Steroid induced hyperthyroidism

I decided to create this as a new post in treatment options. I originally put this at the end of an older discussion, but felt it may be better suited toward a new discussion. Thanks for understanding.

The doc ordered blood work and a chest x-ray after I had a lot of pain in my neck and chest lymph system. The x-ray came back with 'unchanged' - so I'm taking that as a positive that it's not progressing worse - but again, I'm on 45mg/day of Prednisone, which is keeping it under control (I believe).

The blood work came back with a high white blood count, but they say that is 'normal' for me due to the high amounts of steroids.

The blood work also came back with VERY low TSH, which is causing Hyperthyroidism. That issue was first caught last May/June and the Endocrinologist said that it was due to the Steroids (do we see a theme?) The doctor actually called me today (not the nurse - so great, I get to talk directly to the doc, but wait, the doc actually wants to talk to me - crap). I haven't been given a plan as of yet for what we want to do, but I told her that if we are assuming it is the Prednisone, then the ONLY way to definitively measure that is to wean me from it and measure the TSH continually. She agreed, but is getting with other docs to make sure we are doing it right.

Does anyone else have this issue or somewhat close to this issue (steroid induced hyperthyroidism)? if so, what did you, and your docs, do? and how long did it take?

Thanks everyone!

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