherteacher, the consultant kept asking if everything is alright with my eyes.

When the smell does come along it can be really embarrasing - I was working in a warm enclosed room a while ago and a few people kept saying 'there's a really funny smell', good job I'm dark skinned else I'd of gone as red as a beetroot! I kept spraying a light fragrance which I guess screams 'I STINK' - the chemicals in it probably aggrevated it & made it worse!

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Does the aroma smell similar to Prednisone?
It can come through the pores when sweating.
Are you taking pred?
If not, do not read the above comment.

party on

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Hi OT, I'm not on pred, or any sarc medication - do you think it could be something else coming through pores?

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I experienced something similar about a year ago I began smelling a "low tide" type smell all of the time. I was worried that others could smell it too and that it was me that smelled so badly but my family assured me that it was not. After a while, the smell would change from low tide to a garbage smell and then suddenly one day I could smell NOTHING and haven't since, a year later.
I was told that this could be due to sinus sarc or neuro sarc.
The ENT could find nothing even through an MRI.
Good luck!

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I discussed this issue with my neurologist. I smell ammonia smell alot. She told me with neurosarc alot of people complain of have periods of smelling strange smells. She said I was lucky to have the ammonia smell because most complain of rotten eggs or skunk like odor. It does make you think your upper lip or breath is producing odor. I have made my poor husband smell my breath alot thinking that if I could smell it then it had to be coming from me somewhere.

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I have a problem with strange smells. I am the only one that smells them though!

Since they removed my parotid gland I smell things that are not there. When I was working I was always going to a friend/co-worker and asking if I smelled like __?___ what ever I was smelling at the moment. The smell would stick with me for hours.

As I was working in a hospital and couldn't use any perfumes I would use a vanilla spray to try and cancel out any foul smells that were "stuck" in my sinus's.

The strange thing is I don't smell things as easily as other people do, but I sure smell alot more things.

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I smell gasoline or cigarette smoke at times. I might smell it around me as it is really there, Then the odor gets "caught" in my smeller and for days or sometimes weeks I can still smell it when no one else can. It is very weird.

It sounds like there are 2 different issues being discussed here though. One is like an olfactory hallucination like I had and another is an odd odor coming from the body that other people can smell as well. Neither one sounds good. Both of these phenomanons (my spelling stinks, sorry) can be from a variety of illnesses, all should be checked out with someone in the medical field. Could we all be having this due to sarc or is something else going on but we blame it all on sarc as I know I tend to do? Go figure.

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I find that when I take 30mg of prednisolone I smell a nasty smell, but when I lower the dosage the smell goes away. However, it had not occurred to me that other people might be smelling a smell coming from me! I assumed it was just inside my nose, and I still think that is the case. However the next time I am on 30mg of prednisolone I will investigate further!!

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Thank you fragrant friends, for your interesting comments - I'm sorry that you have experienced similiar but glad I'm not alone & thinking 'it's only me'!

Take care x

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Sweet mold...spoiled milk... old age is what I thought it was but it is disconcerting when I wake up in the morning....damp.... and smelly. Thanks for bringing up a difficult subject. carosu

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KittyLou and others,
Prednisone causes our immune system to go south, so we are very susseptable to infections. One is a sinus infection. I too, have asked my husband if he smelled, like a, mildew or mold smell, once in awhile. But, no, he never did. Then my pulonary doctor told me I had a sinus infection and he instructed me to take about a 1/2 cup of warm water, and add about 1/2 teaspoon salt, stir it until the salt is desolved. Then go into the bathroom and lean your head over the sink. Pour some saltwater in one hand and snort it up one notril at a time, until all the saltwater is used up. Then blow your nose and lay down for the night. The excess saltwater will roll around your sinuses over night and will help rid you of your sinus infection. Yes, it stinks when you get a sinus infection!! And the infection can drain down into your that's really important to get rid of the sinus infection.
Hope this helps.

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For awhile I kept thinking that I smelled burnt fried food, and I became concerned that others thought I smelled like a diner. One day I saw my office mate, whom I'd known for more than thirty years & with whom I was probably way too relaxed, enter the room, so I flippantly said without even looking up, "Hey - come over here and smell me, would ya?" Only the reply that I received was a startled, "What? Pardon?" from my boss, not my friend. I no longer trust my peripheral vision. Now I only ask my husband.

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That's pretty funny. I'll bet YOU were imbarressed!!
Yea, I've thought I smelled burning wire, or wood burning or mold, but my husband never smelled anything, so I guess it was just my sinus infection. And we were living in Colorado, where the air is very dry and people there keep a sinus infection. Not sure why. And the lack of moisture makes your nose bloody. Now we are in Hawaii, where the air is very moist, so I don't blow my nose nearly as often as I did, back in Colorado.

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Sometimes I get the smell of burning wires, but mostly no smell left.

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I have been having very frequent occurances with strange odor as well. The odor that I get reminds me of the rotting flesh of the war dead during Desert Storm. It is very putrid. I have asked my wife and kids if they smell anything odd but their reply is only my gas emissions. Is it possible to have granulomas involved with the mucus that comes out while blowing the nose? I do not mean to sound sick, but I have noticed some opaque white pearly bead like material and was wondering if that may be granulomas or am I way off here?

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I have had periods of strange smells that were linked to my sinus infections...

Smells disappeared after the infections cleared.


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Wow, this is crazy. I suffered with my sinuses for a long time. But in September 2008, I had Septoplasy, I guess that's how it is spelled. It is a nasal surgery that relieves your sinuses. It has helped me. All I have to do is wash my nostrils with a salt water rinse when ever it feels like I am congested. Seek an ENT Doctor. They will know more of what to do in your situation.

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