Slippery elm tea for inflammation

Yesterday I read a message where someone advised drinking slippery elm tea for inflammation. I am eager to try anything that anyone has found helpful.
Today I went to the health food store to buy some and they only had 400mg capsules. Can I make tea from these or should I just take these and try to find the tea somewhere else? Has anyone had any experience with this herb? I would rather drink the tea but will do either or both.
Any information will be appreciated.

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The following tea that I know that has slippery elm bark in it that is easy to find in most grocery stores is Traditional Medicinal Organic Throat Coat. It is an herbal tea that is caffeine free. The company has a website that you can check out. I have even picked it up the tea at Target before. They make other teas as well. I use this one for sore throats. I put lemon and honey in mine. It has 80 mg of organic slippery elm bark. It also has 760 mg of organic licorice root in is. So it does have a stronger licorice taste to it.

I can't tell you what it does, but it makes a sore throat much better. I find it best to start drinking it as soon as the sore throat starts. I have an herbal shop near me, but I don't think I would want to drink slippery elm straight. I have seen it in a powdery form. I think tea should be enjoyable not torture. I don't drink coffee and I only drink herbal teas and I would hate to ruin my short list of enjoyable things. I think Gone Natural drinks it straight and I she would have a better description of the taste.

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also, turmeric. you can sprinkle it on your food or drink as a tea...

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Thanks, I am going to Target today. I have a better idea of what to look for now.

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I live in Australia so I can't really advise you but you should try the bulk health food stores where you bag up the food from containers. Many of them have bulk herbal teas. Chinese grocery stores also might be worth a look. I am going to buy some today. I have previously tried turmeric capsules for inflammation. They take a few weeks to kick in and they do work but I have found they only helped for a few months with me but worth a try for you. The capsules for turmeric are probably better than trying to consume enough because you really get sick of the taste. I also use a large amount of fresh ginger root every day. It is from the same family as turmeric but more palatable long term. I juice a large knob of root every morning with fresh vegetables. You can grate the fresh ginger root finely & add boiling water for tea. I also use it frequently in cooking, both sweet & savoury. I am looking forward to trying the slippery elm. Apparently you need to have at least 4 cups daily.

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Thanks for the tip about the fresh ginger. I had read about its' value before but had forgotten it. I imagine I could add some to the slippery elm tea. I didn't get out today because we had an ice storm but will soon. Good luck.

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I couldn't get the tea. There was some slippery elm powder but that would have made a gluggy mess. I will have to search further afield. I know that I have seen the tea.

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Hi All,

I drink Slippery Elm Tea from the powder form. You are suppose to drink it 3-4x a day during inflammation in your chest, colds, flu, stuffy nose, etc. It was 1/2 price which included shipping when I bought it on eBay then my natural food store that charged $20 for me to pick up. The flavor does taking use to but I know enjoy it and put some honey in it. Suppose to use dark honey. All organic, no sugars.

I keep forgetting the fresh ginger in my foods.

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Thanks, I am going away for Christmas so I want to try and pick it up before I leave. I will check on line for the next supply. I am eager to try it.

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