Sarc and cold weather

I saw my doctor today because in the foreseeable future the winter I will start to have more and more cold and flulike symptoms usually October through March. I live in southeastern Arizona where by most American standards has very mild winters. During the hot summer months I feel absolutely fantastic. I rarely get a sniffle cough sore throat or any other symptoms. Come the drop in temperature I repeatedly get sick. My doctor told me I have poly-arthropathy( Most joints are achy all over) probably due to a combination of colder temperatures and Sarc problems. Only seasonaly for me, so it is not RA. During sarcoidosis flareups the body is fighting infection and possibly leaving myself open for an intolerance to cold weather. Other then a shot of prednisone the only other alternative is to move somewhere where the median temperature stays warm all year long. So, anybody else have this problem? Sugestions on where I can go and live the rest of my life free of this problem other than Hawai'i or Puerto Rico? Seriously though. Poss. Costa Rica where there is a big ex-pat community? I'm 44 and single. So this is for me and me only. Also, I just forwarded all of my med records to the VA to determine my claim for Sarc related to Navy service. God Bless.

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I live in PA and completely understand what you're going through. Winter used to be my favorite season...the only time of the year where I could go outside and deeply breathe in that beautiful, crisp winter air. Those days are memories now. My joints ache from sarc year round, but are worse in winter. I take pain meds, Tramadol and Vicodin when it gets bad, and soak in a hot bathtub several times a week to keep going. I still get the sarc fevers and chills and even get them in the summer...last week when it hit 96° here, I got the damn chills and soaked in the jacuzzi for about 45 minutes just to warm up!

I'd love to be able to pick up and move to warmer climate, but just couldn't afford it. The only problem with the tropics is the possible risk of tropical diseases, especially for us sarkies with weak immune systems. My wife is Philippine, and one of my pulmies, who is also Philippine, advised me not to visit that country because of the high rate of TB. (I'm on Remicade). I just deal with it.

During the winter, we always have a roaring fire in our woodstove and I usually camp on the couch right next to it with a blanket and I'm fairly comfortable that way.

Are you getting to the point where you can't work, or are you already there? If so, apply for SSDI. It worked for me and many others on this site. If you do go for it, be extremely detailed when completing the online application and notify your docs ahead of time so they know a records request will be coming from SSA.

Good luck!

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It's funny because I have the exact opposite problem. Summer exhausts me and I try as much as possible to avoid sunlight or else my joints ache really bad. Come Autumn/Winter and leading on into Spring, I'm a new person and I feel great.

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